Milinkevich met with ambassadors of Canada and Switzerland

Yesterday Alexander Milinkevich met with ambassadors of Canada and Switzerland in Belarus concurrently accredited in Warsaw. The parties discussed the political Situation in Belarus, state of the economy and social situation of the population. "Ambassadors are interested, how Canada and Switzerland can promote civilian society, third sector-independent media in Belarus. Discussed the organization’s ability to wider access to the web for Belarusians and opening-independent television channels, "- said Alexander Milinkevich after the meeting report Website Policy.

Minsk — the last in Europe

The study was conducted in over 200 campuses worldwide. In first place is the second year in a row Zurich, second divide Vienna and Geneva. Midst of Eastern European cities ahead — Prague (71th place). Vilnius — at the 78th Warsaw — 85th, Riga — 89 m. Minsk occupies 183rd place — the lowest of all European cities.In assessing the quality of life into account: * Political and social environment (political stability, the force of law, etc.)* Financial situation (exchange rates, banking services, etc.)* Socio-cultural environment (censorship, restriction of human rights, etc.)* Health and sanitation (medical services, waste disposal, etc.)*

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Heavy rains have caused flooding in Germany and Switzerland

June 1, 2013. In Germany, the Thuringian flooded some areas in the town Stadtroda. In Germany, in May turned out to be unusually cold and rainy. Who is on high alert rescue services are in the south and south-east of the country.

The water level in the Bavarian city of Passau over 7 and a half meters.

The alarming situation in some parts of Switzerland. Preparing for a flood is, in particular, near Lucerne.

Due to the increase of the water level in the Rhine stopped shipping in Basel. Meteorologists can not say yet when the situation normalizes.


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Seksprosvet in Switzerland

Creepy movie about the Russian translation seksprosvet in Switzerland. Some of the "psychologists" believe that the children in the classroom useful even watch pornography. Child they have — it's a sexual being. Excerpts from the "Standards of sex education in Europe." This document has been translated into Russian. The film analyzes why there is the sexualization of children, we discuss the role of Alfred Kinsey, who became the "father" of seksprosveta about how this "father" of gathering material for his research, being a masochist and lover of sexual experimentation, including sex with children. His victim, a little

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In the mountains of Switzerland, a private helicopter crashed


17.02.11.Na western Switzerland crashed private helicopter. On board were five. This is reported by the local media.

According to journalists, the incident occurred this morning near the ski resort of Les Diablerets.

At the moment there no information on casualties. Swiss authorities have not yet confirmed the incident.

In the Swiss Alps, it’s snowing


22.07.11.Holodny atmospheric front brought a drop in temperature and snowfall in the Swiss Alps. In the mountains of central Switzerland, at an altitude of 1900 meters was seen snow.

These were obtained from this web cameras located in the mountains. This was reported and tourists who live in campsites nearby and now they have to dress warmer.

According to meteorologists, the last 24 hours at an altitude of 2,300 meters it is snowing. The level of cover has reached a height of 5-15 inches. Temperature at this altitude reaches a maximum +6 ° C.

Also unseasonably cold, and in

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In Switzerland, the Rhine out of the banks. Video


11.07.11.Livni struck Europe. In Poland, the river burst its banks, many of the fields and the roads were under water. The strongest in the last few years, a flood covered the northern cantons of Switzerland: Rhine River burst its banks after two days of continuous rainfall.

Source: Lead

Hurricane in Poland and Switzerland


15.07.11.Uragany raged in the northern and central Poland. Severed power lines, flooded roads. According to preliminary data, there were no casualties.

Eliminate the consequences of the weather now and in the south of Switzerland. Hurricane winds felled hundreds of trees there. Many blocked the major highways. Driving on it is closed. Also gone from the mountains landslides. In the mud stuck dozens of cars.

Source: The first channel

Switzerland, military bunkers. Online.

Frankly, I widened my eyes when I watched the video, dedicated to Swiss bunkers. There is evidence that they can accommodate 20 000 people in the event of war, or the end of the world. Outrageously large amount of money gives the Swiss do battle tank even out of the rock. How do you like it capitally armored car garage, which is located inside the gun? Especially impressive are the massive bunkers inside the mountain!

Watch Switzerland, military bunkers


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A giant landslide in Switzerland. Photo


Photo: Marcello Negrini,

01.03.12. Switzerland — Up to 4 million cubic meters of granite was broken on a remote peak in the Swiss Alps in the southern canton Grobuendena (Graubuenden), said Tuesday the office of Forestry.

Landslide at the peak of Piz Cengalo below 3.370-meter was perhaps the biggest in decades in Switzerland, said Christian Wilhelm expert on natural hazards.

This is an extremely large mass, — he added.

The incident took place last week, but Swiss media reported it only on Tuesday, because it occurred in an uninhabited area, untouched motion or winter tourists to an

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