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Budget system

SONY BDP-S5100 ★★★★★ £140

Simply astonishing performance and pictures for less than £150. Smart functionality too: you can’t go wrong…

Mid-range system

SONY BDP-S790 ★★★★★ £200

What a bargain! Not only is this a superb 2D and 3D Blu-ray player, it is also the first to upscale to 4K ultra high definition.

Hi-End system

SONY BDP-S790 ★★★★★ £200

It’s testament to this player’s ability that a deck costing just £200 can also work in a full jazz-hands system like this one.


Budget system

ONKYO TX-NR515 ★★★★★ £250

Now available for

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Will the rings around Saturn eventually make a moon?

Nelson Joseph

It is unlikely that Saturn’s ring system will ever form one large moon. Saturn has an extensive ring system, with more than ten different sections to it. However, the ring system is extremely thin, just ten metres (30 feet) thick on average, and is made up of mostly very small ice particles, so even if a moon was made from all the ring particles it would only be a few hundred kilometres across.

There are many moonlets located within the ring system that are proposed to have formed from material in the rings, but these are usually from

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If you’re after a new camera and have a budget of under £300, you may at first

I think you’re limited to a reasonably well-specified compact at best. Look a little harder though and you’ll find DSLRs, Compact System Cameras and a wealth of sophisticated compacts that can be picked up for under £300. What’s the catch, you may ask? Well, they’re probably not going to be the latest models, but with the pace of sensor development slowing down in the past few years, you’re not losing out that much compared to the latest models, while they may not have


Voyager cruises final region before leaving the Solar System

The legendary NASA spacecraft enters ‘magnetic highway’

At around 18 billion kilometres (11 billion miles) from Earth, Voyager 1 is the furthest man-made object from

Earth and has been for some time.

It’s also set to become the first manmade object to leave the Solar System, as it enters a region at the outer boundary known as the magnetic highway, a smooth lane along which charged particles can travel, which scientists are only now able to investigate properly.

“This strange, last region before interstellar space is coming into focus, thanks to Voyager 1,” said Voyager project scientist Ed Stone. “If

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Tornado GR.4 first flight

THE FIRST OF three development Tornado GR.4s, converted from development GR.1 XZ631/P15, made its first flight from British Aerospace’s Warton plant on May 29. GEC-Marconi equipment in the aircraft includes the HUD, cockpit symbol generator, SPARTAN passive terrain referenced navigation and terrain following system, digital map database and display, terrain following display, computer loading system, video recorder and enhanced stores management system. The company’s NVG and FUR equipment will also be integrated into the MLU aircraft.

Following its success in the Gulf War, the GEC-Marconi Avionics thermal-imaging airborne loser-designator (TIALD) pod is also to be included as part of the

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The movies, music and games to test your system



Download, CD, vinyl

Out now ★★★★

Some bands’ collections of B-sides, remixes and ‘rarities’ are overt barrel-scraping affairs, an exercise in contract fulfilment or an admission of creative bankruptcy. Belle and Sebastian do things rather differently.

After all, this is the band that didn’t include a single on an album until their sixth LP (Dear Catastrophe Waitress) — prior to that all the band’s singles and EPs were stand-alone.

So in the manner of 2005’s Push Barman To Open Old Wounds (which rounded up B-sides and what-have-you from the first five albums),

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The Best Green in the Best Hoods

Out of the 351,465 single-family homes in San Antonio (according to the 2012 state code assessment), approximately 1,000 have been certified green by Build San Antonio Green or LEEDS. Some are located in San Antonio’s most desired neighborhoods: Lavaca/ Downtown, Stone Oak and Willis Ranch. Others are scattered throughout the city.

Lavaca, the city’s oldest neighborhood in the back of HemisFair Park, has recently come alive with new and retro green projects. CVF Homes’ architect/builder Juan Fernandez is leading the trend, winning the 2012 San Antonio Green Building award for his energy-efficient/low-maintenance home for Corrie and Jeff McPherson on Leigh

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Stylish Integration.

New nacelle designs show benefits of first steps to closer engine/airframe integration

Aerospace researchers generally agree that step changes in efficiency for future commercial aircraft designs will only be achieved through unprecedented levels of integration between propulsion and airframe.

Despite uncertainty over exactly how this will happen, some engine and nacelle manufacturers are taking the first tentative steps. Some are pressing ahead with integrated propulsion systems (IPS), while Pratt & Whitney is developing the variable-area nozzle. Though a far cry from futuristic visions of airliners with open rotors, embedded engines or distributed propulsion systems, these steps mark the start of

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Stereo Spectrograph

Most stereo systems have some kind of music level indicator, The indicator may be as sim pie as a set of LEDs, ordinary low-voltage lamps or V-U (volume-unit) meters. These were later replaced by bar-graph type LED indicators. Though attractive, they provide only one-dimensional ‘movement’ of LEDs with the music. Now this system has also become very common.

Presented here is a spectacular system to replace the outdated music level indicators. This system is capable of providing a smart, two-dimensional ‘dancing’ effect on a square matrix of 100 LEDs.

In this system, out of 100 LEDs arranged in a square

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Space Launch System

The Space Launch System (SLS) is the next step in NASA’s space exploration programme. The retirement of the Space Shuttle in July 2011 has left America without a means to take their own astronauts to orbit for the first time since 1981, but such a step was necessary in order to transition from missions into low Earth orbit (LEO) to deep space missions.

LEO is being left to the realm of private space companies, with NASA now focusing its exploration efforts almost solely on deep space. The SLS is the rocket that will enable humans to reach new destinations such

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