Street Fight

In September 2010 U.S. President Barack Obama officially announce the end of Operation Iraqi Freedom, prior to the announcement the last U.S. combat troops had left Iraq. However, some 50,000 U.S. troops remained to train and support Iraqi security forces. By December 2011 the last of these U.S. soldiers were also withdrawn, ending finally the presence of large numbers of foreign troops on Iraq soil.

U.S. and allied forces were simply not prepared, nor equipped for this type of conflict and as a result, great efforts were made to address urgent operational requirements by fielding large amounts of new equipment,

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Relieving poverty among street children in Mombasa

Glad’s House is a British charity working on the ground in Mombasa, Kenya, to improve the lives of the city’s street children. It aims to lift many of the estimated 35,000 street children out of a life of hopeless poverty and give them the chance of a real childhood.

Living in intolerable conditions, separated or orphaned from their parents, they spend their lives in a daily struggle to eat and find shelter, often falling into petty crime or prostitution. Sadly many are addicted to glue, which alleviates their hunger and is cheaper than food. They have no home, no school,

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Ladies look good in ties, too. Menswear made a statement in spring collections from J.Crew, Armani, and Calvin Klein. Make your tabletop more man-friendly by incorporating stripes, pewter, and shades of blue. The plates, mug, napkin, and navy placement . Jonathan Adler’s mustache-adorned teapot and Ted Baker’s bow-tie-turned

Today’s traditional is all about bespoke design — bravely layering history’s aesthetic high notes to our individual ends.”


-napkin-ring steal the show.

Turning tables

We’re giving credit where credit is due: To our favorite Pinterest boards that inspired this light and colorful table

62 ho would think that a color

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On the old streets of Prague

Prague — one of the most fabulous European capitals.

It is called the city of a hundred spiers, the capital of the Czech kings, the golden city … On the narrow streets of the central areas of mixed various styles — Gothic, Modernist, Rococo, Renaissance, Cubism and others.

In the old part of the house all have dual numbering. On blue plate Set the official address of the house (his number under the street), and red label — a historic address to the house number within the entire area.

The walls, painted with graffiti, which in historic districts are colored

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Gas Street Basin, Birmingham

The presence of water in its various guises has long been an attraction for outdoor photographers. This month’s On location shoot saw Phil and I drawn to the urban landscape of central Birmingham, to explore the inland waterways in and around the rather intriguingly named Gas Street Basin.

In the world of canals and narrowboats, Gas Street Basin certainly has generated a reputation — it is one of the places to moor one’s vessel. The first canal was built here in the late 18th century and was a victim of its own success, quickly becoming over-congested with traffic. It is

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It’s nice down there, in an apocalyptic sort of way a temperate rain cave, thanks to the misting spigots that are used to settle all the ancient dust. The rat population, too, must have learned to be skeptical after all these years, because, on this particular visit, there were no rodents in evidence. Maybe they require greater traces of urine in die atmosphere. Nor was there a third rail no risk of electrocution. The spelunkerʼs attempts to imagine himself as Snake Plissken, fending off’the Crazies in «Escape from New York» were undermined by the sandhogs cheerful graffiti: a smiley face

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Catholic church does not wish to remain on the street Russian

Not so long ago a priest offers Vladislav Zavalniuk Minsk authorities decided Bersana rename the street, which is near the church, in the street Edward Voinilovich. Edward Voinilovich — recognizable in the late XIX — early XX century landowner and philanthropist who supported the Belarusian nezalezhnitsky movement, June 11 last year Minsk was reburied in the Church of St. Simon and Lena. For their money Voinilovich built this church in Minsk in 1910.As a result, the authorities’ decision Reddish church remained in the street Russian, 15.Vladislav Zavalniuk priest said, addressing the faithful:"Document on hand until we have. But I consult

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Marx, Lenin and Vseslav Warlock

Polochans marveled whence appeared in XII century thoroughbred touches — princes then scoured for mangolkah fluffy. A prince obviously wondered why the street that runs alongside, called the October and not wearing his princely name.Excellent else trotter Useslaw stands motionless. If he rode into the town center, outraged Warlock would obviously took the blade from its sheath and headed to the local municipal executive committee stallion.Polotsk place names differently as an affront to common sense can not be called. Here for you and Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin, and no unknown Saca of Vantsetstsi and Voikov and Svyardlov and Dzerzhinsky

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In the center of Grodno streets Bykov can not be

In the executive committee is nothing certain about the likely occurrence in the town streets Bykov I did not say.Then I turned to the deputy city council last convocation Antusevich Sergei, who made an effort to somehow perpetuate the name of a famous writer in the town where he lived and wrote his works in almost a quarter century."There was a number of proposals, including renaming Boulevard Lenin Komsomol Boulevard Vasil Bykov. Collected over four hundred signatures if they were handed over to me with a letter, as a deputy of the city council, to transfer to the city council,

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Streets Sapieha and Bryl will coexist with the prospect of Dzerzhinsky

Initiative to assign new names of streets and Yankee Bryl Lew Sapieha came from White CompanyRussian language Skarina behalf. His manager Oleg Trusov states that in such cases, it all starts with the letter addressed to Misha Pavlov — Chairman of Executive Committee:"We wrote an appeal to him about the streets and Sapieha Bryl: Sapieha on somewhere first year, Bryl — spring. About Sapieha answer came very quickly — will solve the problem. And about Bryl was a long silence. Then we gathered at Bryl unlimited number of signatures from all over Belarus. These letters always walked in the name

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