A Strong Comeback!

The name Asahi Pentax spelt magic for photographers right from the 50’s to the late 80’s. With the autofocus revolution, Pentax, along with several others, lost their way. The brand has, however, made a strong comeback under the ownership of Ricoh, and is now in India with its full range of high quality products. All of Pentax’s D-SLR models start with the initials «K» to represent the «K» mount which has been used by Pentax since the mid 70’s. On the SP test bench this month is the Pentax K30, a mid level D-SLR aimed at enthusiasts, and competing with

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P. Sevyarynets: Ukrainian people again supported the ideas expressed in the Maidan

"I found them especially close to that and Yulia Tymoshenko and Viktor Yushchenko based on Christian, democratic values. Iuliia ends strong emphasis in the company was in general prayer for Ukraine. I dream about the time when the Belarusian democratic forces will be able to behold such strong companies like Maidan as a prayer for Belarus. I think, that the coming to power of Yulia Tymoshenko as Prime Minister» ep — is undeniable boon for democracy, for the public and spiritual awakening in Belarus, "- says Pavel Seviarynets.• "Lukashenko is very interested in the orange power in Ukraine.", 01.10.2007

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Lebedko the election: We have strong candidates

Party Chairman Anatoly Lebedko said Radio Liberty: "We are coming to this case impartially. We have a strong candidate in the capital, Minsk and Gomel regions, in Brest, Grodno. But in Mogilev and Vitebsk in part on our competitiveness worse. Take counsel, that there You can do any of our comrades of the United Democratic Forces support. " Participants of the meeting told how in their regions prepare for Euro Public and marches. These activities, in their opinion, should be strong components campaign. Under current legislation in the next elections House of Representatives must pass during the second half of

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Narovlyansky district: a fire killed four people

Three of them — students Narovlya vocational school number 177, while only two have applied for training, but were not officially enrolled in a vocational school.Fourth victim — today’s graduate vocational schools, which took shape in August to work mechanics SEC "Reddish fighter."In the midst of the dead — two brothers, one of whom is a minor. Third brother suffered severe burns, but was able to get out of the flaming building. At the moment he is in the burn center in Gomel. Two more victims — migrants from Kazakhstan.On a personal courtyard in the building that served as a

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In Belarus, much more expensive vodka

In Russian Belarusians time used 6 liters. alcohol per capita, and at the moment — 11.5 liters per person, subject to the kids. Global Health Organization considers critical to the country’s number 5 l. person. Once again, the government has decided to fight against this evil. Will be revised excise rates for 2009 in the direction of growth. Excise rates and the price of drinks strength to reach over 28 degrees, it is intended to link with wage growth, inflation and increased purchase prices for grain. The Government believes that, if strong drinks are not a cheap, people immediately begin

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Explosion in Astravets three people were injured

According to the witness, who called to our office, the explosion was strong enough as a concrete block and flew the fire started. Local residents were frightened — the company is in the residential sector.3 working rescuers immediately sent to the clinic — in this case, the 1st to the regional center. As they feel, not yet clear. The witness claims that the injured had serious burns.Phones enterprise "Rostbelkamplekt" in Astravets not responding. BACKGROUND explosion is not yet known.

June Vasil Bykov: Lady stronger man …

"It seems, however, that even at the genetic level lady stronger men. And then, during an uneasy existence, less amenable to medium retains its self. Specifically it appears to conflict moments when you need to protect yourself, family ‘& # 39, w, kids. And then spouse. guy has no such certainty, because very many massive events affect him power, the party, the army, where he was just doing that breaking open, are on their knees. Certainly, all this has shaped modern, not very enviable archetype Belarusian men in life and literature — the poor, the humble, cowardly creatures. One of

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32 Weeks Pregnant


As the amount of stomach back can bother you more and more. Do not forget about good posture, when you walk or sit. Carefully climb out of bed, after turning on his side. The bladder is squeezed more and more, therefore have to run to the bathroom more often. "Practice" contractions (Braxton-Hicks) may become more frequent, but unlike they instinctively contractions are not regular, and eventually tested. Discomfort intime "Training" battles one can reduce by taking a warm bath (36-37 C) sea salt.


Baby weighs about 1700 grams, height — 40 cm He (or she)

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Lebedko: Curiosity to Belarus in Norway is growing very

Lebedko said that Norway is greatly increased interest in the Situation in Belarus"By As the last, Now in the morning I met with people who a year earlier were Kalinouski Square in Minsk. They asked me a lot of a variety of issues. Their eagerness to assist Belarus in this year not only did not decrease, but actually increased. "Oslo Lebedko sent to Strasbourg, where tomorrow will be a meeting of the Subcommittee on Parliamentary Assembly of Belarus Council of Europe.

Yesterday evening minchane witnessed a unique phenomenon for our town — strong fluctuations in the Earth’s crust

I greet you on the waves Belarusian Freedom! Ah well looked day March 5 years in various publications Belarusian newspapers."Krasnoarmejsky truth" in the 1927 report, "state trade in Belarus This year plan to prepare for export abroad yeast, glycerol, molasses, horns, hooves, sand on fuels, snow-white glaze, pottery, fish, potato flour. With Borisovskoy neighborhood sent to Germany standards pottery and fish scales. Mozyr given the task to identify the ability to export fish. Belarusian fish, namely Mozyrskogo neighborhood, can be implemented in Poland, this promotes proximity of the border. ""Bolshevik Polessye" in 1937 contains a government report: "The Government of

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