Strike wing

Coastal Command’s campaign against enemy surface shipping during the early years of the war met with limited success. The Blenheims, Hampdens and Beauforts rarely attacked as a co-ordinated force and, faced by a formidable threat, suffered heavy losses for very modest results.

The availability of the Beaufighter brought about a dramatic change in the anti-shipping campaign and the Command’s Strike Wings changed the course of the war in the waters off German-occupied Europe.

In November 1942 the first of the Strike Wings was formed at North Coates on the Lincolnshire coast. Its task was to attack the important convoys, heavily

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Strike Test Squadron — NAS Pax River

Located at naval Air station Patuxent River in Maryland, the Strike Test Squadron is responsible for the testing of all carrier-based combat aircraft in the US Naval inventory.

The unit is currently involved in flight testing all the systems on Grumman F-14s, McDonnell Douglas F/A-18s and Grumman EA-6Bs. Before any new system can be incorporated into a fleet aircraft it is thoroughly tested by the unit. The unit is equipped with four F-14As, one ‘B’ and two ‘D’ model Tomcats, and some 12 F/A-18s are on hand varying from Lot 5 aircraft to the newest Lot 18 Hornet.

These were

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Light strike

Harrier IIs, Hornets and Corsair lls

Joe Cupido & Tony Holmes, Osprey Military Aircraft, 128pp, colour, softback, £10.99.

EVEN THOUGH THE technique is semi-automated, I’ve always felt that landing a fighter safely onto an aircraft carrier demands the concentration and skill of a surgeon, together with the bravery of a bullfighter. Every time you see it performed you can’t help holding your breath. And take-off is just as awesome, as a stream of compact jets are catapulted off into instant airborne action.

The book Light Strike deals with those aircraft that have conducted these procedures for the US Navy and

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Style and Beauty.

Retro wave.

1. When you create any hairstyle is important to prepare the hair. In this case I recommend to wash your hair with shampoo from the line of System Professional Smoothen and apply conditioner from the same series. Thanks to them, the hair will become docile and laid them will be easier.

2. Apply the lotion Resolute Lift — it will create the optimal basis for the subsequent laying of hairstyles and gives the hair silky shine.

3. Make a left parting. Screw the hair on large curlers and posushite hairdryer if little time to prepare. If time permits,

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Week in Belarus in photo, September 30 — October 5

September 30. Gathering against cancellation of privilegesOAB in VitebskOctober 2. Businessmen strike in Minsk Outraged entrepreneurs seek out the truth For businessmen conducted operational videzdymki Head of the department of business Mingorispolkom Alexander Kalinowski responds to questions from participants strike Alexander Kalinowski tries to close the camera lens Liberty correspondent Entrepreneurs about "parking" — now strike One of the favorites of entrepreneurs’ movement Alyaksandr Makaeu All booths in the "parking lot" is now not workingOctober 2. Entrepreneurs Slonim markets stopped workOctober 2. Businessmen strike in Vitebsk Shopping center "EVIC": virtually all closed, traders NO On the "Smolensk" emptyOctober 2. Representatives

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V.Gorbaciov: I avenge strikes company markets

According to the source, the other day he vorachivalsya train from Ukraine "Kyiv-Gomel" together with her daughter Anastasia, and her friends Pokhabov Nicholas, who is chairman of the Minsk branch of the Belarusian trade union of electronic industry. "At the station Terehovo Belarusian customs officers began a search of our things — says Viktor Gorbachev, — some of them videotaped. Train was detained for half an hour. At the same time I was told, thereozhenniki make orders of superiors, they say, he povinet that "climb in politics, organized a strike in the markets on October 2."Victor Gorbachev proves that during

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That entrepreneurs are thinking about the strike, which occurs in the center?

Man: "The people currently live with a funny day: now excellent — means well, tomorrow is bad — if you need to change something. Turns out that only every man for himself, and it is necessary that people thought not only for themselves. need to strike, but do it together, the whole republic. "Man: "We should not go to work, as pressured and pressured. Need at least a month to show that we are not sheep. "Lady: "One day strike fail. Need at least a month to go on strike. And if we pay tax, and then do not go

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Part businessmen Slonim stopped strike

Work not started traders of industrial products. Management Executive Committee has not yet issued an answer, or to suspend the tax inspectorate checks, seizure of products and the highest penalty fines.October 2 entrepreneurs finished for 10 days. They rely, authorities will make concessions.• A.Tolstyko: officials "takes envy" to businessmen, 3.10.2007 • Entrepreneurs: after one day — strike a lifetime?, 3.10.2007 • How to evaluate the results of the strike power and entrepreneurial movement favorites?, 2.10.2007

Entrepreneurs: after one day — strike a lifetime?

Participants met in Minsk strike with the head of the department of business Mingorispolkom Alexander Kalinovsky. The meeting was held in the City Center Property.According to a member of the organizing committee of the public associations "For Free Development of Enterprise" Nikolai Romashin, organized a meeting to release the tension in the midst of entrepreneurs:"Nobody there has not made substantial. Again the same — he said, you give us suggestions, and we will consider. These proposals have already been written a thousand. Switching to these" Chupa "(private unitary enterprise. — AD) is simply not thought out. bureaucrats Just very hunt

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Night Siege — October 2

Forum Portal thorough review on the current strike businessmen. According to the organizers of the strike, it was attended by 30 thousand businessmen from all over Belarus."30000 total? A residue means all happy? Expect now subject to BT about conscious and unconscious 30,000 200,000 who did not follow the grabbers and provocateurs … ""You have beheld, that in a country does not pay taxes besides strike: they say, forced to pay taxes? Realistically, this is not the entrepreneurs, traders and ordinary — nothing new, they have not invented been invented, and already struggling to compete on price and selection

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