Night siege October 11

The community by_politics publish a statement of some members of such socio-political initiatives such as "third way", "eye", "Mutiny". The text says disagreement with the organizers of the "Euro march" to go October 14 permission from the authorities of the route Academy to Bangalore Square. The creators of this application call to gather at October Square Independence Avenue and move to the State Library. Comments:"Judging by the amount of passion that razdimayutstsa all completed zilch";"Translated into human language this means:" Let’s go get on the head! Later, all told how we hurt evil regime! ";"Great! If these strong organizations 14th

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Vladimir Konopleva fired as chairman of the House of Representatives

According to the regulations, the deputies voted in secret ballot with the introduction of cardboard. The decision is considered adopted if a majority of ordinary vote of the full House of Representatives.Vladimir Kanaplyou not in session. MPs porazdavali his statement, in which he refers to the bad state of health.The deputy, who asked not to call his name, said Radio Liberty, that V.Konoplev wrote another statement in which reports that it can not be at this meeting• deputies will Speaker, budget and language, 2.10.2007

In the electric newspaper — lists of banned officials Grodno

One of the earlier publications, "Vedomosti" of the authorities concerned. Lenin district prosecutor’s office inspects Grodno, caused by days of Ivan Roman, what works for media-independent. Fact, that adjoins the prosecutor’s office building long standing carelessly, previously it was October the police department. Policemen moved, leaving a lot of office materials. The last section is not even guarded, photos positioned there "Vedomosti" in the last issue.The newspaper also writes about the construction of future hydropower plant on the Neman. Put under the swing of it must Editorial believes that the construction will cost 88 millions of dollars and pay off

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Mogilev Belarusian-no classes

But the chairman Oleg Diachkov community does not think that the activities of TBM in the revival of the Belarusian-language schools in Mogilev bad.He notes that in Mogilev for a long time did not try to form an organized Belarusian-language classes and groups, because all you have to start from scratch:"Why bad? How we’re working, month and a half — and found six people who are willing to give kids in the Belarusian-group. Frankly, given the fact that there years this topic nobody has, and I did not believe that we would find so many people.We are creating a database

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Gomel: From Attorney require a legal assessment of police actions

Police officers train police department Vladimir Gasimov, Igor Dyatlov and Anatoly Loy without warrants under threat and force the door forced open office space political party.Please policemen Tipo motivate Guilty. After the invasion of the area of personal ownership Major Gasimov videotaped without the permission of the people present, internal rooms and technical equipment available. Aborted had a meeting with a former prisoner of the Gulag, the pastor of the closed Belarusian Evangelical Church Ernest Sabila. About 10 participants, who did not have passports, were detained and delivered to the site.Since such acts police systematically repeated in a statement UCP

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Official Minsk horrified music festival in Lithuania

The festival "Be2Gether" invited well-known musical group from Belarus, Poland, Finland, the United States, Iceland, England — more than 30 companies and performers. The implication is that the festival will bring together about 15 thousand guests. And for two weeks before the festival Belarusian Foreign Ministry made a special statement in which the threat of recalls "hostile propaganda campaigns, nyadobrasusedkay, anti-Belarusian orientation."What caused this statement of the Foreign Ministry? Deputy Head of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry Maria disk imaging Vanshyna said:"Everything is written. Read everything written. More I nothing to you I can tell . " Foreign Ministry spokesman Lithuania

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Grodno Write the baby in the Belarusian class!

City organization of the Belarusian Society of the school managed to agree with the authorities that the 3 high schools and 3 schools to allow This year open the first Belarusian classes. But with a condition of receipt of applications from parents. In Last year such an agreement did not give. At the moment the situation is repeated up to the nearest time received only one application. And because there was a leaflet in which it is designated: "WhiteRussian language — is the language of the elite and rich people! "She -" the language of the future. " Creators flyers

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In Grodno came newcomer Vedomosti

In the midst of materials have reported that on July 5 in the Sejm passed the hearings on the dilemma of preserving the legacy of the construction of Grodno. Newspaper "Vedomosti" was a continuation of "Grodno Freedom" which came out two rooms in Grodno.

A number of youth initiatives does not recognize Congress of Democratic Forces

The statement was signed by representatives of the Belarusian Youth Movement of America, the Internet community "third way" and a number of unregistered organizations.Creators act "for real» bring together opposition forces, not for" consolidation "of the interests and ambitions of the favorites, and to defeat the regime under which Belarus is doomed to remain politically and economically underdeveloped.""We want to offer a proactive counter dictatorship supporters to join us, and not to help simulate the fight in the" puppet kingdom "opposition," — said in a statement."We are allies unchanged ordinary activists -" ridge of the opposition ", but not imitative

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Dr. Ostrovsky denied the claim to the administration of the Medical University

March 22-23, Dr. Ostrovsky as a member of the Belarusian Popular Front "Revival" participated in scientific and practical conference organized by the Consulate TASIS in Belarus.For a day or two before he applied to the rector Gorelik to grant him a two-day stay at his own expense. As noted by Dr. Ostrovsky, for others it has always beena formal thing — quit the application and agree to postpone the dates for students. The lawsuit was also listed a number of points on which Ostrovsky believes that his personality discriminate in Grodno meduniversytetse. Namely, more than 10 years it is not

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