Wilderness Awareness

I picked up my first SLR at the age of 13, a good old film-I loading one (35mm format). My dad had photography a, I his hobby, and he introduced me to the colorful world o capturing images with a camera. When I was 17, I got my first D-SLR, and that’s where my photographic journey started.

Initially I tried to explore every genre of photography I hearc about, but at some point I realized that nature photography gives me more pleasure than anything. Then I was introduced to magazines like Smart Photography, and websites like India Nature Watch(INW) (INW

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Too. Much. Information!

It seems it’s all too easy to overshare

50 shades of awkward

My housemate had invited me to her friend’s party (begrudgingly), but was vague about what it was for. I turned up to be greeted by a mass ofpenis balloons… but it wasn’t a hen party; they were celebrating the 50th time they’d had sex. Yes, really. There were T-shirts with charts citing the average number of times they’d done it per week (three), and how often they’d both ‘come! It was all so awkward I couldn’t handle it, and snuck out after a few drinks. Why?? Ellen*, 24,

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In his own words…

On the eve of yet another Middle East conflict, an ex-Iraq Air Force combat pilot in exile

THE EIGHT YEAR LONG war of attrition between Iraq and Iran, produced a generation of Iraqi pilots whose professional career developed mainly while their country struggled in a conflict which never seemed to reach an end.

Many fought, survived or died, but a small percentage started to oppose the waste of men and resources and the way their President handled everything. In a political system like Iraq’s, this kind of opposition has only one possible end, jail or the firing squad. Many ended

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Getting started in woodcarving

As active woodworkers and readers of this magazine, you already know how satisfying it is to make something in wood; whether it’s a chest, chair, mirror frame, or a host of other projects that have been described in past issues. The beauty of many of these objects can be greatly enhanced by decorating them with carving, which will give them an even greater variation of texture and add to their grace and beauty. You can combine your manual skill with an artistic feeling, and make your project a distinctly individual piece.

In recent issues of Popular Woodworking I have been

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Berd plant started production of air purifiers

Photo source:ngs.ru

Berd electromechanical plant started production of air filters for operating theaters.

As the general director of "MESG" Victor Osin, at the facilities of the plant started production of air treatment systems for "tion."

The device is designed Research and Production Enterprise "tion", which is based in Technopark of Novosibirsk Akademgorodok. According to the developer, the feature set — its low power consumption and the ability to simultaneously decontaminate air and clean it from mechanical and gas pollution.

In total this year will be collected 900-1000 air cleaners, the price of the instrument will be

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Dump trucks Thonar-6528 already in the works

I already wrote that Machine-Building Plant "Tonar" started production of tractors Thonar-6428. http://sdelanounas.ru/blogs/4281/

Now here’s the official website of the company was reported, which also started to supply trucks Thonar-6528http://tonar.info/news/index.php?ELEMENT_ID=531

AN-178 — started assembly of the first aircraft


On the "Antonov" started construction of a prototype of the An-178.

On today completed the fitting of the pile, and made the fuselage section F1 (nose) and F2 (main). Laid down in Section slipway and started work on the assembly of the first aircraft.

As previously reported, "Antonov" announced that the first prototype of the An-178 will be presented at the end of 2014.

AN-178 — a military transport plane to be created on the basis of the AN-158.

Also, the press service of "Antonov" reported that the

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In Dagestan, started harvesting winter crops

In the 18 districts of Dagestan started harvesting winter crops, the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic. 

According to recent reports, the country harvested just 5 thousand 022 hectares, with a yield of 24 quintals per hectare gross yield amounted to 12 082 thousand tons.

"Organized started harvesting sector Khasavyurt district, where cleaned 3 hectares and yields 25 t / ha total yield was 7 thousand 500 tons of winter grain, or 62% of the national average," — said the source.

Also currently ongoing forage.

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In the Northern Shipyard started cutting metal on the first production Corvette

Project 20385

03.04.2013 In the boathouse of "Shipyard" Severnaya Verf "started work on cutting metal on the first production Corvette Project 20385, serial number 1006. Told Central Navy Portal According to a source in the shipbuilding industry.

Cutting metal on the time it will take April and May, then in June of it will be welded to one of the sections of the groundbreaking ceremony of the new corvette, tentatively scheduled for mid-summer. Earlier, some media outlets claimed that the ship will be named "Agile".

Severnaya Verf started building another corvette

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Fodder plant started operation in Schigrovsky in the Kursk region

A new feed plant started on October 25 at the plant bakeries Schigrovsky (Included in the Criminal Code "Russian House"). Capacity of the new plant — 178,000 tons per year. Equipment set here can produce high-quality pelleted complete feed for the animals.

Created 110 new jobs. Pelleted feed will flow not only to the Kursk livestock farms, but also Belgorod, Moscow and Leningrad regions.

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