Why did NASA dispense with the Shuttle programme?

Todd Bowen

The Space Shuttle programme was conceived as a plan to design a spacecraft that could work as a reusable ‘space truck’. It would be used as a workhorse to provide cheap access to low Earth orbit for the US and associated partners. The main goal of the Space Shuttle was the planned construction of a United States space station in the early-Nineties. After completion of this station, the Shuttle would then be retired and replaced with a new vehicle.

Despite flying 135 missions, the Shuttle never really fully achieved its original plans, with nine flights being the most

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Operations Crecerelle and Balbuzard

Both France’s Armee de l’Air and Aeronavale are making a large contribution to Operation Deny Flight. A report by Dave Allport and Bernard Thouanel.

FRANCE IS RARELY regarded as one of the high-profile nations involved in the Bosnian conflict, yet its aircraft carried out some of the first Operation Deny Flight patrols. Enforcement of the United Nations ban on military flights over Bosnia-Herzegovina began at noon GMT on April 12, 1993 — the French Armee de /’ Air (AdlA) immediately deployed ten Mirage 2000C RDI fighters from EC.5 at Orange to Cervia, Italy and five photo-reconnaissance Mirage FICR-200s from ER.33

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Naval Station San Diego: its history and development

Naval Station San Diego is a sprawling expanse of military seafront. With 12 miles of berths, it dominates ‘America’s finest city’ both physically and psychologically too. Since 1922 the Naval Station has grown in importance and size to be second only to Naval Station Norfolk Virginia.

The property on which Naval Station San Diego is located was deeded by the city of San Diego to the US government on 3 September 1919 in order for a docking and fleet repair base to be constructed. What the US government got was 21 water and 77.2 land acres, mostly composed of tidelands

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Artistic Ceramics in the Moscow subway.

A year ago solemnly marked the 70th anniversary of the Moscow Metro. Moscow Metro — a unique underground museum, which contains works by the most talented artists working in a variety of genres, styles and techniques. In the early 30-ies of XX century, young architects, designers and artists have managed to create an unprecedented synthesis of three different styles. They combined classic architecture, rationalism and modernism in art system stable. Later, a new style incorporates sculptures and mosaics, paintings and ceramics, metal and glass from their rich palette of possibilities. In the metro imprinted life, dreams and aspirations of several

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State award

Arriving in Leningrad after a long break, you see how to develop urban metro network. Metro in St. Petersburg is relatively young. Many of us remember a time when the diagrams, posted at stations and in trains Blue Express was designated only one line. Then it crossed the second, third … Today, underground railways connecting the center with many remote areas. Metro organically entered into a unified transport system of the city, it has become its integral part.

Here, on the underground routes, running a lot of great people. One of them — Leonid Vasilev, Senior Electrician Service signaling and

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Station of Metro Line «Terreiro do Paco» Lisbon

Opening the station subway line Terreiro do Paco was vital to improve transportation between the capital of Portugal, Lisbon and its suburbs, as this line serves about 20 million passengers a year. The line connects the Terreiro do Paco Lisbon to Barreiro, a city on the southern bank of the River Tagus. The project was completed in December 2007.

The designers of the new subway station in Lisbon considers the expected passenger traffic and set the task of improving the availability, safety and comfort, based on the best standards. To meet these requirements, vertical transportation equipment has been crucial in

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Holly Ridings -Controlling the space station.

We spoke to Holly Ridings, flight director in charge of NASA’s mission control, about the day-today operations of the ISS and working with private space companies around the world.

What is the role of a flight director?

There are several flight directors and we all have different roles. We start with the one that we call realtime operations, where you sit in the mission control centre and you fly the spacecraft. There are kind of three legs of structure. There’s the spacecraft itself, the ISS in our scenario, then the crew on board, and then the team on the ground

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Arctic Danes

Jan Jorgensen reports on the specialised missions undertaken by the Royal Danish Air Force’s Eskadrille 721.

THE DEMANDING geography of Denmark, including Greenland and the Faroe Islands, presents the Royal Danish Air Force (RDAF) with a real challenge.

For over 65 years the primary role of Eskadrille 721 [Esk 721) at Valose Air Base outside Copenhagen has been to provide an airlift capability, while other missions involve it in sea-surveillance, ice-reconnaissance, search-and-rescue, and medical evacuations throughout the Arctic.

Over the years, these roles have been carried out by a variety of aircraft. However, three types have provided the backbone of

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«Shenzhou — 10» returned to Earth

On the morning of June 26 after a 15-day flight the crew of a Chinese spacecraft «Shenzhou-10» of three people — not Haisheng commander, operator and laboratory Zhang Xiaoguang Wang Yaping — safely returned to Earth. The return capsule of the ship at 8 7 local time (0:07 UTC) successfully landed in a predetermined area of ​​Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

In the ten years since 2003, when the first space flight of China representative Yang Liwei in space was visited by only 10 taikonaut. Wang Yaping has become the second Chinese woman in orbit. She was one of two women

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Mogilev third day strike donors

One of the active protesters Vladimir Novikov donates blood for three years. In soon disease through donations stopped. Here’s what he said, "Freedom":"Yesterday at a meeting of Mogilev Belarus noble donors, where they discussed the issue of information. Conclude that the information about the strike does not reach donors. They are not aware of those rules, laws, which we accepted.In attendance were 22 people, were all donors with experience. And now here on the street game, blood transfusion station Mogilev we distributed leaflets in the midst of donors. "Despite the obstacles, informing donors that have not joined the strike, the

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