It may be a significant investment in both time and money, but photographers looking for a qualification can’t do much better than a BA Honours degree. While many will study at university, this type of heavily structured learning isn’t for everyone. With this in mind, the Open College of the Arts (OCA) provides a flexible online/distance-learning course that can be started at any time of the year.

Due to its modular structure, units can be studied for personal fulfilment, or with the aim of collecting credits towards a final degree.

There are three levels to the course: Level 1 introduces


Interns work responsibly

Annually practice at Scherbinsk lift plant are about 100 young professionals studying in various educational institutions in and around Moscow.

This year’s work experience came third-year students of the Moscow State Open University (the former All-Union Correspondence Polytechnic Institute — VZPI). This future process engineers, they are practice for one month — July and in the most difficult and important area of ​​the first workshop — site cold forming. Here, the guys are working from 18 years, if necessary — in two shifts, as well as on the assembly.

As part of the production preparation work continues in the

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Forbes LIST

As principal of London’s newest fashion college, Susie Forbes has swapped cover shoots for curriculums. By Charlotte Sinclair.

The idea that, one day, you might have to discipline a 25-year-old for coming late to class is not perhaps something to consider when venturing into a career in journalism. But this is the world in which Susie Forbes, former deputy editor of Vogue and editor of Easy Living magazine, now finds herself as principal of Conde Nast College. It’s quite a title. “I don’t know why,” she observes, drily, “but much hilarity ensues whenever I refer to myself as Principal Forbes.

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A. Milinkevich called KGB harassment of students finish for dissent

The proclamation states that "in soon by members of the Committee of State Security has expanded the practice of harassment and pressure on students applets after K. Kalinowski. Committee members invite students applets Kalinowski on conversations on personal apartments, meet them at the railway station when the fellows applets vorachivayutsya in Belarus on vacation, visiting students and their parents in their own homes and in the workplace. Committee members often try to persuade participants to applets Kalinouski so called thefrom "cooperation". "Alexander Milinkevich draws attention that the State Security Committee staff during contacts with students applets after K. Kalinowski not

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YSU became a launching pad for young scientists

Through the thorns to the stars. One of the Yaroslavl universities became a launching pad for young scientists.

"The university has received from the Ministry considerable sum of money, thanks to which we can implement a variety of activities for the students of the university. Students come to the University as are admitted to the equipment. They can go to different conferences. All of this from the first year and to graduate", — said chairman of YSU students Alena Volkova.

3D printer — the pride of the Yaroslavl State University Mathematics Department. Perhaps only here

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School guides will open at the Exhibition Center in Moscow

Everyone will be able to try yourself in the role of the historian-guide in the "School of young tour guides and group leader," which opens Saturday at the All-Russia Exhibition Centre (VVC) in Moscow, the Internet portal VVC.

According to the report, the school will be based on a very well-known in the Soviet times, the Bureau of International Youth Tourism "Sputnik." It was created in anticipation of the Olympics-80 and recruit students for learning and thematic tours. This was the only school in the Soviet Union.

"The school of young tour guides and group leader" at the

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The monstrous moral decline in Europe: one-third of students are willing to engage in prostitution

Where do we draw? Correctly in a "united Europe". One in three students in Berlin are not averse to prostitution to earn some money, and every thirty? already working in the sex industry. These data result from the report circulated organization Studienkolleg zu Berlin.

The study surveyed Studienkolleg zu Berlin 3200 Berlin students and students in Berlin. A third of those surveyed said it is considering prostitution and other sectors of the sex industry (striptease, escort, etc.) as an opportunity to work on the side during the study. 3.7% of respondents admitted that they are already practicing

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Four new departments were opened at MIPT in Dolgoprudnom


The creation of a new base chairs marked this autumn for the Moscow Physical-Technical Institute (State University) in Dolgoprudnom. One of the last was the chair of the Russian Venture Company "Managing technology projects."

— Basic Chairs — is the core of the system PTI, — Said the rector of MIPT Nikolai Kudryavtsev. — Previously, these departments were academic, at the Institute. But today, with the emergence of the country's new high-tech sector — business, which strongly attracts creative and energetic students, the situation is changing. Since the discovery of the basic chairs institutions of

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Chelyabinsk students created an electric SUV

Chelyabinsk students presented the first of its kind with an electric off-road performance. Elektrobaggi — an experienced Design pattern.

Bright appearance and unusual characteristics. The idea to create such a car came largely thanks to the ever-growing worldwide demand for SUVs. However, Chelyabinsk students tried to find a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to powerful engines. So the first thing, "LuAZ" has lost the native power unit. "The internal combustion engine we took. Dismantle the cooling system, fuel tank, — Says Andrey Shevchenko, head of the development team. — But after the installation of electric power

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KGB continues to intimidate students

For his refusal he threatened expulsion of a student of the Belarusian Institute of Culture. .Ales Holovatch trained on 5th year student of classical Belarusian culture and contemporary art. Ales prepares to defend a diploma on the theater department. He told, now he was summoned to the dean’s office to talk. There he waited KGB. Ales came as they were provided a separate room.Ales Holovatch: "He worked for me, so I gave him information about where I was during the promotion business. Inquired a member of any organization I am. Whereupon he showed me a picture with Will a day

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