Stonehenge — the mystery of an ancient civilization



Stonehenge is in English Wiltshire and is an impressive stone structure built in the Neolithic Age. Medieval Legends called builders Stonehenge magician Merlin (character legends of King Arthur), and even the devil himself. In modern times, there were versions that builders Stonehenge were the Romans or Celts. But modern scholars have found that construction of Stonehenge was over 1500 years before the Celts came to Britain.


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23.10.03, the


Laser scanning has helped discover an ancient carving on the pillars of Stonehenge, completely invisible to the naked eye. The experiment was scanned only part of three of the 83 boulders forming the famous prehistoric monument in Wiltshire. Archaeologists from companies Wessex Archaeology and Archaeoptics hope that the full study will provide strong evidence that the Stonehenge monument was already dead at the time when

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Stonehenge returns




One of the most famous monuments of Great Britain — Stonehenge — will find its original landscape.

Currently, next to the giant megalithic The lively motorway A 303, pour over Stonehenge clubs exhaust. To protect the monument, the UK government has approved the project to transfer the

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Mystery of Stonehenge

The name "Stonehenge" — an ancient word, which the scientists argue in the same way as the structure of the monument. It translates as: stone-gibbet, a stone on the rods. Most of the cult of the ancient structures built megaliths and Stonehenge was no exception.

But the secret cause not only the stones erected by someone's will, but that is only 50 meters away from them. There you can see the geometric shapes, trampled by someone on the green grass. They do not always appear, but this fact gives more

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Secrets of Stonehenge

The most famous of the surviving stone "Labyrinth" appears Stonehenge. The mysterious structure located in the center of Ireland, does not cease to excite the minds of ordinary people as well as scientists. It is still not able to reliably determine the age of the structure, its purpose, and the manner in which Stonehenge was erected.

Uncertainty always provokes the emergence of various theories are at times no less extraordinary than the fact that they explain. This also applies to the explanation of the causes of Stonehenge. A wheelchair can

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The oldest solar observatory in Peru

October 3, 2011 23:23

In Peru, archaeologists have discovered a solar observatory, which are more than two thousand years. According to scientists, this is the oldest observatory in North, Central and South America and one of the oldest in the world. Construction of the observatory says that in 500 BC — 300 AD there to carry out complex ceremonial rituals dedicated to the cult of the Sun.

Scientists from the Institute of National Culture in Lima (Peru) said that there are historical records which indicate that around solar observatory found previously been called "sun pillars" that

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Mysterious places on the planet

November 14, 2012 20:53

© Photo: / Stefan Kuhn / cc-by-sa 3.0

There are places that continue to amaze us with its magnificence, uniqueness and origin of the mysterious beauty Our planet is full of interesting and mysterious places, whose story continues to excite the minds of people for centuries. While many try to explain strange phenomena with the help of science, there are places that continue to amaze us with its magnificence, unusual origin and mysterious beauty. Therefore, perhaps, despite the existence of hazards in these places, people still seek to attend.


It is an ancient

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Found the remains of the builders of Stonehenge with radioactive teeth




The skeletons of seven men who are about 4300 years old, were found during construction work near buildings Stonehenge. After long research, British archaeologists announced that these people have taken part in the construction of the famous place of worship, writes Der Spiegel. "Boskombskie archers," as they

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Mysteries of History. The truth about Stonehenge

September 15, 2012 19:02

In the middle of a circle of stone blocks begins ancient ritual. Drums beat off a hypnotic rhythm. Gradually, they are gaining the necessary rate. All participants go into a trance. Can this mysterious ceremony uncover the darkest mysteries of Stonehenge? And who could build this mysterious circle consisting of 50 brick blocks, each weighing 40 tons?

Stonehenge — arch: two incarnations of the same principle

The most noticeable part of the construction of Stonehenge is a dolmen — a kind of "fence" of the exhibited around giant stone monoliths.

Monument researcher Gerald Hawkins was able to "collect" on Stonehenge cromlech 15 significant events (out of 18 possible). In this case, however, none of them can be represented by up to one minute of arc. At best, it could be tens of minutes, because there is no long-range reticles.

Jobs in the build Hawkins has 10 neighbors reticles 12 (as reticles used in some cases and opposing jobs). A total of 22 elements, allowing to

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