Pasta — in the case!

Stay with pasta dinner? • In the morning pour their eggs, whipped with sugar and zape- w whale in the oven. Or warm up for dinner with fried onion and mushrooms (you can sprinkle with grated cheese). Or prepare for dinner with cheesecakes makaronami.Vkusno! Progladte your wallet!

Today, when the electricity is becoming more expensive, want-not want, and you begin to get accustomed to the counter. Maybe someone will be useful, and my saving some simple recipes with the voracious electrical appliances — irons. At least, I’m crying for the light much less neighbors!

* Save more when I

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Amazing salty sornyachok

I would like to join the «portulachnoy» theme — Asked by Elena Prokofiev (№11,2012) and complete response to Q. Kurepina (№4,2013).

Yes, purslane — a weed, but it is remarkable in pickling! We lived in Turkmenistan, and my mother often bought his bundles in the market and salted. After moving to Moscow, there was a break, but my children know the taste, and one day my daughter saw the shop around the flower bed with purslane and collected seeds from it.

Now purslane growing in our country, the daughter of his very salted, eat with pleasure, we entertained neighbors,

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Alexander Belyaev

Music critic, journalist and music fan the famous Moscow admitted that although his life was shoveled the rock ‘n’ roll, but most of all he loves free jazz … and CDs.

What is rock ‘n’ roll shoveled your life?

Yes I do not know. I, like all children, he wrote music on a tape recorder, but all it takes, and I have not gone. And rock music, I discovered quite late. I was about 13 or 14, and I have a neighbor heard something like Scorpions — I immediately liked it. We listened to the house or

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Grodno castle ruin of the XIX century

Workers began the final destruction of the palace wing of the XVIII century on the street. Bitter. Appeared before him a shield with the image of the palace complex — so he has to look after reconstruction. Around the end of XIX century tower on the corner of Naydusa and Russian on Friday put the fence, it will be destroyed, and later it will be built with modern brick. Please 1990s house remodeled, but not perfectly. It is not brought to an end, and later for fifteen years the house was destroyed, it at least twice a fire broke out.

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Leave or not to leave?

The main motive was economic out — would improve the position of a real family. But I do not think 10 years ago I moved to Prague to sell pasta or phones. The forthcoming for Belarus, and it was more fundamentally than the best wages.Our real home situation was not quite bad and in Poland — I worked as a translator in the South American Embassy in Warsaw and earned enough decently at As the last by the then Polish standards. But the fact of the Polish-American earning only enough to pay your operating costs and have to put in

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Released Kirill Pavlovsky

28-year-old Kirill Pavlovsky arrested on July 11. He said he had walked out of the cafe, which is opposite the building of the KGB, in the bookstore on Independence Avenue. Towards went commando. Cyril heard on the radio his name and the order to detain him. Later, another man came up and claimed in the civil documents. "He said that delays me to clarify events. Later I was taken to the Central police station, where they have made a protocol that I Tipo cursing obscenities on the phone and it lured attention. Later taken to the tribunal, where arrested for

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M. Dubovik: Voters often asked about taxes

"These are the questions that are constantly asked voters has. But I am convinced that this decision should be taken only after a detailed study. That did not work because from time to time we might be — first take a step forward and then two steps back. Goes discussion , there is a discussion. And this is excellent "- explains the deputy. "We have to take into account the interests of poor people. And in order not to go so that the government confiscates their first, and later support might be better not to take immediately, and later return.

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Tribunal ended on youth activists

February 27 evening they were detained on the street Nekrasov, when they collected signatures for the inhabitants of the district review the House of Representatives Vladimir Kruk. Julia and Eugene accused of distributing leaflets calling exit on March 25 protest. Night Young people kept in the police, and after the trial, the continuation of which was assigned to the February 29, was taken to jail.In Russian Tribunal district of Minsk came the ancestors and friends detained Sivtsova Julia and Eugene Petlitskii. Referee Oksana Relyava heard testimony from witnesses who were invited to the court police. Some of them were that

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My friend Nick

Kde domov muj?By the end of 2007, after almost 10 years in the Czech Republic, I left Prague and went to live in the village. It is practically not a village, and the village, separated from the metro station and 25 minutes by bus, but still here I feel much more free and comfortable than in the capital metropolis. I born and brought up on the farm Podlaskie grated soul cityscapes, or in Bialystok, or Prague.Now the window of my newest huts seen undulating expanse of fields and weeping villages with houses hidden reddish tiles. Village — stone, stand in

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Or scour Belarus sexy exploiters?

Radio Liberty activist Catherine Sadovskaya called and told that her house hiding 32-year-old cousin Natalya with 12-year-old daughter from the village Vuzhanka Nesvizhsky district. A lady "hunt" last roommate-Armenian. Twice niece ran away from the annoying "Casanova", whom she met while working in Moscow and now he promises to "deal:"We have asked the Ministry of Internal Affairs on January 11, but they do not do anything about it. One Armenian has conspired with Nesvizh police, yelling "Give him Natasha", and they run and seek out him Natasha. Hitherto the power of her four months detained in Moscow, and later she

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