Italy: A tornado struck the industrial zone near Milan

July 30, 2013. A tornado swept over the region Gretstsago west of Milan, where the production of a number of Italian companies. The tornado lasted only 10 minutes, but in that time he managed to destroy several buildings, pull out of the ground poles of power lines to turn a lot of cars and wounding more than a dozen people.

"We were inside at the time when the truck hit the wall and he kicked her. Then burst the windows and we all could not understand what was happening. Just take a look: roof blown off and the door,

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Second typhoon struck the coast of South Korea

Second typhoon struck the coast of South Korea Weather and Climate

New typhoon that hit South Korea August 30, 2012 and pick up new lives, forced to suspend the search for seven missing members of the Chinese fishing vessel. Two people were killed, bringing the total death toll from the two typhoons this week to 21.

Typhoon "Tembin" move at the speed of wind gusts 83 miles per hour, struck the southern city Sancheon, bringing torrential rains in more than 150 millimeters. One 52-year-old woman, an employee of a shipbuilding company, died in the collapse of her huge

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In a suburb of Voronezh lightning hit the house


Lightning struck the roof of a private home in Maslovka. Photo Anastasia Babenko.

20.08.11.Noch August 19 Maslovka people remember. About an hour at home in the village literally shook with thunder.

Terrible storm did not let anyone to sleep, but the woman was not lucky family the most.

At about four in the morning they heard a terrible roar, the house began to shake the walls, and there was a crash. As it turned out later, lightning struck outside the house, the discharge came through the roof above the room's eldest daughter Nastya. Only by sheer luck, the

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In Moldova, the lightning struck four people


Chisinau, June 01 (New Region, Eugene Markin) — In Moldova tonight lightning killed a father and daughter. Two other children suffered burns.

As the "New Region" with reference to the Moldovan emergency services, the tragedy in the village of Sherpas Novoanenskogo district. A man with three children — two girls and a boy — grazed cows in a field. When the storm began, the four hid under a tree.

Lightning struck the tree, struck fatally injured 39-year-old man and a 12-year-old girl he was holding his hand. She died on the spot. The boy and the other girl miraculously

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Lightning struck in Homel skyscraper


Knocked out of the house bricks that fell on the car and shop signs. Photo: Paul Mickiewicz

07/05/11. — This noise and bright flash so I have not seen! — Says "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Gomel resident Dmitry Karpenko.

Tuesday afternoon when a heavy rain and storm, he came home in between work. — The cat was sitting by the open window, and suddenly the shock wave shook the whole house, and my Marusia rolled head over heels from the windowsill. I was like a fireball, but it turned out that the discharge is struck in the house next door

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2011 in photos

1. March events in Japan. Earthquake measuring 9.0 points caused by a strong tsunami. Element almost destroyed one of the reactors in the Fukushima power plant. The victims were more than 158 thousand people.

2. Two guys in a ruined apartment, after the city of Port-au-Prince (Republic of Haiti), a powerful earthquake struck. January 2011. Killed 250,000 people.

3. City of Christchurch, New Zealand. At the end of February 2011 earthquake of magnitude of 6.3 points destroyed part of the cathedral.

4. The same earthquake slipped a huge rock, which struck the wall of

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Tornadoes in the U.S.

One person was killed and 14 injured in a powerful tornado that struck the U.S. state of Louisiana, reported in the local law enforcement.

Brunt of the disaster took place on Saturday in the town of Rhine. In the area affected by bad weather, a power outage. Strong wind had been felled many trees, destroyed buildings, pipeline and power line. In Raine now begins Debris clearing and clearing the streets, the ITAR-TASS news agency.

Local authorities in advance with the police had set of operational activities for evacuation. This helped avoid a significant number of victims.

Medical Officer reported

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In central Beijing TV tower was struck by lightning

The evening of 9 August in Beijing was heavy downpour.

A lightning struck the central television tower, located in the west third ring road.

Livni had a negative impact on urban transport.


Lightning burned man in Moscow, and St. Petersburg killed two men

After being struck by lightning in Moscow was hospitalized with serious injuries a man. Lightning struck a young man of about 18 hours in Novospassky bridge. The victim was hospitalized with severe burns and electric shock.

July 8 Lightning killed two people in the center of St. Petersburg. Lightning struck a tree in the yard on the street 8 Rebellion, by which a man and a woman took refuge from the rain. As informs "Interfax", the place of death of people work-enforcement officials. Thunderstorm in St. Petersburg's historic center raised and Nevsky Prospect.

Heavy rainfall recorded in

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Classes in schools Petropavlovsk canceled the cyclone

Powerful snow cyclone struck the Kamchatka Peninsula, canceled classes first shift schools, told RIA Novosti the Kamchatka meteorologist. Atmospheric vortex, coming up from the coast of Sakhalin Island, the peninsula brought heavy snowfalls and squally wind. Bad weather struck the Ust-Bolsheretskoy, Yelizovsky, Milkovsky areas and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Wind force on the coasts reaches 17-20 meters per second. According to forecasters, the effect of the elements on the peninsula will be felt for about two days. Essential services and the Navy sent warning of adverse weather conditions.

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