The Anatomy of a Conquistador




The iconic steel helmet of a conquistador had a notable crest on the top and curved sides. Most conquistadors favoured a simple helmet that covered only the top of the head, but others encased the majority of the head, leaving just a small gap for the wearer’s eyes, nose and mouth.



Wealthier conquistadors made use of the finest swords of the 16th century. Made in the Spanish city of Toledo, the

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Making Chisels and Gouges

Making your own furniture is a sign that you’re a practical craftsman. How about taking it a step further by making your own tools for making your furniture? The process for making chisels and gouges isn’t as intimidating as it might seem. Two propane torches will do anything a coal forge can do, so you won’t need expensive special equipment.

To begin with, let’s talk about steel. The important ingredient in steel is carbon. More carbon in the steel means a longer edge life and a better ability to accept heat treatment. Low-carbon steel is used for any item that

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At the moment fans of hunting, fishing, outdoor activities, for those who are fond of cold steel, there is a great opportunity to choose a knife to taste. The first question that arises when choosing a product — quality steel blade. Hardened steel has the property that the hardness and elasticity within certain limits are inversely related. The hardness (wear) of the blade should be large enough that the product will not soon blunted, but not excessive, otherwise it will chip or break the cutting edge of the blade. With all the richness of domestic steel, the most suitable

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Application of the protective metal coatings on steel wire, hot-dip

Corrosion resistance of the protective metal coatings applied to dip, largely determined by its chemical composition, forming conditions, and depends on the structure of the obtained coating.

For long term protection against corrosion of steel parts, especially in hostile environments, it is currently mainly used zinc coatings applied by dipping into the melt.

It should be noted that to achieve the desired performance properties of the steel strip (resistance to corrosion, and durability of protection against corrosion after plastic deformation) are applied protective coating based on zinc and aluminum.

In the presence of moisture phase film due to the

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Considered by its owners as a building with two personalities, this two-storey 6m-plus-high home features raw, monochromatic grey concrete facing the street, while its north face of glass emerges from the ground and fills the home with light

It’s incredible how much a simple drive or detour can change your life. Some might come across a gorgeous antique that will become part of their home for years, while others may discover a cute little town they never knew existed. But by venturing off the beaten track, Queensland couple Carlo and Brunella Novello found their perfect piece of land, around 1.6

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Explore our pick of the top extractors with enviable finishes and features. Whether you’re an ambitious chef, a busy family household or an avid entertainer, there are technical features worth careful consideration. In our easy to follow guide we examine all the different practical elements to reflect on and showcase a broad array of stylish looks


EXTRACTION TYPES: Choose either extract or recirculate, some models offer both. Each has its advantages. Extractors require ducting to an outside wall to release the air. The suggested maximum ducting length is 5m, reduced by 1.2m for every 90°

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The January crude steel production in Ukraine has shown a slight increase

In the first month of the 2013th Ukrainian steelmakers smelted 2,845 tons of steel — 1% more than in January 2012, the

As reported in association "Metallurgprom" (Dnepropetrovsk), the total production of steel in Ukraine in January 2013 decreased by 1% compared to the same period last year — up to 2.524 million tons. At the same time, steel production increased by 1% — to 2,845 million tons, pig iron — also by 1%, to 2.497 million tons. Production of pipes in the reporting month decreased by 47% — up to 94 thousand tons of coke —

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EMSS has received a new order from ArcelorMittal

EMSS will produce 16 rolls of hot and cold rolling mills, which are designed for ten steel mills in Europe, located in Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Poland and Romania. 

Total lot weight will be 634 tons, and the weight of the rolls will be in the range of 25.8 to 57.8 tonnes All the products will be made from high-grade steel with a chromium content of 5%.

CMP has created and delivered a new class of steel holding company Helicopters of Russia

JSC "Mechel", the leading Russian mining and metals companies, announces that the Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant ensured the fulfillment of the order of a new class of steel for helicopter. Customer deliveries made holding company "Helicopters of Russia".


Commenting on the performance of the order, the chief technical management of CMP Dmitry Shaburov said: "In July 2012 our factory passed the order for production of metal for the helicopter industry. CMP for this order means the release of a new class of steel. He carried out in cooperation with JSC "Ural Forge." Manufacturing technology of the helicopter were developed

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CMP produced 270 million tons of steel

On the eve of the Day of Russia in steelmaking Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant, included in the company "Mechel", produced the 270 millionth ton of steel. In a series of events dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant, Issue 270 millionths of a ton of steel in the history of steelmaking handed.

A remarkable event occurred in the oxygen-converter shop, which produces more than 70 percent of the steel plant.

Today steelmaking CMP is represented by three workshops: oxygen converter shop (KSC), electric steel shops (EAF) № 2 and number 6. In

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