‘Roll up! Roll up! Roll up! Test your strength on this mighty bicep bulging machine! Only the strongest need apply – test your muscle power and stamina. Roll up! Roll up! Roll up!’

This toy is really just for fun, but it does provide a challenge for both boys and girls. After some initial testing, the children will learn that it is not all brute strength, since a certain knack can be acquired when hitting the target area which will literally rocket the disc to the top.

Before letting the children ‘loose’ on this toy, do explain how it works,

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The three-dimensional configuration thread rolling tool

The threads on the fastener products are manufactured using dies, roller or flat, depending on the design rezbonakatnogo machine.

The thread on the product formed by plastic deformation of the metal. It is important to correctly configure rezbonakatnyi tool that is exactly the position of the one thread rolling tool relative to the other.

There is basically one single position of thread rolling dies in space, which will allow to produce high quality threads.

The task of the three-dimensional interpolation, where the change in the value of a coordinate axis changes the physical position of the threaded grooves on three

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A New Look At The Strength & Beauty Of Engineered Wood Siding.

When homeowners are repairing or residing the exterior of their homes, there’s a good chance they will be open to alternatives that offer enhanced durability and curb appeal. Vinyl siding damaged by storms and cracking fiber cement siding may have fallen short of their expectations. Packed with innovations, engineered wood is rapidly becoming the siding material of choice for homeowners and remodelers across the country.

Creating Curb Appeal.

Engineered wood products such as LP® SmartSide® Trim and Siding feature a rich cedar grain texture that adds deep shadow lines and architectural appeal to any home. Customers can choose from a

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Belarus owes 14 billion

Municipal debt amounted to $ 2005.8 million, the foreign debt of commercial banks increased from beginning of the year by 30.6% to $ 3,358,500,000. Outer debt other sectors of the economy increased by 11.9% to $ 7,590.9 million Tags: debt, external

Massacre in Moscow — an attempt to suppress the power in the horror for yourself

Similarities and inadequate municipal violence hazard. In Moscow OMON pulled with all of, to resist, as it turned out, a relatively small and, despite the revolutionary rhetoric favorites, peaceful demonstration on Pushkinskaya Square — not reddish Kremlin far.Already a fierce crackdown a few weeks back the opposition rally in Nizhny Novgorod showed that Russian leaders are disciples of their own party Belarusian colleagues, and are increasingly operate on the principle hero Saltykov-Shchedrin: "Drag and do not let go."For what, precisely — why? Why on background sky-high popularity ratings behave as if on the verge of revolution?

"Support the majority is

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Quote a day or — 13 April

"Very fundamentally, so in Russia knew about Belarusian democratic forces — it is not anti-Russian forces. And this myth we must razbivats. Belarusian democracy, if it is in power, will build with Russia good-neighborly and mutually beneficial business. "Alexander Milinkevich one-day visit to St. Petersburg and made a number of statements regarding the Belarusian-Russian relations.

Inhabitants of Vitebsk talks about the ability of the government and opposition

Man: "I believe that by Milinkevich is a real act! Lukashenko After contact with the sides of each fair, even more so active person, and even more so to the same level of public policy — it least unpleasant. And because I appreciate that for the sake of the future of Belarus Milinkevich went to such a step. Together with the fact I think it is quite futile — unfortunately, this step will have no effect. "Woman: "I have not heard anything at all about who is who suggested that. Naturally, this does not come out somehow in our disk

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TsAGI: completed testing of the IL-96

Experts complex strength TSAGI completed testing of IL-96 on the residual strength.

As the press service of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "TsAGI", these works was the final stage of a large amount of research aircraft, which included tests of the resource and vitality. The experiments were carried out on the structure of the IL-96-300 with regard to the need of increased mining resource characteristics of the modification of the aircraft — IL-96-400T. Work was done on the order of "Ilyushin Aviation Complex. Ilyushin."   In the first phase of research scientists residual

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Figure a day or — 1 billion 268 million dollars

 Managing analytical center Mezisa Yaroslav Romanchuk said our radio:"Such a sharp increase can be explained with 2 reasons. First — the price of oil and gas, which gets Belarus from Russia have increased in comparison with the beginning of last year. And second — in shipments energoelementov our country also increased.If these rates continue, according to the results 2008 negative balance of trade with Russia on a theoretical level could rise to 15 billion dollars, compared with 8 billion in Last year. But I do not think that it will grow twice as much as the results of the 1st

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Snezhinskiy scientists have developed a device for checking the items on the strength of

Turn the illusion into reality. Snezhinskiy scientists have developed a holographic device that scans a laser on the subject of strength, whether it is football, car seat or a rocket engine.

It can be easily fooled by television camera, to distinguish from the fake currency note and just to please the eye. Scientists used to believe that hard numbers, not illusions still could not resist the awesome optical phenomenon — holography. "At the time, the experimenters have seen that the object is covered golografiruemy stripes, and could not understand what was going on, trying to get rid

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