Telling stories

Adam Ferguson explains how he uses individuals on an assignment to turn a story from the abstract to the personal while on the front line of international photojournalism. He talks to David Clark.

ADAM Ferguson is one of the brightest talents among a new generation of photojournalists. A regular contributor to Time magazine, National Geographic and The New York Times, he has won awards in the World Press Photo and Pictures of the Year International competitions. His work has included stories on the conflict in Afghanistan, elections in Burma (Myanmar) and Iraq’s recovery after two major wars.

Yet two years

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Using an iPad as a camera might not seem the most logical step, but for Carolyn Quartermaine it’s her second best tool — her first being her discerning eye. Tim Clinch discovers a photographer who is following in the footsteps of some of the great and undiscovered masters of their day.

Karl Blossfeldt and Charles Jones are two of my favourite photographers. What do they have in common? They weren’t ‘photographers’, that’s what. They had little idea about the beauty of their work during their lifetime, never considered themselves to be photographers (they were, respectively, a botanist and a gardener)

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Youth Project Highway 110 moved to Khabarovsk

Continue story travel participants of the youth project "Highway 110" on the Trans-Siberian Railway.

Khabarovsk, naturally differs from Vladivostok: It is all the more clear, more direct and clearer. If in Vladik two houses are located on the map of the surrounding streets, it must be remembered that these streets are at different heights, and you have to find a ladder leading to the top. And these stairs can be quite long, but at home the top and bottom of the stairs are actually in the same yard.

Khabarovsk is also abundant spoil the high-altitude

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In the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow summed up the three contests dedicated to the Cossacks

During the year, creative competitions were held with the support of the Union of Russian cities, the Association of affinity groups in Moscow, the Russian Academy of Municipal, prefecture SEAD and President of the Russian Academy of Municipal Association and local associations, SEAD prefect Vladimir Zotov. In total, managed to collect more than 1,300 works, some of which subsequently merged into a single anthology.

"At the end of the All-Russian contest" the Cossacks Say a Word "and child-Russian contest" Glory to the Cossacks! "Were awarded to the winners for the best literary works and creative works dedicated to the Cossacks.

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Fire Monsters




On our planet, there are places where strong enough to stamp a few times to have got out of the ground, "the fiery monsters."

There is in Tajikistan on the river Vakhsh mysterious mound, built of rounded stones. Mysterious, because scientists have not agreed about his origin.

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Nightmare nose will not undermine




If the strain out of memory and turn at the same imagination, anyone can remember at least one incredible story of his life. This is what we call miracles. But only as long as the scientists — the realists and pragmatists — they find these miracles scientifically

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Ghosts live mainly in England




A small anthology "Carriage Ghost. English ghost stories" — pretty funny excursion into the history of this literary genre.

Of course, ghosts are found everywhere. But England for some reason they are particularly fond of. Albion — the birthplace of ghosts, even if it is not from

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Your chance to meet an alien




As it turned out, more than a third of the U.S. population has ever been abducted by aliens. Psychologists at Harvard University found that more than a third of the U.S. population has ever been abducted by aliens. In connection with this special study was conducted, the

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Miracles of yore




(From the archives of the collector of anomalous phenomena)

A few days left until the New Year. But yuletide already begun. Christmastide days have been one of the favorite and fun time in Russia. And then allowed to walk, and poprazdnovat and fool around, fooled around,

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Ancient aliens. Season 2

Part 1. Mysterious Sites

Some places in the world for many decades excite the minds of scientists and researchers. Such anomalous zone as a "zone of silence" in Mexico, the gate of the gods and the Bermuda Triangle. Those who have visited these mysterious places, suggest that in the past we were visited by aliens.

Part 2. Gods and Aliens

Myths and legends has long been regarded as fantastic stories that describe the great gods, giant mutants and menacing monsters. For thousands of years ancient myths describe gods coming down from heaven. They all

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