Oddities of the Swiss Army

From historical documents show that Switzerland has a long period of time has positioned itself as a government, supports a neutral — not to engage in military conflict and other armed strife, do not join military blocs and alliances. But this does not mean that Switzerland — a hundred percent demilitarized government. If you look at her army, it does not look feeble. Suffice it to say that in her nine ground crews, several teams of auxiliary character, quite developed the Air Force with a modern air defense structure. Because we talk about being puppets of the Swiss Armed

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The tests of the Mi-8 MTV-1-5 with TV3-117VMA-SBM1V

The Mi-8 MTV-5. Source: military-informer.narod.ru

Experts 344th Center deployment and retraining pilots of army aviation in Torzhok (RF) started the second stage of state tests of the Mi-8 MTV-1-5 with TV3-117VMA-SBM1V production of PJSC "Motor Sich". The chairman of the board of directors of the Russian-Ukrainian joint venture "Engines" Vladimir Klimov — Motor Sich "Anatoly Sitnov," Interfax-AVN. "

"The program of flight state tests designed to perform 42 missions, 13 of which were performed at the first stage. At the last stage of testing are planned for helicopter emergency power of the engines,

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Reduction in government programs — Petrovich, not an insult

Society Tsigankov: The presence of large government programs has always been one of the main theses of propaganda policy of the Belarusian leadership. . Now, Economy Minister Nikolai Snopkov informed about the government's plans to reduce by 50 percent the existing government programs. At the same time the minister stressed that "the Economy Ministry and the government are talking about reducing social programs — will be reduced funding for programs in the real economy." What programs can become the first victim of cuts? What can be cut without causing social tension?

Zaleski: They were in such a time pressure,

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Looking for a war strategy

Society Libyan rebels say they took control of Muammar Gaddafi's hometown. The President of the United States decided to dot the "i" in his Libyan strategy.

Reuters news agency, citing an official representative of the Libyan rebels reported that the Libyan leader's hometown Muammar Gaddafi Sirte fell into the hands of insurgents. Confirm the capture of Sirte by opposition forces from other sources have been reported yet.

The forces of the international coalition on Sunday evening Sirtse caused by air strikes, strike back by dyslyakavanyh in the Libyan air defense was not. Earlier, Libyan state television confirmed the shelling of

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The living body buried Hambo Lama Itigelov.

If anyone still has not heard of the amazing and mysterious man: Hambo Lama (Dashi-Dorzho Itigelov), which reached the highest enlightenment, and before saying goodbye to the world went into the deepest meditation, then please get acquainted. What is it so interesting? It's simple: 75 years later, according to his will, he was lifted to the surface from underground and medical experts had to admit that his body has all the characteristics of the living. Skin and joints are lost elasticity, body temperature is about 30 degrees, and it is capable to sweat!

The living body buried Hambo Lama Itigelov.

One more step towards the implementation of teleportation

An international team of researchers has received an important theoretical result of a study of technology suddenly move. Scientists have found that Quantum teleportation — The process of moving quantum information at light speed, which in theory can be used to teleport macroscopic objects and even people — can be much more energy efficient than previously thought.

How does teleportation?

For much of the twentieth century, scientists have denied the possibility of teleportation, seeing it solely as a pipe-dream of science fiction writers. The problem was in the

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Shoulder straps for Rectors

The Company's March 22 EU published an additional list of 19 banned officials from Belarus. Now the total list has 175 people.

In a further list of names of functionaries of various levels of the state administration, police officers, prosecutors and judges were three names of Rectors

Europe equate universities in Belarus to state punitive apparatus.

Agencies: Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radio Electronics — Mikhail Batura, the Belarusian State Pedagogical University — Peter Kucharczyk, and Brest State University — Mieczyslaw Chesnovsky.

Further, it seems, nowhere to go. Europe equate universities in Belarus to state punitive apparatus.


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Reluctant allies

The relationship of the army and non-state armed groups in the XXI century

The usual feature of wars and military conflicts of the early XXI century — the loss of state monopoly on power by armed force as the prime means of political and military struggle. As members of the armed conflict manifest themselves not only municipal military forces, and paramilitary NGOs.

Paramilitary GROUPINGMost distinctive features of local conflicts of the late XX — early XXI century advocates expressed lack of true front lines of battle formations, clearly distinguishable purposes of combat damage. Modern wars are distinguished by decentralization of

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IzhMash reorganizes assets in a bankruptcy.

Izhevsk Machine-Building Plant ("Izhmash") at the beginning of April adjudication, in the near future will rent and sell up to a third of their land, as the production capacity of weapons-grade concern this year, higher than the state defense order of 60 times, according to the newspaper "The News" General Director Maxim Kuzyuk.

As explained by the director general, extensive free space on the "Izhmash" formed after the 2008 factory purchased machines with numerical control. Unlike previous devices that machines require 20 times less. Last year, when the plant started a new production cycle, the problem with extra

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Izhevsk State Technical University — the opening of NBI

 Photo source:rosgips.ru

On June 21, Izhevsk State Technical University opened shared center (MSC) "Innovative materials processing technologies."

 Photo source:udm.ru

According to experts, this is a unique, one-of Volga center for treatment of non-metallic materials where the major modern high-tech equipment — machines for working wood, kiln for fusing (glass processing).

The center is located in an area of about 600 square meters. m in the block, where previously housed the laboratory department of advertising and design Izhevsk State Technical University and the Department "Technology artistic processing of materials." According to the Dean of the Faculty

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