Full Featured Touch Control Programmable Power Supply

Touch control of electronic gadgets is no longer a dream. Almost all electronic hobbyists have their own power supply using the most common IC regulator LM317. They may have a selectable rotary switch to select a particular output or a potentiometer to vary the output smoothly.

Here is a circuit which will change the output of the power supply by a slight touch of the finger! Those who have a power supply can just add this feature while those who do not have one may construct it fully as presented here.

The circuit

The logic of the circuit is very

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To begin deliveries of the F-35 LRIP 3 SERIES

The company Lockheed Martin, in the end, the beginning of delivery of F-35 series LRIP (low-rate-initial-production) 3 after approximately 6-month delay.   The Pentagon took delivery of 3-F-35A aircraft takeoff and landing everyday and 1st F-35B non-long takeoff and vertical landing.   Four new aircraft equipped with new software Block 2A and join the 12 F-35 aircraft at Eglin Air Force Base (Fla.). Software Block 2A will be presented a new multilevel security package.   Delivery of the aircraft is scheduled for LRIP 3 until the end of 2012. All 17 cars — two F-35B for England, one F-35A

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The U.S. State Department expressed hope that the energy supply will remain economic issues

Tom Casey said that part of the agreements with Russia at a meeting of Eight in St. Petersburg were the guarantee of stability in energy issues. A representative of the U.S. Dyazhdepartamentu hoped that disputes should be resolved such type on market principles, that energy and other relevant deliveries were not political issues.• European Commission calls to guarantee gas supplies dimensions, 02.08.2007

Reduction of gas supplies to Belarus has really avoid

Kupriyanov said about this in the program NTV news. He confirmed that the delegation "Beltransagazu" flew to Moscow to discuss the repayment of the debt tomorrow. "Tomorrow morning we will continue our contacts with" Beltransgaz ", — said the representative of" Gazprom ". He added:" Up to 10 hours, which we timed reduction in supply, time is enough to this question to settle. "• In Russian gas Lukashenko borrow Chavez, 1.08.2007

New York Times: In the gas disputes have similar policies

BBC reports: "This dispute has caused concern within the boundaries of the Euro Union about the reliability of Russian gas exports to European countries. Belarusian pipelines pass through 20% of fuel supplies to Western Europe. Managing EU calls on both sides to solve the problem without delay and make conditions for the timely resumption of deliveries "English The Dayli Mail writes: "Putin has provoked consternation regarding the threat of the latest" energy war, when he declared that "Gazprom" twice reduce the amount of fuel supplies to Belarus. It came after, as Minsk failed to pay one hundred percent the last

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European Commission calls to guarantee gas supplies Dimensions

"The Commission is convinced that the harmless and unshakable energy supplies are crucial for Europe’s economy. Because disputes over energy supplies in close proximity to the Union cause sur» eznuyu concern."In response to the new gas conflict between Russia and Belarus Commission plans the following week to meet a special advisory body Gas Coordination Group, to discern the situation.The Commission is also in close contact with Gazprom and the Government of Belarus. Yesterday was activated correspondent network of energy security, which includes the European Commission, the Euro Union countries and the secretariat of the EU. Between the parties also unchanged

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  Training and combat aircraft (UBS) Yak-130 has excellent prospects in the global market. This korr.ARMS-Tass on International Airshow ILA 2012, said deputy general director Arkady Yakovlev OKB Gurtovoiy.   As noted A.Gurtovoy, currently being conducted forthcoming development programs from the training and combat training aircraft Yak-130and creation on its base variant light combat aircraft, which will allow to strengthen the position of «Irkut» which comes OKB Yakovlev, in the global market. About competition in the world market Yak-130CF and the Italian M-346 company «Alenia Aermacchi» made in his time on the platform Russian aircraft, the representative of «Irkut» noted

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IRAQ BOUGHT second installment of F-16 fighters

Iraqi Defense Ministry signed a contract for the supply of the second batch of 18 U.S. F-16 fighter Fighting Falcon. On this, as reported by Aviation Week, Defense Minister Saadoun Duleymi Iraq. As expected, the supply of aircraft under this agreement will end in 2018. According Duleymi, technical and financial indicators new contract does not differ from the agreement for the supply of 18 F-16 fighters signed with the U.S. in September 2011. Price of the first contract for the supply of F-16s to Iraq was three billion dollars. According to the United States, the total price of 36

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Media know about the new contracts about deliveries SU-35 CHINA

«Rosoboronexport» China and the Ministry of Defence for the previously agreed on delivery Beijing 24 Russian Su-35 fighters. On Tuesday November 20 the newspaper «Vedomosti» citing a source close to the management of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSMTC) as manager of the business, producing aircraft components.   According to the newspaper, the negotiations on the follow criteria deliveries may take place during the visit of Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu to China in late November. The contract itself may be signed in the coming year or two. Delivery may also be started after 2015. Estimated price of

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MiG-29 from collapsing before the dawn

Sales prospects known family of fighters Bad advertising strategy management «MiG», generated high expectations after the extraordinary Malaysian agreement in 1994 and aimed at completely unrealistic price performance has led to the fact that during the second half of the 90 concluded only two small contract to supply first 3-fighters in Peru, and then eight — in Bangladesh. Constructively to change the situation was until 1999 the brand new management «MiG», headed by Nikolai Nikitin, supported by the Russian government. Efforts of the new management have been focused on the first activation of a corporate building. On the basis

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