Gripen Sweden Swinger

AFM’s Alan Warnes describes the Saab JAS 39 Gripen, the only fourth-generation fighter currently in operational service.

BACK IN the late 1970s, at the height of the Cold War, non-aligned Sweden was looking to procure a future fighter, which would be multi-role and affordable. Unlike many European governments at the time, Sweden did not have a huge defence budget, so cost was an important issue. By June 1982, the Swedish Government had decided that instead of opting for a foreign acquisition, it would push ahead with its own aircraft, the Gripen. While this continued Saab’s tradition of building fighter aircraft,

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Final Thunder

Richard Allnutt visited Eielson AFB, Alaska, for the final Co-operative Cope Thunder exercise.

A AIRCRAFT AND personnel from more than a dozen nations took part in the summer’s Exercise Co-operative Cope Thunder (CCT), held in Alaska from July 20 to August 5.


Around 1,300 personnel from Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, Mongolia, the Republic of South Korea, the Slovak Republic, Sweden, the United States and NATO were involved, and observers came from Bangladesh, Malaysia, Mexico, Russia and Sri Lanka.

The exercise’s main operating base was Eielson AFB, near Fairbanks, home of the 353rd Combat Training Squadron, responsible for the planning

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Arlanda has established a network of flights across Sweden – some of which are supported by the government as Public Service Obligations (PSOs). Airlines such as Direktflyg, Golden Air, NextJet, Norwegian, and SAS all provide domestic networks from ARN throughout the week, and there are a few flights at weekends. The airport is on the networks of most European airlines, many of which provide multiple daily rotations from their home bases, offering a wide range of international destinations. Charter flights are also popular, both outbound for tourists in search of summer sun, and inbound in the winter catering for skiers

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Sweden called fault conditions from developing fighter Gripen NG

Swedish Ministry of Defence refuses to finance the development and procurement of promising fighter JAS 39 Gripen E / F NG, if the purchase of such aircraft refuses Switzerland, reports Defense News. Currently, Switzerland is considering buying 22 fighter Gripen NG, won the tender for the Air Force. Sweden previously hoped to share with one of the prospective buyers the cost of establishing a new aircraft. At the end of August 2012 the Swiss government approved the purchase of 22 Swedish fighter Gripen NG, but the deal is still in question. Namely, against the purchase of aircraft previously acted

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In the Minsk office of the OSCE will be the new manager

Today’s Managing cabinet Swedish diplomat Ake Peterson, now in communication with a correspondent Radio Liberty said he soon leaves Minsk and will continue to work in Kiev — representative Council of Europe in Ukraine. Sovereign Peterson works in Belarus least 2 years. He was the third institution manage OSCE Minsk after the German diplomat Hans-Georg Wieck yes Eberhard Heiken.Before coming to Belarus Oke Peterson headed the Department for Refugees and Migration Policy in the Foreign Ministry own country. From 2000 to 2004 he was the Ambassador of Sweden in Ukraine.

Polotsk Swedes vyartayuyutsa the capital Krivichy

In Sweden, now grows interest in Belarus and to the old Polotsk viz. And this is connected with a thousand years of history relations between Sveyskim shore and Paltseskyuborgam — so-called Old Norse sagas Krivichy capital.Opened an exhibition of Polotsk City Executive Committee Vladimir Whetstone. He, namely, facts about his own trip to Sweden, saying that was the place where konung Ringwald — first Prince of Polotsk Rogvolod — went with his own brigade in the country Krivichians. Words in the answer was recognizable Swedish artist Mikael Shylman. (Shylman 🙂 "As for me as an artist, I come here not

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In the House of Writers’ Dmitri Plax, Joseph Yanushkevich Vsevolod Stseburaka

LITPRATSESDMITRY Crybaby: "The following year at the Swedish Institute — YEAR OF BELARUS"Guest "to" we invited a writer, artist and journalist Dmitry Crybaby, taking advantage of his visit to Minsk another. Sovereign Plax came from Stockholm, where constantly lived for the past seven years, which published four books of own literary and artistic project "Diary of Cy Twombly." Four years he did reverse Belarus Received Swedish radio, and which hitherto successfully headed. With Dmitry Crybaby discusses Valentine Aksak.Aksak Valentine: "Another live those who remember your" Cry Baby ", which were published in the newspaper" Name. "And later," Cry Baby "along

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Davis Cup: Sweden team won against Belarus team

February 11, at the first meeting of a day or a final fight, Robin Soderling (ranked 26th in the world rankings) beat Maxim Mirny (55) in 5 sets with the score 6:7 (8:10), 7:5, 6:7 ( 8:10), 7:6 (7:3), 6:3. Event lasted exactly 4:00. Total score of the match was 3-1 in favor tenisystav Sweden. Belarus team lost the first in 12 years and a home defeat in September will play a playoff game for the right to stay in the World Group, reports BelaPAN.

Swedes trevozhut consequences North European Gas Pipeline Construction

North European Gas Pipeline, which is going to build our homeland by 2010 under the Baltic Sea, caused concern of the Swedish population. And first — Gotlyandu island, divided from mainland Sweden 100-kilometer strait.Fact, that on the peninsula are going to build a platform for asblugovvanya new pipeline. Population Gotlyanda worried that a new object will reflect the island tourists, and the pipeline break Fisheries Development.In addition, Russians are going to patrol the pipeline for its naval forces and therefore will be included in Swedish territorial waters. This event is reminiscent of the historical experience of Sweden, which for 850

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