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The significance of the Caucasus

U.S. Stratfor analytical agency of the importance of the Caucasus. Stratfor services are the Pentagon and U.S. government agencies.

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Game of Shadows: WikiLeaks exposes the shadow CIA

February 27, 2012 at the notorious website WikiLeaks began publishing the data created for a narrow circle of people. Now in the hands of Julian Assange got furtive electric personal correspondence U.S. intelligence company Stratfor, which in certain circles, better known as the "shadow" or "private" by the CIA.

The network got an unlimited number of classified disk imaging, namely, data on 75 thousand credit cards with all the necessary details (names, addresses, codes), about 860 thousand addresses and names of people who were and are the clients of the CIA, and more than 200 GB of secret

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Stratfor: Belarus in the scheme of sale of Russian radar Iran

Society According to the think tank Stratfor, with the mediation of Russia and Belarus, Venezuela sold Iran radar equipment.

This comes amid warming of Russian-Iranian relations. It is not yet known, this deal — just an important contribution to the Iranian air defense system to have geopolitical consequences.

Sources Stratfora report that Belarus Russian radar system sold a Venezuelan company, which in turn sold the equipment to Iran as a result of the transaction, which had place in Abu Dhabi.

Stratfor does not have reliable information about the type sold by the radar. Radars can be used in various

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