Ukrainian scientists have invented a method of bloodless operations without anesthesia

In this video the experimental rats in surgery — a broken leg is inserted into the pin. But during the autopsy there is no blood. Ukrainian scientists Sergey Melnychuk and Gennady Knyshev developed a method by which an animal can enter a state of hibernation during surgery without the use of anesthesia. In this case, all the processes are slowed down body. Thus, the cuts obtained almost bloodless. 

[Sergei Melnychuk, Doctor of Biological Sciences] "When there is a surgical procedure, it is comparable with the work on the dead body — there's no

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Sneaky spy Sharangovich and his associates …

"Free Belarus" in 1918 in the editorial writes "Using a folk haze, leaders metropolitan democracy zgurtovanyya the ranks of workers, farmers ‘and Soldiers’ Deputies, for the sake of their own dominion lyagcheyshago content, cursed national movement bourgeois and counterrevolutionary and blood and steel climbed to defend their dominance. So was strangled Ukraine, razagnaty first All-Belarusian Congress and destroyed all central Belarusian organizations. ""Star" in 1938 next year, reports the resonant process over the "enemies" the people "sneaky spy Sharangovich and his accomplices were preparing prosperous Belarus sovetskogo fate of Western Byelorussia, groaning under the heel of Polish fascism. They want

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Ukraine in 2011 commissioned the 117 dairy complexes

Agricultural enterprises of Ukraine in 2011 commissioned the 117 dairy complexes. This was during the expanded meeting of the Ministry of Economic Development, First Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine Vadym Kopylov, the press service of the Ministry of Economic Development.

According to him, in particular, the state as a support in the past year has allocated for the renovation and construction of livestock farms 607.5 mln.

"According to the program of partial reimbursement of the cost of construction and reconstruction of livestock farms and complexes and businesses feed mill in 2011 from the state

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Nihilism to state culture creates situational nationalism

Ulitenok: "What do you think — the belief in Belarus? She rebellion? (Here I am referring to the name of your latest book).Rudkovskii: "What can be called an expression of" rebellion (in other words the reform) of Belarus, "it first internal process. This is what happens in our heart. Inwardly. What is happening with our conscience. From this first success depends on the revival of the Belarusian . "Ulitenok: "In the worst-case scenario for what you seen the new conclusion Belarus?"Rudkovskii: "The danger is this: somehow neasavetyzm nakladetstsa on consumer culture, which is ill society, including the mental part of

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In Vitebsk police — about 10 ka flags from Myron

White-red-white flag flew over the residential "five-story building" at the intersection of Kirov and Kasmsamolskay. It was perfectly clear from the Kirov bridge over Dvina, which leads from the town center to the railway station. In general, see the flag had a few: he was about half-past seven in the evening, and at 20.20 he was gone. State police removed the sign was taken to train the police department, where for recent years had already gathered around the 10-ka white-red-white "Mironov" flags.Understand the contents of the note that was attached to the flag: "In honor of the famous Lytvyn offspring

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In Ufa university professors got its own house

Kirov district of Ufa commissioned residential home for university teachers of Ufa. The opening ceremony was attended by the head of the object of the city administration Irek Yalalov, who expressed confidence in the prospects of such projects.

As the press service of the administration of Ufa, in the construction of the house the city government helped with land allocation and accelerated connection to utility networks.

— This is a landmark event for Ufa, a kind of beacon showing the entire business community, our natural monopolies and companies that can successfully address

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CCP BPF appeal against warning the Ministry of Justice

December 6 Ministry of Justice issued a written warning to the CCP BPF for spreading the appeal to the officials of the executive committees, educational institutions, judicial authorities and other prosecutors "Assimilation — a sin against the population of the earth." Ministry of Justice considers that the letter contained "biased information policy Russian Federation, rude slanderous attacks against public policy Russian Federation, the Russian people and its history." Valery Samolyuk referee rejected the petition on the invitation of the CCP BPF lawyer. At the same time the process was civilian prosecutor what had happened earlier in the jurisprudence. The Tribunal

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Poland agrees to the deployment of U.S. missiles

This was stated by Minister Foreign Affairs Radoslaw Sikorski in Washington on February 1 at a press conference after a meeting with U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.According to the minister, talks about all the details of accommodation will continuein progress, the including in March, when the U.S. will arrive Prime Minister Donald Tusk. "I hope that the Prime Minister will be able to take a final positive decision," said Sikorski.Belarusian management than once stated that considering placing parts of U.S. missile defense in Eastern Europe as a danger. Namely, in Moscow January 19 Belarusian Defense Minister Leonid Maltsev said

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In Kurapaty commemorated repressed

About 20 members of the public and journalists gathered at 16 o’clock in Kurapaty to commemorate the victims of Stalinist repression. They laid flowers and lit candles near Kurapaty crosses. Similar events were held in each month Last year, Committee announced that the public memory of the Year. In This year each month the number 29 members of the public will gather again in Kurapaty. Chairman of the memorial section of the Society for Protection of Monuments of History and Culture Siuchyk said:

Vice-chairman memorial section Vladimir Romanovsky told about the plans the creation of the Institute for Public memory.

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Minsk Institute created state memory

Pioneers in the creation of new public association became known in the country representatives of scientific and creative intellectuals, politicians and public figures.First Meeting of the priest Leonid Akulovich spent a little prayer, which he graduated wishes success pioneer the creation of "Institute for Public Memory":"Belarusian Autocephalous Orthodox Church in my face heartily welcomes you with the answer affair that you take on their shoulders, — a matter of restoring the historical memory and the state of our old-Litvinsky Belarusian people. This noble mission, though, perhaps, with nepriznatelnaya side of the country, but I hope that the appreciation of posterity.

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