News photography can require patience, perseverance and luck. Keeping a fresh perspective as the story develops is key, says John Dooley. As a photojournalist he has faced dramatic situations that require a keen eye and creative interpretation.

As I watch wildfires ravage Southern California, I think back to my time spent covering similar fires in that part of the world, including the notorious Station Fire in 2009 (the tenth largest fire in modern California history, which destroyed 160,557 acres).

Capturing the scale and drama of these fires for the purpose of news photography requires patience, perseverance and luck. Just getting

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Story behind the medals

Coin and medal specialist Naomi Wilson knows a thing or two about medals, having worked with one of the UK’s oldest auction houses, Fellows, for 7 years in their Coins & Medals Department. Now Head of Department, she picks out her favourite medals (in no particular order) from the thousands she has seen and valued. «They’re not the most famous or the most expensive», she says, “but they are definitely some of the most interesting and quirky I’ve come across.»

Waterloo Medal

Archibald Clark led a colourful life. Fie was born in the parish of Kilminver, Country Argyle in Scotland.

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F-117. Nighthawk story — operational history.

The second part of Paul and Alison Crickmore’s look at the F-117 brings the story of this highly-specialised aircraft up to date with its operational record.

During the 1980s the f-H7s continued to operate within the security of the ‘black world’. With the Soviet threat diminished and the practicalities and cost of keeping the aircraft hidden from view, it was decided to move the project into the public domain in late 1988. Today the Nighthawk is considered by the public to be the epitome of American technology and with three operational tours under its belt and just a single aircraft

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Situation writing

Earlier this year I took a new group — the kids. Has diagnosis of the development of speech and found that more than half the children find it difficult to make up a story on the picture story or tell something from my personal experience. I realized that it was my pupils require special educational care. To encourage them to it, I decided to organize a situation of writing on the topic «My favorite toy.» After all, this issue should be close, understandable and interesting to children.

First, I decided to talk with the children, who often

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Dying to live. The story of Rao Jodha Park.

The ISOLA Mumbai Chapter in concurrence with its aim of creating awareness about the profession of Landscape Architecture within the profession and the public at large decided to institute the 5 D Vaidya Memorial Lecture. Mr. Vaidya who passed away in October 2011 left behind him a legacy of a huge body of work which however remains relatively undocumented and unknown. The purpose of instituting this lecture was to reacquaint the public and professionals in particular with this legacy and create a forum to interact with some of the best minds and practices today.

The inaugural lecture of the S

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All-Weather Warriors

The search for the Ultimate Fighter Aircraft by Mike Spick, Arms and Armour, 175pp, illustrated, £16.99

AS FIRST SIGHT it might well be considered that the story of the night fighter was a bit of a side-show in the development of air combat, but Mike Spick’s book puts it in rather a different context, that of it being the ideal fighter aircraft — the forerunner of the EF2000 or F-22 — but unable to compete on equal terms with the day fighters until the advent of the F-4 Phantom. This parity was achieved through the capabilities of high-power radar and

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Tatiana Borisik Life surpasses all imagination

Znatkevich: "As I understand it, you have begun to write poetry earlier than prose, even at the festival in Krapiuna field of Orsha in 2002 you defeated in the nomination poetry — and itself that you put more value, own poetry or prose?"Borisik: "I do not know, I did not even result in another, more valuable for me. Prior to his own work, I very seriously» sur am not, therefore, let people decide what is more valuable.""To assume that only creativity and nothing else — I do not have such …"Znatkevich: "If you do not treat it seriously» Sur, you

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Guest Night of Freedom — Ioannina Pushkin

The theme of "Night of research" — frisky spread slot machines and clubs in Minsk including in residential areas. Some players utter often they win.In addition story about the dangers of the Minsk authorities to demolish the memorial cross to the place of mass executions in Loshitsa that in Minsk, a report on the school year in the underground Humanities Lyceum Kolas, the message about the difficulties in the preparation of poetry festival "word order", an interview with another winner contest "Win the book" Freedom "Dmitry Nestsyarkovym from Lida.In the "record" Alexander Tomatoes begin the story of the creation of

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Guest night air — a physicist Igor Stashkevich

In "Night of research papers" we talk about fraud earthen plots near Minsk. We also tell about the Russian film about the "lost gold Napoleon", which was withdrawn in Grodno. Maxim Zhbankov recommend that look worth of new products Belarusian videarynku, in the program "Zwukopis" Alexander Tomatoes will continue the story of a group of "Nagual", and "Night ABC book "you hear the story of Tatiana Borisik" droplets ".After 23rd hours — "Belarusian Atlyantyde" — why Belarusians did not own novel of the 20th century, "Journey of Freedom" in the harp village Dokshitsky district, in the program "Belarusian abroad" —

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Guest night air — a translator and writer Paul Kostyukevich

In our survey, residents of Grodno will answer the question "What would you do if I were God?"In "Night of research papers" wetalking about, as computer games affect the psyche.The program "Zwukopis" Alexander Tomatoes finish a story about a group of "Indigo" and "Night Primer" will hear the story of Paul Kostyukevich "FIFA World Cup".After 23rd hours — Stanislav Shushkevich answers to questions our listeners, in the "examination of Freedom" — Associate Municipal Institute of Metropolitan Kirill Koktysh international relations, political analyst Andrei Fedorov, and our discussions are browser Valery Karbalevich purpose of the new Russian government, will also feature

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