On the surface

With its thick ice and frosty brine-spouting cryovolcanoes, the smooth surface of Europa is a strange place to observe.

Europa has an unusual-looking surface. It’s incredibly smooth for the most part – one of the smoothest objects in existence in the Solar System. That doesn’t mean that the moon is a featureless ball of ice, however. The icy surface is also cracked in places, and criss-crossed with numerous reddish-orange lines and splotches. There are also ridges, domes and possibly even cryovolcanoes. The exact mechanism for the formation of these features is unknown, and there are a number of contradictory theories.

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Ocean breaks through Europas crust.

Jovian moon Europa is tipped to have an ocean of water flowing under its icy surface.

An underground ocean of water beneath the ice on Jupiter’s moon Europa appears to be capable of reaching the surface, according to Professor Mike Brown of the California Institute of Technology. The discovery suggests that it may be possible to detect any life in the ocean simply by sampling the residue on the surface.

Europa is well known for being the most likely place in the Solar System, other than Earth, to be home to life. This is because of the 100km (62-mile) deep

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Europa drill.

What lies under Europa’s ice? Astronomers have been asking themselves that question for decades, ever since two NASA Voyager spacecraft swung by the Jovian moon in 1979 and imaged the icy surface.

If there’s water or some similar liquid under the surface, it’s possible that Europa could host life. It would most likely be microbial life, something that is suited to living in cold temperatures. But we can’t know for sure without drilling.

The American movie Europa Report (released this summer) explored this possibility in detail, when the crew needed to drill several kilometres into the ice. However, it would

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Deadly methane rain

With a surface pressure almost one and a half times that of Earth’s, Titan’s atmosphere is slightly more massive than our planet’s overall, taking on an almost chokingly opaque haze of orange layers that block out any light that tries to penetrate the Saturnian moon’s thick cover.

Titan is the only other world, other than Earth, where liquid rains on a solid surface. However, rather than the water that we are used to falling from the skies above us, pooling into puddles and flowing as streams and rivers, this moon’s rains fall as liquid methane – liquid hydrocarbons that add

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Zaboristye painting

When the lovely heart fishnet gates and fences have replaced high fence wall street holiday villages turned into a series of unfriendly corridors.

However, the country dull surface is not confined to the fence, but the walls of garages, outbuildings, and even homes. Psychologists say that such «landscape» greatly hinders the development of creative thinking and exacerbates stress. The most cost effective and quickest way to correct such deficiencies are architectural draw pictures.

Search pattern

The plot of the drawing panels can be very different from all your favorite furry moths to «cartoon» cats with muzzles sweetly. The main

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Bandsawn Basket

Baskets come in all shapes and sizes, and they are made of many different materials. This one is truly unique-it collapses flat for storing and is quite a conversation piece.

Choose a straight—grained, knot—free piece of hardwood that’s about 3/4″ X 7″ X 13″. Sand the top and bottom surfaces.

Start by laying out the pattern. Draw a straight line horizontally across the middle of a large piece of paper, and another line at the center of the first running 90° to it. Where the two lines intersect: measure 3″ in both directions along the horizontal line and make a

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All About..TITAN

Titan is considered the most planet-like of our Solar System’s moons for many reasons, but could it really harbour life of its own or support a human colony?

Saturn has more than 62 known moons (53 named ones) and numerous moonlets. But despite orbiting the same planet, these moons can be incredibly different from each other. One moon, Titan, stands out from the crowd for more than a few reasons.

It’s both the largest moon of Saturn and the second-largest known moon in the Solar System. It has a diameter of about 5,150 kilometres (3,200 miles) and is larger than

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5 amazing facts about… TITAN

Humans could float in its sky

Titan’s thick atmosphere, low gravity

(less than our Moon) and reasonable surface pressure (1.45 times that of

Earth’s) mean that, by flapping a pair of wings strapped to your arms, you could fly in its skies with no more effort than walking.

We’ve landed on it, and we might again

The Saturn-orbiting spacecraft Cassini carried with it the Huygens probe, which landed on Titan (our only landing in the outer Solar System) on

14 January 2005. There are proposals being discussed for another landing, this time possibly using a boat.

It’s bigger than Mercury

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Private Russian lunar rover will be built in the summer of

The domestic unit will be equipped with cameras and high-definition video cameras, as well as soil-device (FigureSmirnovDesign).

A working prototype of "Selenokhod" — the first private lunar rover from Russia — will be on the tests in the summer of 2012. Team of the same name, which is developing the unit, also said it is considering launching a new version of the robot to the moon.

Company "Selenokhod", resident space cluster innovation center "Skolkovo", a step closer to its goal — winning the prize in the International Competitionrovers Google Lunar X PRIZE. Recall that in this competition,

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Ufa plant began production of unprecedented precision machine tools.

Electrochemical machines for large parts

 Photo source:sdelanounas.ru

The method of electrochemical treatment has long been considered an outsider precision production. However, the developers Ufa under the leadership of Professor AM Zaitseva perfected it and created the machines, able to "do what no one knows how to do more" — in the words of Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Bashkiria Pustovgarov at the opening ceremony. Translated into the language of technology, "Integrated criterion precision-roughness-performance" machines are superior to most factory ETM available today in the world of peers.

Enterprise "TITAN ECM" founded in 2004 on the initiative of the

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