No trip to India is complete without a visit to Udaipur, and no trip to Udaipur is complete without a stay at the Udaivilas, a fantasy Indian palace that’s all shimmering cream facades, decorative domes, fountains and OTT opulence. Although relatively new, it feels like it’s been the home of maharajas for centuries. Plump for an outside room with a ‘semi-private’ plunge pool that’s actually an off-shoot of the giant one which snakes round the whole thing like a moat (pictured). Do take time to venture across Lake Pichola to the city’s antique palaces, temples and

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How to recognize a true friend, and not become a victim of betrayal

My little elves and fairies! You probably, like me, it is hard to imagine what our lives would be without friends. Without their support and participation in the difficult moments, and without their warm words and smiles in times of joy. But sometimes, our once strong friendship with the people comes to a standstill, then the question arises whether it is necessary to continue dialogue with those or other person. Therefore, we’ll try to figure out how to find harmony in relationships with friends and learn how to choose them.

I am sure that in your life’s journey across

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Paul Seviarynets sentenced to 17 days and 620 thousand fine

Paul Sevyarinets accused of organizing a rally in support of Yaroslav Hryshchenya on the porch of the court. In-2, in court, he said that the court in Belarus can not be legitimate because he does not trust him. Additional 2 days awarded for what he, according to police, "whistle whistle" that was regarded as disorderly conduct.P. Sevyarynets will serve his sentence in Baranovichi in temporary detention.The verdict will be announced tomorrow Gischenyu, the meeting will begin at 9:30 am. He faces up to 6 months of arrest, but some lawyers believe that it is not concluded. Most of the action

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11 Weeks Pregnant


Now you burn calories faster than before pregnancy: the metabolism increases by 25 percent. Forget for a moment about the meats, preservatives and spicy. Your Diet must the most diverse, especially a lot of it must fruits and vegetables. Ideally cake with cream stands prefer a carrot, but do not go too far and try to get the most satisfaction from his position.


Your baby appears sensitivity of the skin of the palms. Gets busy grasping reflex. Developed sense of smell, baby even smells the meal eaten by the mother. Between 11 and 12

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Question of the week: Is Belarus gets the Schengen area, and when?

Man: "I believe that it is real, but it is dependent on our government. How long will it take? Do not know — maybe five years."Youth"We do definitely want to, but after a couple of years — it is impossible to find. The sooner the better. "His companion: "I believe that likely a couple of years to join the Schengen Belarus alliance, but lately it does not happen by impartial reasons connected with politics, and economic issues. "Young Man: "I find it almost mystical — as well as Ukraine and the Russian Federation or to get into such unions. We

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17 Weeks Pregnant


So now you can enjoy not only the look of your round tummy, but also the first movements of the little man — he starts to move! Chest continues to grow and can begin to produce colostrum — a yellowish substance that baby is fed in the first days after birth. The most time take care of her and start to prepare for the upcoming events: after a shower rub chest with a towel, put in a bra rough in texture fabric. During this period can also add 4 kg. Of the unpleasant — you may have

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20 Weeks Pregnant


Now you are exactly half way — congratulations!

During this period, the skin may appear dark spots. Do not worry, they will be held after the birth. It is also possible that you can be a problem profuse discharge from the vagina. To prevent infection, avoid irritants, and tight clothing. Uterus rises above shifting up the abdominal cavity and, consequently, little oppressing lungs. You may notice that your breathing has become more difficult.


This week, the sebaceous glands begin to produce fruit waxy secretion called "vernix." Its mission — to protect baby's delicate skin.

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3 Weeks Pregnant


Conception occurred. Not already guessed what was going on — but the development of the unborn child has already begun. However, your body also noticed the importance of the event and "broke the alarm" of the immune system. At the first cell division fertilized egg in the body begin producing factor providing immunological protection of the fetus (and immunosuppressive proteins, etc.). Without them, the mother's organism could consider the future of a child with a foreign body and start a fight with him.

In addition, at the end of this week begins to produce the

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Georgia-Russia in a virtual reality

"A fascinating phenomenon I observed in the virtual environment Second Life September 9, 2008 Anyone who has visited the peninsula of" United Our homeland ", which is placed near the Kremlin and the shape resembles a bear, there could really see the dark bear. When approaching predator began generously let Georgian flags that when a discharge uniformly disappeared. But when you try to approach the bear began to constantly produce them in countless numbers. Creep up unnoticed animal I have not fortunate and the observed phenomenon assured that complex relationship between Georgia and Russia is currently expanding not only a

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Tribunal over Malady moved to May 28

Boris was given a summons to the court on May 28. Earlier it was reported that the process will start on May 30.The Tribunal in the criminal case against Anastasia Palazhanka, Boris Goretskogo, Alexei Yanushevski, Aleh Korban and Dmitriy Fedoruk begin in Russian court district of Minsk and 10 am and May 28.Alexei Januszewski is currently in the Czech Republic.

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