Konrad about the study of oriental languages ​​IN OUR HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS

If you look at the way we prepared oriental shots in the last two or three decades, it is immediately struck by one indisputable fact: we have ensured that one of your universities began to leave people who know they are studying Oriental languages ​​satisfactorily owning them practically. In connection with the duties of the chairman of the State Examination Commission at the Moscow Institute of Oriental Studies, I had the opportunity over the years to observe, with some knowledge of the language out students graduating from this institution. I always had a great pleasure to establish that the

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Choice motive.

In Gurzuf — a cozy little village on the shores of the Black Sea was once a house of creative artists KAKorovin name. Preserved there is the building where Korovin at the beginning of the last century, lived and wrote his works, solar and lunar works imbued with freshness of view of the surroundings, the colorful enchanting system. Here in the postwar years, from around the country came to the artists (and not only artists), write, draw, strengthened by bathing in the sea, health, organized fun «skits.» It was a kind of domestic «Barbizon», where masters of fine art

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Alternative View

Could liquified natural-gas fuel and hybrid-electric propulsion be the future of aviation?

Boeing’s 2035-timeframe Sugar Freeze combines cryogenic LNG fuel with advanced turbofans and BLI drag-reducing aft thruster.

What technologies could be available for an airliner entering service in 2045 that would not be ready in time for aircraft designed to be fielded in 2030? That is the question NASA asked when it awarded Boeing a year-long extension to its concept studies for «N+3»-generation airliners that could be flying in 2030-35.

In NASA’s vision, N+3 is three generations on from today’s 737 and 777. Boeing’s «N+4» study, the final results

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The European Commission wants to open an office in Minsk — Belarus is not against

Official dealer Foreign Ministry also said: "In this matter there is no completely no nadvychaynastsi, it is entirely conventional and similar at the opening of at least some other diplomatic, consular".Almost 5 years ago Brussels European Commission opened an official consulate in Kiev. Its activities bows Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus. Two year reversed Chisinau appeared independent office of the European Commission.Brussels two years Requests the Belarusian authorities to agree to study in Minsk. In May of this Belarusian side began negotiations. • European Union in Belarus beginning represent Slovakia, 4.07.2007

Mon to Freedom

Morning 6:05 * "Prague accent" — Why Polish deputies were not allowed in Belarus? Or more official Minsk hopes to improve relations with» united Europe? What role does the incident with Polish politicians on the Belarusian border can play in the Polish campaign? On these issues reflect the analyst of international relations of the Polish Center Wojciech Boroditš-Smolinsky, editor of the magazine "Our homeland in global politics," Fyodor Lukyanov, and head of the Belarusian Institute for Strategic research Vital Silitski.6:30 * "Calls to" Freedom " — Weekly review calls.6:45 * "Free Studio"Misha Scoble discusses with the writer, the director of

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New Swedish «Super Gripen»

Swedish armed forces must abandon some of the latest research weapons systems if they want to find money for mass production of a new company «superistrebitelya» JAS Gripen, the Swedish broadcaster reported Sveriges Radio (SR). In March this year, the Ministry of Defence has put forward a proposal for the production of up to 10 JAS Gripen fighter model E / F for testing, which was supported by the Parliament (Riksdag). But, according to Sveriges Radio, price research fighter new model (Science and Technology Demonstrator is designated Gripen NG — «VP») was higher than the planned 32-33 billion euros

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In Moscow there was a Belarusian conductor

Newspaper "Morning-plus" publishes material "Alternative" nominated. " Activists Svetlogorsk city charity "Alternative" open offer on the basis of the district hospital consulting room for people living with HIV / SNID. Local bureaucrats approve the idea, but the management of the district health center argues that the existence of such office would be contrary to the legal and ethical standards. Doctors refer to the concept of "Dr. Enigma" on the relevant rules of the law, which provides for non-compliance even criminality. Availability of rooms for people living with HIV can reveal the secret of their disease and create unnecessary debate."Our word"

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Candidates Kalinouski are severe selection

This year, the Foundation for the Protection of the repressed "Solidarity" filed about sixty applications — to continue studying abroad. Young Belarusians will be trained in 3 adjoining countries — Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine.In the past year, the selection took place rapidly. This year — more seriously and thoroughly, well, set to be less than Last year.Aspects of candidate selection committee established by the Council, and they do not change, says fund manager Inna Cooley:"Or the person arrested, the student or prospective student, or repressed family. When the negotiations were conducted with the director of programs from Jan Malitsky were

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The Consulate of the European Commission delayed

Foreign Ministry spokesman Andrei Popov in response RL marked than on the views of the authorities should deal with the new cabinet: "This is, first, the energy sphere. And many others in which mutual cooperation intrigued to obvious and even impartial. This — transit, border infrastructure, international crime, including trafficking. Well, and, of course, security environment. " Browser international portal «Wider Europe» Roman Jacob pays attention to the fact that the official Belarusian authorities to bypass the difficulties of democracy and Human Rights in Belarus. In his view, the authorities wish to limit the activities of the consulate, that has

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Analysis of the milk flora (inoculation of flora)

Analysis of the milk flora (inoculation of flora) — laboratory research, allowing forThe limits of the bacterial flora of breast milk.

As shown by the analysis of milk on the flora?

In the analysis of breast milk on the flora determine the number of different microorganisms — "good" and "bad", the presence or absence of growth, as well as check out what medicine (an antibiotic) is best detected by killing the pathogen.

What are the indications for the study on the flora of milk?

mastitis in lactating women; dysbiosis in children who are breastfed and mixed-fed infants.

How to

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