Employees of the Federal Penitentiary Service in the Stavropol region received new company cars Lada Granta

Chiefs 20 inspections of branches UII FPS Russia in the Stavropol region, received the keys of the car brand «Lada Granta». The main purpose of dedicated machines — control of suspects and accused persons against whom a preventive measure in the form of house arrest, and deliver them to the investigating authorities. Currently, staff offices UII supervise the 80 suspects and accused persons in this category. As the head of UII FPS Russia in the Stavropol region, Colonel Eugene Verbetsky domestic service, new cars will help employees at UII more quickly to inspect the place of residence poduchetnyh, including

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Locust attacks Stavropol field


3.06.11.Sarancha occupying farmland south of Russia, including the country's agriculture Stavrpole.Ministr Elena Skrynnik videoconference held an operational meeting with representatives of the agricultural departments.

It was noted that the meadow moth and grasshoppers have already "made itself felt" in a number of regions, including in the Stavropol region.

According to experts, the centers of the Italian locust noted in Arzgirskom Levokumskij and regions with an average strength of 21 instance on each square meter.

Arrival nongregarious locust revealed an area 54,000 hectares in 7 copies per square meter.

Elena Skrynnik emphasized the need for urgent measures to control the

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In Stavropol, in February flowered cyclamen

February 7, 2013. Greek handsome "cyclamen Cos' bloomed in Stavropol. February's warm weather forced a Red plant to bloom for several months before, than usual.

Pale pink cyclamen flowers appear not earlier than the end of March — beginning of April. However in Stavropol botanical garden blossomed a third of the plants.

Upon the occurrence of frost flowers may die, however, scientists say, but the underground part is not threatened. And next year cyclamen still flourish.

Source: STRC "Stavropol"

Production of ultra-modern building material started in the Stavropol region

Manufacture of products for the construction industry of wood-plastic composite (WPC), the core of which is used 75% of the straw, launched in the Caucasian Mineral Waters.

Wood-Polymer Composite — ultra-modern material.

KDP has all the best natural properties of wood, but it is deprived of such shortcomings, such as rotting and mildew, flammability, surface defects, does not absorb moisture, etc. The wood-polymer composite is more resistant to the external environment, low temperatures, is more durable than wood and wood-based panels. The production of a new type of building materials started on the basis of Ltd. "Stavservis".

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Swine fever in the Stavropol region. Video


14.11.11.Afrikanskaya swine fever (ASF) once again came in the Stavropol region — in the village soldiers Alexandrov Soviet district one day destroyed more than 2500 pigs.

As reported STRC "Stavropol" the press service of the Russian EMERCOM edge flare recorded on Saturday, November 12. In duty shift Central Crisis Management (CMC) of the Stavropol Territory, it was reported that in one of the pig farms of the Soviet area began dying cattle (32 head).

The same day, the examination showed that the cause of death of the animals became ASF virus, and in the evening at the soldiers-Alexander

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In the Stavropol region violets bloom


28.12.10.Na Stavropol Territory blossom street violets, buttercups blooming, "Interfax". According to a resident of the village Pelagiada Julia Fedorova, usually violet in her yard bloom in late March, and then blossomed before the New Year.

In addition, in the garden blooming buttercups, about to blossom dogwood. She also said that the air temperature in the region in the sun on clear days is almost 25 degrees plus.


An earthquake measuring 4.1 on the Stavropol


2.05.12.Zemletryasenie strength score of 4.5 occurred on the night of 1 to 2 May in the Stavropol region.

At today STRC "Stavropol" the spokesperson for the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry edge Oleg Degtyarev, two tremors were recorded in the North-West region of Stavropol and Polish farm Shpakovsky district.

The strongest fluctuations occurred in Shpakovsky Kochubeevskoe and districts of the region, as well as the cities of Stavropol and Nevinnomyssk, the source added.

According to preliminary data, the magnitude of the earthquake was 4.5 on the Richter scale. Accurate information is displayed next to the data in the

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In Stavropol flowered lilac


Lilacs bloomed in October Photo: Hope BABENKO

19.10.11.Oktyabr already passed for the middle, on the green of the trees was painted in gold and crimson farewell, why my heart is not entirely comfortable — winter is still ahead.

But here's miracles in the center of the Brave, in my own front garden, like a messenger of spring, the lilacs bloomed — easily and violently, against the autumn depression.

In the garden, so no berries, no fruit on the branches remained, except grapes destined to wait for the first frost, and suddenly he had an unusual companion — fragrant,

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Police services have a new special vehicles in Stavropol

November 9 in the central square of Stavropol most approximate to the population of police services — traffic police, district commissioners and the attendants of the city and district departments of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the UK — have received 48 units of special equipment.

"Gazelle", UAZ and VAZ-2114, equipped with video recording facilities and satellite communications, law enforcement officials handed the deputy chief of the MOI of Russia in the UK, police colonel Mikhail Chernikov. The new machines will allow these services to be delivered more efficiently and openly.

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Stavropol will shake


30.01.12.V this year on the planet begins a period of seismic activity. The kingdom of Pluto will remind myself more often than usual. In 2012, the planet will begin the extreme value of volcanic and seismic activity, and this period will last until about 2015.

This statement was made Professor Elchin Khalilov (Azerbaijan) at a scientific conference. According to him, during periods of high solar activity, seismic and volcanic activity of the Earth reaches the maximum value. Previous sweep was in 2001, when worldwide wave of earthquakes of varying strength.

These cycles of solar activity are numbered — said

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