Winds at twice the speed of sound

We’ve all got stuck out in or witnessed very strong winds here on Earth, from gusts that turn your umbrella inside out to tornadoes that rip up everything in their path. You might think these winds are a force to be reckoned with, but unless you’ve had a day floating around the gaseous atmosphere of ice giant Neptune you haven’t seen anything yet!

You might think that Neptune’s distance from the Sun, which creates temperatures as low as -218 degrees Celsius (-360 degrees Fahrenheit), would mean a world frozen solid by the subzero climate with not much going on in

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Special issue: weathering the storm.

The business impact big storms have on remodelers and home-improvement companies.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, the focus was on the human and property toll. News images told the story: a boardwalk roller coaster mangled and surrounded by the sea; a flooded, night-time conflagration that was once a neighborhood of more than 100 homes; and many others.

Here at Professional Remodeler, soon after the storm, we began seeing images from camera phones and hearing first-person stories from you, our readers. Long Island remodeler Laurence Carolan told the story of a couple in their 60s who had been watching TV

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Mars rover Curiosity sent into hibernation for the passage of a solar flare


Experts NASA Mars rover Curiosity was transferred into sleep mode to save a unique research laboratory on board the consequences of powerful storms on the sun. "We have to proceed with caution," — said Wednesday the project manager Richard Cook (Richard Cook) of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).

According to the space agency of the United States, on Tuesday at the Sun occurred powerful flash, accompanied by coronal mass ejection. This red-hot plasma, which is a stream of protons, electrons and heavy elements, rushed toward Mars at a speed of 3.2

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Tornadoes in Oklahoma

Tornadoes in Oklahoma Natural Disasters

November 7, 2011 in Texas and Oklahoma experienced heavy storms and minor flooding. The strongest storms occurred in southwestern Oklahoma. While tornadoes were reported in rural areas of Oklahoma, they had great power.

Oklahoma is state tornado. But this year, in Oklahoma, there was a series of natural "anomalies": the coldest temperature of 10 February was -35 degrees Celsius, the highest number of snow in 24 hours on February 9, reached 70 cm in height, the largest wind gusts 243 km / h were recorded on May 24, the most destructive tornadoes in the last

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Magnetic storms on Mars

Magnetic storms on Mars Facts

Magnetic storms on Mars from 24 to 25 October due coronal emission of the Sun which occurred October 22, 2011.

Mars has the unique ability to respond to solar storms. Unlike Earth, which has a continuous magnetic field, Mars unevenly covered by so-called "magnetic umbrellas" — remnants of the planetary field decayed billions of years ago.

When a coronal mass ejections hit the Red Planet, the "umbrella" of the observed magnetic storms, during which light up auroras.

Hurricane frequency depends on air purity

June 25, 2013. A group of researchers from the meteorological centers Hadley conducted studies on the relationships between the frequency and intensity of storms and air quality, and came to very interesting results. As the researchers found, the efforts of people to make the air cleaner does not always have a positive impact on the mitigation of hurricanes or to prevent their formation.

It has long been known that in the modern atmosphere is a certain amount of solid particles of a certain size, for example, waste aerosols from industrial facilities or home-types of human activity. It is these aerosols

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Is it dangerous to solar storms?

Is it dangerous to solar storms? It is interesting

Solar storms can throw a stream of charged particles, capable of a speed of 1.5 million miles per hour. Sometimes solar storm reaches Earth. Is it dangerous? Should I be concerned?

At the moment, the sun is in its active phase of the 11-year cycle. Many dark spots open for viewing through special telescopes and filters. Space observatories capable of detecting bright flashes, which are powerful radiation from the surface of the sun for a few minutes to several hours. Random coronal mass ejections as bubbles of gas and magnetic fields

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Scientists have observed in Europe over the sun weak red arc


New natural phenomenon observed in kontinenta.Yarko red arc, invisible to the naked eye, have been found in the skies over many countries in Europe using modern cameras, writes science.nbcnews.

When the flow of high-energy charged particles that come to Earth after a solar flare, they cause the so-called geomagnetic storms. These events are disturbances in the magnetosphere of the Earth's atmosphere, which is dominated by the magnetic field of the planet. The most dramatic effect of these giant storms — bright auroras in the respective regions

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Strong storms in the Balkans took several lives

Strong storms in the Balkans took several lives Weather and Climate

Cold snap and unexpectedly strong storm in the Balkans has led to the fact that on the roads of the region into chaos. Due to poor visibility and heavy snow closed the airport in Zagreb, Croatian, some national roads in Croatia and Serbia have ceased to function. Public transport in some cities just could not keep going.

On the main highway Serbia, leading from Belgrade to the Hungarian border, drivers had to stand for hours in a traffic jam, caused by the snow storm. Only after road

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In the Atlantic storm season is officially over

In the Atlantic storm season is officially over weather and climate

Last week, it was officially announced the completion of a terrible storm and hurricane season in the Atlantic, including the recent sensational Sandy hurricane in the north-eastern United States. At the end of the season, only one of the expected storms this year achieved the rank of "major hurricane" and received the appropriate classification. But according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration NOAA, this is not Sandy, as you might think.

It appeared to be a storm, Michael, in fact it reached the third category of

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