Sunsets and Sun Rises.

If there is one thing I don’t photograph much, it’s sunsets.

Don’t get me wrong, I have seen and enjoyed some stunning sunsets in my time, it is the boring uninteresting ones I see displayed on various photographic sites, magazines or newspapers — the total lack of imagination — that really irks me.

There will be the sun going down over the sea and it is titled, ‘Sunset, Bloubergstrand». Good grief, it’s the sun going down over a blank sea and a featureless horizon (oh, and it’s skew!) — I’ll have to take their word for it that it’s Bloubergstrand,

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We got up, as usual, early, at 4.15-Zimbabwean. OBJECTIVE still — get an elephant. JUST shoot — no question, but ROB (MY «PIEYCH») certainly want to get much more. TO TWO MALE FEET (in length) placed in the next bishop. These are the minimum size of the next decent trophy Elephant. YESTERDAY COULD shoot, in my opinion, the normal — weight of the tusks of about 17 kg, but ROB WANTS not less than 25 kg. I do agree. Today, only the fourth day of the hunting area MATETSI, next to the world-famous Victoria Falls. There are still eight

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How to see the green light?

How to see the green light? It is interesting

Many people, when they go to the beach to enjoy the sunset, trying to see the green flash. What is it?

Green Ray — optical phenomenon that manifests itself after sunset or before sunrise the sun. This happens when the sun was almost completely hidden behind the horizon, and the top edge remains visible. Within a few seconds, this part may seem green. It is believed that if you ever see a flash, you can never go wrong in matters of the heart.

How could see the green light? Here's what

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Unusual sunset in Sweden. Photo


12.01.11.Etot unusual sunset with the sun now in the center and on the right and left of the two false suns was photographed in Sweden's capital city Stockholm.

First upomyananie of such a phenomenon, we can see in an old picture Vadersolstavlan written in 1535, which shows it is a miracle in a landscape of old Stockholm. Millions of icy particles they are sometimes called diamond dust are as small lenses, refracting the sunlight and thus creating the effect of the so-called false suns. Similar phenomena can be seen around the world, but only if certain

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Spot on photo

Photos not so interesting compared to what people here show, but I still ineteresno know your opinion. Fotogrfirovala aypad sunset on June 14, 2013. Houses saw something in the photo above the sunset, like the moon. But I must say — the full moon yet, the day just hanging crescent moon of the month, and in a completely different side.

After sunset. World Nature Night / After sunset. World nocturnal nature watch online

A team of biologists and operators, armed with special equipment, went to the most remote corners of Central and South America, to show us a furtive life of animals after sunset.

The other films about animals

Beauty Belozerja

I envy those who have yet to experience the thrill of the first meeting with BELOZEROV. It is impossible not to love this kind of north side, this holy land, this lake — the endless and majestic. 

Belozerye will forever remain in my heart, one of the brightest memories that will help in the difficult moments of life, giving strength and faith, reminded of our roots, our history, our ancestors, for us, decorating and arrange our land.

Real sea. How does it pick you? I've seen it different — the mirror-smooth, reflecting the blue

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Romantic sunsets / Romantic sunsets (relax video) Watch online

Appellations of sunsets in this edition alone for itself already sounds like a little vacation — San Antonio de Portmany Cala Benirras (both in Ibiza), Carmel-by-the-Sea (California). The most beautiful and romantic beaches invite you to get pleasure, becoming a witness of a unique action — the sun, and he disappeared into the sea. The spectacle full of power, elegance and grace. Sweetens this video at the request of choosing natural sound atmosphere coast or Myagenko music dreams at sunset in surround sound.

Nature (rivers, mountains, landscapes, etc.)

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2210: End of the world? watch online

Modern man is not hard to imagine sunset civilization, so as it can cause weight to the circumstances and this sunset may, in very different scenarios. Modern scientists analyzing the lost civilization of antiquity do not positive forecasts for the modern civilization of today.

Cataclysms of earth from space hazards

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