(Avery Fisher Hall.) Aug. 10 and Aug. 12-13 at 7:30 and Aug. (Clark Studio Theatre, Rose Bldg.)

Aug. 11 at 5 and Aug. 13 and Aug. Aug. 13-14 at 8: Gianandrea Noseda, a rare conductor of style and force, leads the festival orchestra in a robust, non-Mozartean program consisting of Beethoven’s buoyant Second Symphony and Rossini’s grand «Stabar Mater» the latter featuring such singers as the soprano Maria Agresta and the bass-baritone Kyle Ke-telsen and rhe Concert Chorale of New York. (Avery Fisher Hall.) Aug.


On Aug. 10, «Soundings»,


In Vilnius found a collection of ancient Belarusian musician

In an interview, the BelaPAN Frolov noted that special interest are the numerous symphonies and serenades era of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. "Before This time adopted assume that these genres have appeared in Belarus only in the XX century. Names of professional creators of this raschudesnye, highly music were lost in the maelstrom of history for 150 years and now vorachivayutsya our musical culture. Dominique Adamovich, Jan Sokolowski, Jan Chamarovsky composers Zaryashevsky Markevich, Plashina, P., Rutkowski, Chuprinsky also anonymous creators — maestro era of early classicism and romanticism, adorned musical horizon Belarus at the end of XVIII — first half of

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Minsk Spring play music 16 States

As the organizers of the festival, half the tickets for the concerts are already sold out at the moment that, in their opinion, may be indicative of the true revival Philharmonic art in Belarus.Festival "Minsk Spring" will develop the way from September 20 concerts that will be held in small halls and bolshennom State Philharmonic. Now the festival has opened the South American concert organist Ronaldo Ebrehta. Art knows Managing Philharmonic Yuri Gildiuk:"It is known in the United States and Europe, organist, and it offers both music XVII — XVIII century and contemporary music. He offered is very exciting aaplet

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Besieged Leningrad Symphony

In the first months of Lofty Russian war with the rapid advancement of the aggressor troops deep into the terrain of the USSR, the government of our country has taken steps to evacuate from Leningrad to the "mainland" is not only the top management authorities, and a large part of Russian Cultural Foundation. Among those who were transported to the military capital of the country, which was decided to locate in Kuibyshev (now Samara), and was Dmitri Shostakovich.

He first became famous for his First Symphony, written while still a young graduate of the Petrograd Conservatory in 1925 and became

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