THE Supernatural

Of all the British Blues Boom guitarists, Peter Green was perhaps the most mercurial and the most fascinating. Michael Stephens charts his astonishing run of creativity in Fleetwood Mac.

The so-called ‘Surrey Delta’ had its own trio of guitar stars in the ’60s: Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page. But for the best of the British blues explosion you had to also look a little further East, to London’s Bethnal Green. Peter Green was rarely considered part of the Clapton/Beck/Page coterie – he was two years younger than Page, for example – yet he was every bit their equal.

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September in Hi-Def

The best on the box


2013 Formula 1 coverage

BBC One HD & Sky Sports F1/HD — 8th and 22nd September

The European leg of the Formula 1 race calendar ends with the Italian Grand Prix on 8th September. The historic race circuit in Monza is a driver favourite, featuring long straights and fast corners — there are some great overtaking chances to be taken here.

We then move on to the spectacular night racing event at the Marina Bay Street Circuit in Singapore on 22nd September. Sebastian Vettel needs to start winning consecutive races again if he wants

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Fantastic stories 10 movie watch online

Each film tells of the extraordinary phenomenon, which is difficult to find an explanation. Once a week, viewers will learn about the areas not normal, prophetic dreams, the supernatural powers of man and UFOs. The creators of programs from considering all perspective — From the mind-blowing to completely close to reality. The witnesses and participants of the events say that they had experienced or had to deal with anything. Comments posodeystvuyut professionals to clarify one or other phenomena from a scientific perspective, confirming or denying the possibility of its existence.

Cursed jewelry. Furtive power stones

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In UFOs and aliens believe 6% of Russians — poll


Nizhny Novgorod. January 15. NTA-Volga region — to the existence of UFOs and aliens believe 6% of Russians, according to All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM). According to a survey conducted polls in witchcraft and magic 7% of respondents believe. Among other supernatural phenomena Russians also indicate signs (the proportion of those who believe in them has decreased over the year from 23% to 18% of the respondents), retribution for the sins (it was 19%, it was 13%), in some kind of supernatural force (11%) and horoscopes (was 16% was 10%). Russians are

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Battle of psychics season 12 watch online

People with supernatural abilities have always existed, and it has once again justify our issues applets Battle of psychics. In the twelfth season will bring together the most professional psychics Russia. They will show their capabilities, hitting others and help those who really need their services. But if all the participants of battle — the true psychics? This is clear in the course of the competition, and the finish will be rewarding the best part of the clairvoyant and disclosure of his biography. If you are interested in the theme of supernatural phenomena, you should look for Online Show

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The struggle for survival — The Secret Life of wolverines watch online

The movie tells about the life of the 1st of the most mind-blowing predators on earth — the North American wolverine. Sharp fangs — stern gun of the animal. If to some beast will come to mind poruha on Wolverine, he hardly has time to regret it. With fearlessness and almost preternatural speed wolverine pounces on his own enemy. In the old wolverine was considered the epitome of evil spirits. Wolverine — predator: it climbs trees, tracks and sacrifice throws at her with a preternatural speed.

Fight for survival — a series of programs

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Dive into the Bermuda Triangle watch online

As throughout the history of mankind supernatural (paranormal) phenomena have always fascinated people of believers and irritated skeptics. In the new film series "Supernatural forces and phenomena" are used unique archival materials, interviews with scientists and testimony of witnesses, allowing to reveal furtive and mysterious phenomena of favorite legends, stir the imagination of modern humans. The viewer will find out a lot about the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle, sobbing sculptures secrets of levitation, and many other facts and events.

Unidentified, anomalies, other world

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UFO captured the minds of people: Russian newspaper

August 19, 2012 8:17


36 percent of Americans believe that UFOs exist and only 17 percent of this disagree. The others in the matter undecided. But 77 percent believe that aliens visited Earth, 80 believe that the government hides from the public the truth about UFOs. These are represented in the country, which left all far behind in the number of Nobel prizes and is the head of the worldwide scientific and technical progress. And what about Russia? Russians are increasingly skeptical of UFOs extraterrestrials adherents varies according to different polls from 15 to 25 percent. Regarding

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