Stop motion animation, one of the oldest special effects, makes the impossible seem real. But the tedious process — move the model, take a picture, repeat thousands of times — discourages citizen film makers with non-obsessive patience levels.

I recently discovered iStopMotion, Mac software that automates the process and works with any camera that can capture QuickTime. iStopMotion features a transparent preview that lets you superimpose the previous frame over the current one before you shoot. This alone helps enormously. The Time Lapse feature shoots frames continuously at a specified interval, and Speech Recognition lets you say “Capture” instead of


Glad to see everyone enjoyed the Year In Ink issue.

The feedback was great and the letters and emails are still coming in… with a 99% approval rating.

Admittedly, there is ALWAYS room for improve-ment…but now it’s time to get back to business here at the offices of Skin & Ink.

After giving the Table of Contents of this issue a last look over, I noticed what an international delight it had shaped up to be. So readers, get ready to rack up some serious frequent flyer miles as we circle the globe and bring you some of the best tattooing from around the world (well, the Earth).

First stop

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Yogaterapiya: X-factor.

You have X-shaped legs, and so you dream about perfect slender legs? «The flaw can be corrected if persistently practiced special asanas» — says the senior teacher of Iyengar Yoga, a specialist in yogaterapii, director of the network Elena Ulmasbaeva Yoga Practika.

The reason for the curvature lies not in the bones and joints. From this we can conclude that in order to keep your feet aligned, you need to act on the joints. In practice, note how distributed weight in the feet.

Since childhood, she could not understand why I run the slowest in the class. Everything is

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ES-335s from 1959 are the most sought-after, but any made prior to 1965 with the stop tail and wider nut are collectible – George Gruhn

‘My 1960s 355 is the basis for everything. I’ve got so many guitars but the ones I bring on tour are 355s or 345s’ – Noel Gallagher

‘There are no other tools in my life so long-serving’ – Eric Clapton

Variations on a theme

The ES-335 soon became the basis of other models. An early 335-style signature was the Trini Lopez, built from 1964. Lopez was a big star back then, and had been playing a Gibson Barney Kessel – a double Florentine cutaway akin to the ES-175. When approached by Gibson, Lopez suggested diamond fretmarkers, diamond f-holes, the Firebird-style

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Beer again available at kiosks in Grodno

Correspondent"At the moment I try to verify whether indeed again in kiosks at bus stops appeared beer, which authorities had previously forbade selling? And In-1’s disappointment kiosk with chocolate, beer, biscuits Stop on Dzerzhinsky Street next to the puppet theater disappeared completely, it is not … Follow the bus stop at the railway station, at the time of check out here. "Saleswoman"About that — you were selling or not, I do not know my boss brought beer, I put it on the counter." Correspondent"And how people react?"Saleswoman"They are already weaned, and such implementation, as previously, of course not at the

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PKB activity may be suspended

Ministry asks to stop the party’s activities, which considers itself the political opposition. Current legislation allows for such a possibility of up to 6 months. Ministry of Justice blames PCB systematic violation of the law. First — Party’s role in the development of the Union of Left parties, whose founding congress was held outside Belarus (Chernigov), also supply the Ministry "wrong disk imaging on personal strength of the party". Help. PKB — "The Party of Communists Belarusian" created in 1991. Favourite Party Sergei Kalyakin was managing the election headquarters of former presidential candidate Alexander Milinkevich. • "Alliance of leftist forces"

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Diabetic Foot

One of the common complications of diabetes is the loss of feet ("diabetic foot"). It is caused by changes in the nerves and blood vessels in chronic increase in blood sugar levels.

Patients with diabetes concerned:

excessive formation of blisters, thickening andchange nail shape; fungal infection of nails and skin; numbness of the feet, the feeling of "pins and needles" and other violations of the sensitivity of the skin; change shape of the foot.

For patients with diabetes mellitus is characterized by reduction in the body's defenses. A cut, scratch, corn can be a source of serious

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Innovations Belarusian border guards have not yet touched the border with Poland

As told in Brest frontier group until the rule of "one stop" put on small border Auto Transition (more on the Belarusian-Ukrainian border).As for Brest Fri skip "Warsaw Bridge" — the biggest move on the border with Poland, the only stopping point is not limited. Guards explain this fact it must improve the entire system of the organization of border and customs control, also consider the fact that right at this transition are serving Polish customs officers and border guards.According to unofficial data, the rule of "one stop" to "Warsaw Bridge" and other big transitions will take effect no earlier

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Night Siege April 25

Recently "Chernobyl Way" website traffic "Revolt" appeared abstract "behavior at mass rallies. Tips for those who do not consider myself a Terminator." "What to take action?", "What to take action?", "How to leave the meeting" — such section titles for potential participants. A separate chapter is devoted to the likely actions of the police, and how to correct missing during acceleration and screws: Organizing given policemen and soldiers of internal troops, but their task during acceleration. A separate chapter — "Organizing provocateurs working at mass rallies." As for actually overclocking, the board is very small, "In 1-x, as usual, have

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Kiosks at bus stops were without beer

As citizens reacted to the decision of local authorities?I’m on public transport stop on Dzerzhinsky Street.In the midst of the usual assortment of commercial kiosk — chips, candy, gum, carbonated bottled water — previously could see the beer. Now there is no beer in the window. At each stall hanging copy of the decision of the Grodno City Executive Committee, to which it is written, that the sale of beer is prohibited.Near hanging appeal kiosk owner. He apologizes for any inconvenience to customers and offers to make complaints to the city council.Close revolve children. Ask their impact this ban.1st boy:

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