Gates of the Universe

Aliens explore the planet to squares, and there are a number of theories why they do it. Today let's talk about why most anomalous zones are located on certain parallels. This is the Bermuda Triangle, the mysterious pyramids of Egypt, the Buddhist temples in Tibet and, presumably, hidden from the eyes of ancient Atlantis. Anomalous zones of said lot, as opposed to another similar point — "Zone of Silence", located in Mexico and fraught as unsolved mysteries, the boldest guesses allowed to call it a "Gateway to the Universe."

Up until the early 1970s, the "Zone of Silence"

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Aliens healers

Contact with aliens earthlings end differently. Some newcomers immediately faints, people coming to, do not remember anything, and only then find out that "fell out" of life for a few hours, and sometimes days! Others are long and sometimes painful examination with taking various samples. Third, are on Earthling, on the threshold of death, "advanced" big brothers on reason back to life.

Guest Joan had a very strange look.

The accident in the garden

On one of the cases of this miraculous healing says Dr. Walter Andrews, a former director of the International Department of MUFON (Mutual UFO

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The strange thing. Masons. On guard cosmic mysteries watch online

In May 2011, the South American aerospace agency NASA announced the continuation of works about the project "Constellation". For him gallakticheskaya developed brand new appliances, new flights planned gallakticheskogo ship "Orion", the creation of the same base on the moon and in the future — a flight on the same ship to Mars. Suddenly turned program from the official version, "due to the shortcoming of funding …". But is it a matter of fact, what is behind the failure of the Yankees to explore the moon?

A strange thing — a series of programs

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The aliens are not silent

Many people wonder how to communicate with each other aliens, anyone heard of it, how it sounds, is it possible to learn their language, are there at least some written sources, which can be judged on the language of those with whom the alleged contact many earthlings. Questions, you see, is quite natural. However, the information in this respect remarkably little. One of the rare evidence of communication (or rather, attempts to communicate) is derived from our compatriot.

"His head was large relative to the body, like a small child: spherical top and tapering down. The eyes were

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UFO Trans-on-Provence, France

Location: Trans-on-Provence, FranceWitness: Renato Nicolet

The developments

Renata began to hurt back. He worked without straightening for more than a hour:, put together a water pump on the site. His house stood on a hill, and from the place where he worked, a view of the steep slope leading down to the river.His ears were ringing Renato. "What a strange high squeak — he thought. — Or is it I tired? "But then Renato determined that peep heard from above. He looked up and saw a strange, like, a metal device. But no longer at the top: a strange

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The strange thing. Underwater aliens watch online

The water area of the oceans, which occupies almost three-quarters of the Earth, inside the store a huge number of puzzles and riddles. Once a year, on the high seas in a strange circumstance lost hundreds of ships …

A strange thing — a series of programs

Strange thing — Strange Sun

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13th crystal skull. The mystery and legend of the thirteen skulls

About the mysterious crystal skull ancient American civilizations long been known. Now, one of these alleged "Skulls of the Gods" is found in Europe — namely, in Bavaria (Germany). Sometime, perhaps, this instance (see picture) belonged to one of the Nazi leader Heinrich Himmler!According to Swiss journalist Luc Burgin in "Secrets", a skull (weight — 12 kg, dimensions — 17.5 x 21 cm) was found in the attic of a former Bavarian informants Himmler. Artifact was hidden in a secret compartment in the old wooden windows. There store it in a badly worn a leather backpack.Scientists have known about twelve

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Pale horse of death: the symbols of the coming New World Order

Anviktori begins a series of revelatory material on "The New World Order and a hoax in 2012." In them we will try to explain to our readers what the reality is behind this date, why it was chosen by secret manipulators, and which can be expected to Russia and the world in relation to the events of 2012.

As we have not once mentioned, in 2012 the problem is real, and to suggest otherwise would be, at least not honestly. However, one must clearly and clearly realize that this problem is artificial and man-made fit for real events to the

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The world, which under us

Legends of creatures living under, portrayed in many countries of the world. In Western Europe, they are called gnomes, in Norway — Zetta, Lapland — chahkli the Caucasus — the Lilliputians bitsenta in ancient Rus called Lyudkov. For a long time these stories were perceived as exotic, far from reality tale.

However, since the end of XX century and in the scientific community and the media are more often been suggested that by us there is still a world populated by people unknown to us, and developing according to its mysterious laws.

Surprising findings

Miners often come

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