Multipurpose space system Arctic

Especially for observing the northern latitudes of the planet’s Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) has drafted a multi-purpose space system "Arctic." Photo

It will provide information needed to support navigation, safety of offshore facilities, environmental control.

At the first stage in the grouping will be four satellite. It is assumed that the first satellite to be launched in 2013.

This space system allows recording of two types — optical and radar. In the Arctic, more efficient use of radar type, because this kind of shot, you can determine the type of ice and even conduct

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Autonomous mobile tracking system Tral Patrol 3.1


An interesting development has elapsed already in 2011 by the Russian company OOO "NSR-Service" — guarding robot "Tral Patrol 3.1". Information about the developer: «SMP-Service" — the manufacturer of CCTV equipment, a leader among Russian manufacturers of DVRs and IP servers. All equipment is developed and manufactured in Russia. The quality of products is confirmed by many years of mass production of products, warranty and post-warranty service.

About security robot: The draft security robot "Tral Patrol 3.1" successfully resolved and continue to improve two complex scientific and technical problems.

First — this is recognition

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Dancomm: Summing up the year


This year has been quite eventful in the development of strategic weapons systems of the Russian Federation. There have been setbacks and failures, but there were significant gains. Of course, impossible to list all the achievements, so will mention only some of the events. As part of the Strategic Missile Forces. Operation was carried out were in service RKSN. Conducted missile tests in order to verify their performance and extend their service life Operating missile systems. All successful launches. Confirmed by the results of starts required technical reliability of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Continued supplies to

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The prototype locomotive «SinaraHybrid» demonstrated on LTZ

On Lyudinovo locomotive factory (part of "Sinara-Transport Machines", is a member of "OPZHT") took the prototype inspection process innovation shunting locomotive «SinaraHybrid».


The project is the first Russian locomotive with hybrid propulsion system developed scientific and engineering research unit of the holding-Sinara Transport Machines — "Center of Innovation Development STM" supported by the Innovation Fund "Skolkovo" and JSC "Russian Railways". The design of the locomotive «SinaraHybrid» is modular production. Placed on the frame of the locomotive: • diesel generator, cabin and sanitary household units, • rendering of compressed air, • compartment of clean air, • unit

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Zorya-Mashproekt involved in the pilot European project


The State Enterprise "Zorya-Mashproekt" (Nikolaev) manufactured and supplied the company European Silicon Sp. (Poland) is an experimental gas turbine-generator unit capacity of 2.2 MW.

This is stated in the press service of Nicholas enterprise. "The installation is part of a new heat recovery system Steel Mill" — said in a statement.

Heat recovery system developed by Polish specialists in the framework of the European program to reduce energy consumption and waste heat is used for burning gases of metallurgical furnace. According to the report, will be used in the operation of the minimum amount of

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Mikhail Maksimov, official must run for the owner, and not vice versa


Minister of Investment and Development told how to appeal directly to the governor and to receive financial support for their administrative business project from the regional authorities. In person and online.

Twenty minutes out of an hour, we agreed to an interview, Michael Maximov showed what kind of life lived investment projects in the shell of the portal The names of most of them untwisted, of which little is known media — construction, manufacturing, energy and medicine. Such tens but hundreds. Hundreds — is the goal.

"I want to be entrepreneurs are not afraid

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The phenomenon of GLONASS: GPS almost caught up

The breakthrough came in first place in the terrestrial sector of the global satellite navigation system.


The assembly of the spacecraft "Glonass-K". Photo Reuters.

With 2011 Year ends with the federal program for the development of GLONASS. Should be taken a new, dedicated the next stage of building the satellite system. There is reason to evaluate the distance traveled.

Exactly four years ago, I went completely decadent article "In the hope of GLONASS, GPS and customizable" (See "Nezavisimaya Gazeta", 26.12.07). While in orbit were only 18 GLONASS satellites, of which only 13 worked as

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Business management system

The management platform — for managers and directors

Advanta Group is a system that will have the necessary for the daily work of a large team functionality. Be independent of the location of its employees and flexibly customizable, under any requests and activities. Combine all the advantages of Ms. Project, Megaplan, Ms. Outlook and many similar programs and platforms. And most importantly, do not have the disadvantages of the above solutions.


Advanta system. Control trading holding company Advanta system — is a web-oriented platform. If you delve into the details, we can say that it is

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TRANSMASH increased production of wheel sets 5 times in 11 months


Scientific-Production Center "TRANSMASH" (Lugansk) in January-November 2011 increased the production of wheel sets for railroad cars and locomotives is more than five times compared to the same period in 2010 — up more than 30 thousand units. According to CASE about etomsoobschaetsya in a press release on Tuesday enterprises.

Among the main customers’ Transmash "- still" UZ "," Azovmash "Krivoy Rog diesel plant," Dneprovagonmash ", Kharkov, Kryukov and other car-building plants and mining companies in Ukraine. The company’s products also was staged in Russia, Georgia and Kazakhstan. Currently, "TRANSMASH" is preparing new products — trucks for

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The new development OmPA Radiozavod the AS Popov was successfully field tested


Omsk Production Association "named after AS Popov Radio Plant" has conducted successful field testing of complex hardware connection (CAS) 6th generation.

CAS and CAS-TR-TM used to build the transport networks of different architecture and typology of communication and are designed to operate in support of operational communications centers and the operational and tactical levels of management. The study is based on the principles of CAS packet multidirectional digital communications. CAS provides rapid deployment of independent secure communication lines, channeling a branch of the tropospheric and wireline and compatible with all types of network equipment.


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