«And the pain of suffering and happiness of living.»

From time immemorial Russian people gave birth arranged for beauty. The songs and legends, in the thread and embroidery, they sang the world surrounding them, decorated the world. How many original artists gave our land! And each of them create an image of Russia, drawing on their own experience, seeing her majestic lines in those places where he was born.

For many of our poets, writers, painters edge inspiration was my native Tver Region; They saw in him the whole of Russia — Motherland. Here — all the signs of her, «her boundless forests quivering, flooding it, these seas,» here

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Euthanasia: Pros and Cons

Evtana? Zia (from the Greek ευ θ? Νατος — Ev Thanatos) — not a bad death, volunteerism, possible more painless and agreed with Dr. cessation of life incurable ailing person or animal. Maybe whether to legalize euthanasia in Belarus? How this relates to society In almost all countries, there are heated debates on euthanasia permission. 60 euros for the deprivation of sufferingThe first countries that have allowed euthanasia, the Netherlands and Belgium have become. Here in pharmacies sold for 60 euros special kits for euthanasia: a one-time syringe with poison, others desired to inject funds. The kit can be ordered

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In China, in February of this year, more than 12 million people were affected by various disasters

March 6, 2013. In China, in February of this year, 12.93 million man suffered from a variety natural disasters, the direct economic damage from which totaled 4.92 billion yuan. These data are contained in a report jointly released today by the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the Office of the State Committee for minimizing the effects of natural disasters, that summarizes February this year in the fight against natural disasters.

According to the report, in February, the victims of disaster strikes began 14 man, 5 man unaccounted for to this day, because of natural disasters only 13 thousand man across

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Drought gave way to a flood in Somalia

 November 7. Thousands of Somalis who are hungry, suffering from drought, now are suffering from heavy rains and flooding in the region, the agency said the UN refugee Friday. Currently, there are 1.5 million children in southern Somalia who are in dire need of humanitarian assistance, including about 190,000 who are seriously malnourished. Source: Terra-Earth

Naked and scared (6 episodes) + special series watch online

Two people have to live day 21 without food, water and odezhki in one of the more distant points of the planet. Will it extend to them as surrounded by various predators?

1 series Cursed tropical undergrowth.

2 series: Nightmare in Tanzania

3 series: Hell Peninsula

4 series: Torment in Panama

5 series: Torment in Panama

6 series: Beware! Swamp.

special. series — Passion nudists.

TV shows

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Mexico is suffering from the worst drought in

Mexico is suffering from the most severe drought in 70 years, caused by the heat and lack of rainfall, which forced the government to take measures to provide water for about 2.5 million people.

Natural disasters mainly affect the northern states of Sonora, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Durango, Coahuila, Nuevo Leon, Guanajuato and Zacatecas.

Social Development Secretary Heriberto Felix Guerra, said it was "largely due to a climate change that affects the entire planet."

Secretariat implemented a plan of action to combat water shortages, resulting in 700 vehicles with 10,000 liters of water, delivering drinking in the remotest areas.

The four sublime states

Buddha spoke often of the four states of mind as the four brahma-vihara, ie divine or god-like residence, sublime and superb mansions, in which the mind reaches out into the beyond, to the immeasurable world of living things, and covers them all in these endless emotions. These four "sublime states" are: loving kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy and equanimity.

They are regarded as the ideal underlying the ideal forms of behavior towards all living beings. Great healer of social tension and conflict, the organizers of harmony and cooperation, they are a powerful antidote to the harmful effects of hatred,

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Wounds may bleed

The human brain does not care that it is a source of experienced suffering, mental or physical suffering. Each person can recall embarrassing moment of his life, when it is not deserved offended or hurt. Emerged at the same pain as if pierced through the entire body and is given in every corner.

Large number of people able to really get sick as a result of stressful experiences. Actually treating the experienced heartache, people understand that the external causes such pain sensations are absent.

With the current scientific postulate that the soul and the word has an ephemeral

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Judge William K. — Reincarnation

Objections are often ascends against the "Rebirth" and it seems strong to those who do, arise from the emotional part of our nature. They say: "We do not want to be someone else in another life, and how can we get to know our friends and loved ones, if they do so, we change our individual personal qualities, character traits? Those absorbing affection that we form are forming here that happiness seemed to be impossible without those we love. "

It is useless to say in response that if reincarnation is the law, it can not and will not have

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