Soligorsk detained activist For Freedom

Paul, along with his colleagues in the town to hang streamers "Freedom to Young."If youth activists posted fourth extension, they were approached by police and detained Paul Batueva.At the moment it is the duty of the Salihorsk police.

Youth Solidarity day notes

Now in Minsk were hung banners demanding the release of political prisoners. In Minsk cinema "October" was also posted a banner "Freedom to political prisoners." By eight in the evening the youth democratic movement activists hold a short street protests in a symbol of solidarity with the politically repressed.Photo "Nasha Niva. "

Now a day of solidarity

Evening in Minsk, Soligorsk, Grodno, Mozyr, Mogilev, Lida, Polotsk and Baranavichy appeared streamers "Freedom to political prisoners", also white-red-white flags and posters: "The city is ours!"Activists of various organizations within the youth democratic movement clarify that street action the other day July 27 — days of independence — will entail detentions and arrests. Because such a format specifically elected the present action.In Poland, Estonia and Lithuania youth activists will distribute informational materials about the passers Situation in Belarus. In Poland, the opposite structure of the Belarusian Embassy students Kalinouski consolidated banner demanding the finish against the democratic public.

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Mogilev: Alexander Anisimov and Fedor Tsynin at large

The detention of the police explained to the fact that the guys tried to hang a banner in an illegal place. Stretching activists seized.Alexander Anisimov said, "Freedom" that the police had with him and Fedor Tsyninym preventive conversation. Policemen are interested, for what reason the guys were going to hang a banner. Now Alexander Anisimov and Fedor Tsynin free.Activists detained three policemen about the eleventh hour. The guys tried to deploy a banner "Now 90 years of independence BNR" to the railway bridge over the street that Pervomayskaya, not far from the railway station.

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5 days for the banner Freedom to Kazulin!

He was detained on March 1 for the banner "Freedom to Kazulin!". Soligorsk tribunal also punished arrests detained participants of unsanctioned rally in character protest social policy of the authorities. Vladimir Shiloh arrested for 15 days, and Dmitry Banko — for three days. Tags: freedom, Alex, day, frost, Kozulin, 5

Near Sumatra earthquake


7.01.11.Zemletryasenie magnitude 5.7 occurred today south of the Indonesian island of Sumatra, according to ITAR-TASS. According to the Australian National Seismological Service, the epicenter of the quake was at a depth of 1 km. They were clearly felt in a radius of 339 km.

Information on casualties or damage have been reported yet. Experts estimate that a tsunami is unlikely. A similar earthquake in the South Pacific, on the last day of 2010.

Indonesian (Malay) archipelago consists of more than 18,000 islands stretching along the equator at 6500 miles. The world's largest island country surrounded by the

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Sagging breasts

Why does my chest?

The mammary gland consists of15-20 glandular lobules, connective "frame" and adipose tissue. During puberty in girls under the influence of hormones is breast growth and development of the lobules. This process ends at approximately 20 years, when chest takes its final shape and size. The mammary gland is modified throughout the cycle, swelling before menstruation and decreasing thereafter. It is influenced by hormones.

The deformation of the breast during the life of the woman is the cause of either laxity or insufficiently strong support breast pectoral muscles. After all, breasts — is primarily iron,

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November in Vileika

Society Activists Youth BPF Vileika hung a banner "Freedom to Autukhovich".

According to one of the leaders of the BPF Youth Alexei Trubkinwell, this action, as well as stretching in Minsk, eats the beginning of a nationwide campaign "Freedom for Autukhovich." Youth BPF planning a large number of shares in the fall, including both cultural and political, street.

Stretch marks

Happiness of motherhood is often overshadowed by the change in the appearance of the woman. Young mom really wants to be beautiful, youthful, the most-most. And then stretch (on the scientific — striae). He appears on the thighs, stomach, chest, and there are white, reddish or violet color.


Stretch marks— Is the result of stretching of the skin due to hormonal changes. In the thinning of the skin can cause internal tears that are replaced by connective tissue. In fact, it is scar tissue. Sometimes stretch marks are not a witness after pregnancies. They occur in adolescents,

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Freedom to political prisoners! — Require Vitebsk activists

Society "European Belarus" and Vitebsk youth informal association of "free way" hung a banner with the slogan "Freedom to political prisoners!" And "Long Live Belarus".

Stretching appeared at the bridge of Pushkin, near the historic city center, which is now the accomplishment. This is a crowded place, and some passers-by stopped to consider writing.

But after 10-15 minutes, activists say, a banner was removed police.


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