Rights observers — no one sees or hears

These questions are answered by a human rights activist Valentin Stefanovich.Tsigankov"The OSCE Mission said that the government so far not responded directly to what law will have its observers. Is there at the moment, when it is already the second day is a preliminary vote, accuracy and certainty as to what observers have the right to do? "

Valentin StefanovichStefanovic"The rights of observers regulated by article 13 of the Electoral Code, and there’s nothing new in this election is not. The only thing that power very specifically suited to this article, saying that the observers have the right to do

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Observation blind

Among the violations V.Stefanovich observers noted the inability to obtain any of the members of the local disk imaging election commissions. "Our observers do not report how many ballots were delivered to polling stations, how many people included in the voting lists as voted in the first day of early voting. Sometimes that early voting ballot boxes were sealed" blind "- before sealing the urn was not opened and presented to members of the precinct for review Election Commission "- Said Stefanovic. By him, information on the number of people who voted early, defenders can only receive official communications from

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Stefanovic: the evidence base is weak processes

Society on February 22 trial against Russian citizens Artyom Brevsa and Ivan Gaponava adjourned until March 1. The reason was the prosecutor's request to postpone the case for seven days for retraining charges.

Guest of Liberty — Lawyer Human Rights Center "Viasna" Valentin Stefanovich, who was in the courtroom.

Ablameyko: Good evening, Valentine. What is your overall impression of the process?

Stefanovic: About the same as in the first trial in the case on December 19 Parfiankou. The evidence base for these two processes are very, very weak looking. The process resembles a certain judicial pipeline that we see

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Unknown crammed into the Spring

Society Unidentified trying to get to the office the human rights center "Viasna".

Deputy Head of the organization Valentin Stefanovich reported that on the other side of the door, "the whole team."

Stefanovic does not exclude that the security services will try to break down the door.



In the early voting under duress

Society Human rights activists are fixed facts coercion of voters to vote early in the presidential election.

BelaPAN said Valentin Stefanovich, One of the coordinators of the campaign "Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections".

These facts were noted at 9.1% of the polling stations staffed by observers of the campaign. "For example, in Borisov workers JSC" Borisov EQUIPMENT PLANT "asked members of election commissions to give them the information that they had already voted. On some sections of the electorate brought in buses organized" — said Stefanovic.

According to human rights, the first day of early voting, 14 December,

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