Привет, Иохан! Несколько предыдущих альбомов Suicide Commando, в том числе и ‘Implements of Hell’ 2010 года, были посвящены жизни различных знаменитых серийных убийц. На этот раз ты тоже раскопал биографию какого-нибудь очередного мерзкого типа с ножом в кармане?

«Нет, на этот раз никакой конкретный серийный убийца не служил мне источником вдохновения, несмотря на то, что такие песни, как «Cut Bleed Eviscerate» и «When Evil Speaks» достаточно близки к теме кровожадных маньяков. Альбом ‘When Evil Speaks’ имеет дело в большей степени с темами мести и ненависти, но в этом смысле он, хоть и не напрямую, также связан с серийными убийцами, в

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Mass suicide attempt in Bobruisk colony

Previously unknown person phoned the editors-independent media and warned that prisoners commit suicide on July 18, Charter 97 reported.Later, some guy on the phone said the editor KP in Belarus that prisoners had cut for himself veins."Indeed, the six people patsarapalisya — said the first deputy chief of the Department of Execution of Punishment Yuri Barynkau, — These are people 20-30 years. They assisted local doctors. Their lives were not in danger. This is not an isolated case. During the last day a few more people to cut your hands. It’s such a prison subculture as tattoos. "

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Inmates threaten suicide

For disk imaging convicted suicide share assigned to 15 hours on July 17. While it is unclear what the circumstances of the people decide to go on recent measures. Manage colony said she would watch carefully to prevent mass deaths of prisoners.July 17 evening colony administration told reporters that operates in normal mode and no cases of suicide failed.

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Belarus to display on suicides

According to the highest standards is considered an indicator of 20 cases per 100 thousand population. Belarus recorded version 41.5 per 100 thousand people, reports Consulate Office in Belarus. What prerequisites suicides that drives people to such a move?In the first three months this year 635 Belarusians committed suicide. Once a day went out of life an average of seven people. Compared to last year, the number of suicides rose almost 9%.Welfare of the country has no effect on the number of suicidesAbout 80% of suicide attempts are made by people who was ill on depression, says psychiatrist Igor Sorokin.

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American veterans commit bad

The photo — Kimberly Mitchell. She cries at the grave of her husband, Chad Mitchell. Chad was born in 1969, was a war in Iraq, survived, but in 2010 he died of a drug overdose and found eternal rest at the Houston National Cemetery.

Chad — one of hundreds of Texas soldiers killed not in a war zone, but have found their death at home. The results of a six-month study say that war veterans are dying in America from suicide, car accidents and overdoses, which in many cases can also be considered unproven acts of suicide. These

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In the U.S., a day committed suicide in 22 war veterans

According to recent studies in the United States every day euthanasia to 22 veterans of wars. This is 20 percent more than in 2007, according to CBS Washington.

The results of published research team of experts from the Department of Veterans Affairs mental health services and programs for the prevention of suicide. Led the study epidemiologist Robert Bossart.

"The total percentage of veterans of all people committing suicide has declined, but the number of voluntarily departed from the life of former military personnel continues to increase," — said in a research.

"Most of the veterans — suicide — are

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Grim Island: The British were more likely to kill themselves

According to the official data released today, has significantly increased the number of people who committed suicide in 2011, and the suicide rate among the male population of the UK has reached its highest level in a decade.

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) among people 15 years and over the total number of suicides was 6,045 people, which is 437 or 8% more than last year.

Suicide rates among males increased by 8% and reached the level of 4552 people, which accounted for an average of 18.2 people per 100,000 of the population and is the

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Spaniards take their own lives because of the threat of losing housing

46-year-old Spanish city of Alicante has committed suicide because of the danger on the streets. A man hanged himself because in the last five years has been unable to pay the rent. This event has become the country's fourth week.


The police arrived to evict him, repeatedly knocked on the door, but there was no answer. Upon entering the apartment, they found his body hanging out in the loop. A friend of the deceased told the news agency Europa Press, that he has long talked about suicide.

Earlier this week, an elderly couple from the island of Majorca

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One in five American adults has deviations in the psyche.

According to Research Agency profile (SAMHSA) In 2010, nearly 46 million Americans age 18 and older mentally abnormal. About 12 million U.S. citizens have a serious mental disorder, being an obstacle to normal life. 9 million are thinking about suicide, 2.5 million have already made a plan of suicide, 1.1 million made attempts to lose their lives. Experts SAMHSA present data which suggest that the indicators of mental state of the nation is steadily deteriorating.

Who brought Ernest Hemingway to suicide?

In the last years of his life Hemingway suffered from a number of serious physical illnesses, including from hypertension and diabetes, but for the "treatment" was placed in a psychiatric clinic Mayo, where the psychiatrist ignored these obvious factors, and dealt only with "mental disorders" that supposedly Hemingway " rewarded "by his colleagues. He sank into a deep depression and paranoia about surveillance. It seemed to him that he was being followed everywhere by FBI agents, and that are placed throughout the bugs, the phones are tapped, the mail is read, a bank account is constantly checked. It might

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