The Chinese delegation will assess the Su-35

Presentable Chinese delegation will hold talks in Moscow on the purchase of new functional Russian Su-35 fighters and get acquainted with aerobatic capabilities of this machine in Kubinka near Moscow, where they will be organized on Wednesday a special demo flights, told «Interfax» on Tuesday, a source in the structures associated with arms exports. «Russian and Chinese spices started consultations on the supply of the Chinese Air Force advanced functional Su-35 fighters. In the current time in Moscow is the Chinese delegation, which acquainted with aircraft performance characteristics of the aircraft, will have a look at his flight and will

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BODY COMPLEX Su-27 has already passed four versions

Fighters Su-27 have already passed 4 severe modification complex onboard equipment, said on Wednesday the chairman’s office «Dry» Misha Pogosyan. Su-27 — a versatile all-weather fighter highly mobile fourth generation, created to win advantages in the air. Developed by JSC «Sukhoi». «Today, aircraft Su-27 — Su-30 went 4 huge modifications on-board equipment. However, these aircraft propulsion system (passed) 2-3 modification «- said Pogosyan, the TV channel» Vesti-24. « Based on the Su-27 created a whole family of military aircraft: combat training Su-27UB, carrier-based fighter Su-33 and its combat training Su-33UB modification, multi-purpose fighter Su-30, Su-27M, Su-35S, frontline bomber Su

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Russian company «Sukhoi» wants to show in 2014 at an air show in Zhuhai Chinese new Su-35 fighter. On this, as reported by RIA Novosti, said the president of the United Aircraft Company Misha Pogosyan. According to him, China will arrive in full-scale standard that will participate in the flight program there.   It must be stressed that the Ministry of Defense of China is interested in buying a small party in the Russian Federation fightersSu-35About a year back the parties negotiated for the delivery of new aircraft, but in April 2012 it became clear that our homeland has


Media know about the new contracts about deliveries SU-35 CHINA

«Rosoboronexport» China and the Ministry of Defence for the previously agreed on delivery Beijing 24 Russian Su-35 fighters. On Tuesday November 20 the newspaper «Vedomosti» citing a source close to the management of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSMTC) as manager of the business, producing aircraft components.   According to the newspaper, the negotiations on the follow criteria deliveries may take place during the visit of Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu to China in late November. The contract itself may be signed in the coming year or two. Delivery may also be started after 2015. Estimated price of

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Chinese J-15 surpass the Russian SU-33

Chinese carrier-based fighter successfully conducted a series of marine and technological tests on the first Chinese aircraft carrier «Liaoning», which indicates a large success in the development of China’s carrier-based fighters and breakthrough in aircraft carriers.   J-15 resettled with 2 massive engines and most modern high-performance system-lift devices, landing gear and arresting hook. It provides a good folding wing combat capability and meets the requirements of special landing «Liaoning». Thanks bolshennomu combat radius, highest agility and great combat load, J-15 has a full combat effectiveness of the sea and in the air.   Foreign media, particularly Russian, believe

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  Presentable Russian delegation, which included representatives of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSMTC RF), «Rosoboronexport» company «Sukhoi» discussed at the talks in Beijing, China, the question of procurement of new functional Russian Su-35 fighter.   «The negotiations resulted in the signing of a joint document authorizing virtually» green light «to promote the Su-35 in the Chinese market», — said on Wednesday the military-diplomatic source.   He noted that China has long been showing enthusiasm for the brand new Russian fighter Su-35, but the parties could not agree on the way the planned volumes of purchases. «China announced its

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The Many Faces of the Su-27 in the Chinese Air Force

  In many years, the PLA Air Force were armed with obsolete second-generation fighter F-7 and J-8, which is the key element in the defense of the PRC. While the need for third-generation fighter was trivial to 1990 such plans do not open a discussion. After pro-democracy demonstrations in 1989 that ended the oppression of speeches in Tiananmen Square, the West limited the scope of cooperation with China. Sino-Soviet conflict went on the decline, so makarom PRC turnover towards the USSR. But the end of the war cool and collapse of the USSR, together with the continuing tensions with Taiwan,

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SU-27K and J-15. NOT is no silver lining

One of the participants in the negotiations for the purchase of Russian Su-27 first-1990s said on first acquaintance with the deck fighter Su-27K.   In 1970, China has developed a project escort carrier with fighters on board. Navy Command requested the Ministry of the aviation industry to create a deck version of the fighter J-7 (MiG-21) from the brake hook, but the project was never realized.   In 1992, after discovering an unfinished aircraft carrier «Varyag» in Ukraine, the Chinese delegation flew to Russia for talks on the purchase of Su-27 fighters. At the request of the Chinese, a

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Delivery Times Su-35 in China will be determined in the near future

Terms of signing a contract to supply China functional Russian Su-35 fighters will be clarified recently during the visit of Chinese control in Russia, said Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. We expect lately — for 2-weeks — the arrival of the new Chinese policies and has them more precise terms, — said Dmitry Rogozin Interfax, answering the question of when a contract can be signed to supply China with Su-35 fighters . Earlier, Deputy Director of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSMTC) Vyacheslav Dzirkaln Interfax-AVN said that in January signed an intergovernmental Russian-Chinese agreement to supply China functional

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The Su-35 was a mystery for many years, under this index published photos of various modifications of the Su-27, writes March 27.   Now this aircraft ordered the Russian Air Force Su-35 is also positioned as a fighter that will change in the near decade most of the Su-30MK export market. Will he have success?   In 2005-2007, this fighter was presented as two different versions of the Su-27. First is the modified version of the midst of the current cycle drill Su-35, the second — even more advanced version with front canards (used as an index of

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