Want to try 5×4 but put off by the high cost of film? Tim Daly shows you how to use home-made paper negatives in a hybrid analogue/digital workflow.

Forget lens de focusing gadgets and software blurring trickery, the only way to really mess about with planes of sharpness is to use a 5×4 camera.

The field camera is the simplest kind of 5×4, designed for use on location rather than the more delicate studio monorail type, and can be frequently found on internet auctions sites for less than you’d pay for a Lensbaby.

Folding out of a clever box housing,


Daddy, daddy, our network … No, not even a dead man and a mermaid, but only a demo version of the first game of a huge block, are now preparing infamous Psygnosis. It is called a miracle G-Police What can be said about this touching (producer of the game I always touch …)? Fans WipeOut, two steps forward! Comrades, do not speak OSHZO-compatible card, — three steps back! Right turn Left-equals-Smear-On!

of truth, WipeOut in this story does not hurt something and nothing. The game, which will appear in the fall rather compete Extreme Assault (how many are developers raise a hand on the sacred!). But if you keep in mind the style (a G-Po-lice — the game is undoubtedly a stylish), there is talk of WipeOut very appropriate, how would you treat him any. The same ligature of the letters, «masked» by the characters, and the same

Infrared eye

Stunning effects are yours, no Photoshop required. Instructions.

Step 1

Get your infrared capture device.

Option 1: Convert a DSLR, ILC, or compact to infrared capture. Some firms that will do this are Lifepixel, MaxMax, or Spencer’s Camera.

Option 2: If your camera «sees» infrared light (see main text for how to tell), get an infrared filter such as the Hoya R72 or Cokin P007.

Option 3: Scour the used market for an infrared-sensitive camera such as the Fujifilm IS Pro or Sigma SD10.

Step 2

Choose a subject. The best subjects for color infrared are foliage and people,» says

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The Ins and Outs of Auto-Align Layers

Auto-Align Layers is one of those Photoshop features that can be used for many different tasks. First, we’ll use Auto-Align Layers to odd something to an image. Then, we’ll use this versatile feature to remove an unwanted element.


How many times have you been with another person and you wanted to take a shot of the two of you in front of some point of interest? Usually, you get this long arm extending from the camera in the shot. But let’s say you want a nicely framed shot, showing the two of

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Fast and Filmic

Try this plugin for quick, editable transformations.

Alien skin Exposure 5 is a great plug-in for adding film and film-like effects to your images. As serious software, it’s more than just filters. It starts with a huge array of presets, both black-and-white and color, to transform your photograph according to preset film types and processes. There are archaic ones like calotype, cinematic ones like Polapan, and more recent (discontinued) favorites like Kodachrome.

The software can be used as a standalone or as a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Lightroom, and Apple Aperture, and works essentially the same way no matter

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Dynamic Range

Turning HDR

Creations into Reality

Recently, I wrote an article about the accuracy of my high-dynamic range images and how these photo renditions were the most realistic I had ever created. Our eyes have the ability to adjust from bright, sunny areas to deep, dark shadows in an instant, but try to replicate this in a single photographic frame and you begin to understand the limitations of your image sensor. A big misconception of many amateur shooters these days is that it’s possible to capture all the detail in every scene in one single frame. The invention and advancement of

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Revealing Hidden 3D Meshes in Photoshop CS6 Extended

3D models often have interior assemblies that are obscured by other parts of the model. For example, a section of a building wall is made up of various hidden components. You can detail these inner structures in stages using cross sections, layer masks, and vector masks.

step one: Open Wall.dae, select the Move tool (V), click the Rotate the 3D Object icon in the 3D Mode section of the Options Bar, and click-and-drag to the left and down slightly to get a 3/4 camera view of the wall object. You won’t be

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Brussels expects Minsk certain steps

As saidand "Freedom" Christina Homan, a spokesman for EU Commissioner Ferrero-Waldner, during this meeting about the custom preferences do not read as. Question their preservation or cancellations are not within the competence of the European Commission and addressed through the adoption of the respective EU regulations.During the current negotiations, Mrs. Ferrero-Waldner said the Belarusian side that Brussels is interested in establishing a dialogue with the official Minsk, but expects the Belarusian control not only words."During the conversation, the commissioner stressed forcefully that expects real Minsk certain steps in democratization, human Human Rights, including the release of political prisoners.One of the

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Minsk as part decides the U.S. to lift its sanctions?

Tsigankov: "How do you assess the decision of the South American government? How does it impact on the current state of the Belarusian-American relations? How can respond to such U.S. move Belarusian authorities and the opposition?"Problem stick and carrot? Peel huge gingerbread man

Lahvinets: "In my opinion, this decision should be taken very positively. What sanctions lifted only in part, shows that in the U.S. there is an awareness that changes in the Belarusian situation very minor importance and therefore it is necessary to act on the basis of very small steps. Lukashenko wished the Emperor get a positive signal

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Van der Linden until you do the second step

"Almost all the understanding we had Fri. Sovereign van der Linden said to me that the step (referring own visit to This year Minsk) it to This time deems necessary. And now, if the situation is repeated again, he would have done this step, despite the criticism of the opposition.But here’s the second step, the head of the Parliamentary Assembly will not do — to addition time, until respective steps by Belarusian authorities. He considers this harsh condition for it. "

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