The Fix

NAVIGATION is both an art and a science and, like both disciplines, must develop to meet changing environments and scenarios This is particularly true of military air navigation.

In June 1982 the first RAF Tornado unit, IX Squadron at Honington, was formed and since that date the Tornado, with its two-man crew of pilot and navigator, has gradually replaced the Vulcan. Jaguar and Buccaneer in the overland role and the Lightning and Phantom in the Air Defence role. The Tornado is now one of the most potent and capable aircraft in NATO, being operated by the RAF, the German Air

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The Fights Still On

Mark Ayton visited 801 and 899 Naval Air Squadrons at RNAS Yeovilton to review the conversion training and frontline tasking of the Royal Navy’s Sea Harrier FA.2 fleet, now in its final 22 months of operation.

RNAS YEOVILTON, Somerset, is the home of the Royal Navy’s Sea Harrier FA.2 fleet, comprising one frontline squadron, 801 Naval Air Squadron (NAS) and the Sea Harrier training unit 899 NAS. As of July 2004, the Sea Harrier has 22 months of service remaining with the Royal Navy. Originally planned to be in service until 2012, its early retirement is the result of a

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I want to school! Preparing for school season

The closer the September 1, the greater the stress on the parents: «How to collect the child to school, so do not forget?» Not in a hurry to grab his head — we’ll explain how to plan the purchase to go on line with high spirits!

With needles. Secrets of the choice of school uniforms

Health First! Choosing a school uniform, carefully read the composition of the tissue. Cotton, viscose and wool percentage should prevail over synthetic materials. Inspect welds products: they must be strong, because you’re buying clothes for a long daily wearing. In addition, it should be quite

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Hands schoolchildren.

The main directions of the reform of general education and vocational school said: «The connection of training with productive work involves the incorporation of students from the lowest classes in a systematic, organized, feasible for their health and age of the socially useful work — the real work necessary to society.»

Questions of perfection of labor training and education, organization of socially useful productive work in schools was dedicated to rail transport took place in January this year, the scientific and practical conference. It was organized by the Main Department of the Ministry of Railways educational institutions.

About his experience

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HONESTLY speaking


When Singapore’s very own design week, Singaplural, took place earlier this year. Dutch designer Ineke Hans graced the event as a jury member of the 48 Hours Challenge as well as the Furniture Design Awards (both organised by the Singapore Furniture Industries Council). Invited to sit on the judging panel for the 48 Hours Challenge (where groups of students had to transform a retail showroom in 48 hours), witnessed her warm nature and quick wit first-hand. However,

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Overcoming Communication difficulties of younger schoolboys means skazkoterapii

The problem of the complicated dialogue of the child; presents the author’s classification of communicative difficulties card (basic, content, tools, reflective); psychocorrectional skazkoterapii identified potentials; It presents the results of empirical studies confirming the efficiency skazkoterapii in overcoming communication difficulties younger students.

To the question «What is the difficulty in communication?» Seven year old girl said: «It is bad when a person first, sadly, he did not want to, then have lots of work to anyone not to quarrel. And that my heart was fine and wanted to talk again …. » Judging by the response, which reflects the

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Gromit Formation

During AFM’s visit to 100 Squadron, one of the sorties flown involved a student WSO tasked with practice intercepts (PIs) as part of the Hawk Air Defence syllabus. This is an account of that mission as followed by the author.

Three aircraft were involved: radio call signs Gromit 1,2 and 3, operating in a 2vl scenario. Gromit 1 and 2 worked as a two-ship simulating Tornado F.3s. Gromit 3, the opposing aircraft, was simulating a MiG-21 Fishbed.

Take-off from RAF Leeming was set for 09:00, transiting at 21,000ft (6,400m) to an area of airspace over the North Sea. Each Hawk

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Training of specialists — at the current level

In the life of our society we have accumulated a lot of shortcomings, which are openly and frankly at the XXVII Congress of the CPSU and the subsequent Central Committee plenum. These shortcomings are largely reflected in the work of high school — the stagnation and inertia in the improvement of teaching methods that do not meet modern requirements of the organizational forms of training, equalizing trends in the evaluation of teachers and students. All this greatly reduces the «efficiency» of universities and the quality of training.

On the elimination of deficiencies and uplift of higher education in the

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Corporations with a human litsom.Sekrety successful interview.

It argued that the company «with the name of» celestials work and mere mortals to avoid falling. This is partly true — the selection of such employers really hard. But what they expect from the young specialist?

For most students, the most urgent task at the approach of the end of the training — a job search. Everyone wants to find a job to his liking, according to his ability, with a good salary, prospects and other delights. Many find themselves interesting job, but when you try to fail to qualify, and they have to either look for another

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Alma-mater лифтовиков

Факультет механизации и автоматизации строительства Московского государственного строительного университета по праву считается кузницей инженерных кадров для лифтовой отрасли России. О том, как здесь готовят специалистов и с какими трудностями сопряжен учебный процесс рассказали декан факультета Михаил Алексеевич Степанов, заведующий кафедрой строительных и подъемно-транспортных машин Евгений Михайлович Кудрявцев и его лучший аспирант Василий Дмитриевич Лунев.

Л.: Известно, что факультет механизации и автоматизации строительства и самая его большая кафедра -строительных и подъемнотранспортных машин — основаны еще в 1938 году, а когда и в связи с чем здесь появилась специализация по лифтам?

М.А. Степанов: В 1970-е годы в стране наблюдался большой всплеск многоэтажного

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