Vegetative dystonia: how to get rid of all diseases

It often happens that a person feels ill, goes to the doctors, doing a lot of surveys, but no one can put his diagnosis. Why is this happening? As the practice of medicine, often the symptoms of various diseases hiding one — the vegetative dystonia. About the disease, many have heard of but few know anything definite.

On what is dangerous vegetative dystonia, and how to identify than cure, we had a talk with the candidate of medical sciences, doctor of the highest category, the director of the medical center "ROSMID" Alexander Ivanovich Belenko.

— Alexander, as the

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Belarus — Venesuela: how to become brothers

Alexander Lukashenko Venezuela was only one point — at the end of last year. In Caracas, the opening of a joint venture for oil production in the province of Anzoategui, were also chosen site for construction of the example of Belarusian agricultural towns and settlements gazyfikatsyi Specific questions. Also agreed on the opening of the assembly assembly flow Belarusian companies — Minsk Automobile and MTZ.

In Venezuela fairly literate people. At least, we communicate more on the level of intellectuals at technical professionals

The representative of the 1st of design institutes Anatoly Greek last year a couple of times kamandiravavsya

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CTZ completed the development of a new modification loader PK-46


In design and technology department wheel technology Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant has completed the creation of a new modification of the front loader middle-class PC-46 with six-cylinder in-line diesel engine series T 6T370.

The first two prototypes of the new front-end loaders CTZ will be collected in the first half of 2011

6T370 engine was developed under government contract and complies with the European standard for road construction engineering machinery Tier-2 (similar to Euro-4). The engine is equipped with:

* Electronic fuel injection «Common Rail», * Particulate filter * Afterburner in the exhaust system

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Vestibular disorders

Vestibular system allows a person to navigate the space and maintain balance. With it, we can accurately determine the position of the body, even with your eyes closed.

Peripheral part of the vestibular system — vestibular apparatus— Is in the bony labyrinth of the inner ear on both sides. Its receptors perceive the angular and linear acceleration and gravity (and thus — the position of the head in space). From the vestibular impulses act onvestibular-cochlear nerves to the centers (nuclei) of the medulla oblongata, and then to the centers located in the brain and spinal cord.

With the

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Prospects for the development of artillery

Task — gradual, systematic, coordinated evolution of the Russian Armed Forces in RAV promising combat system Igor Artamonov Roman Rjabcev Present the second part of Russian military scientists dedicated to the fronts of rocket and artillery (RAV). In the first story were presented and the current status of the arms («MIC», № 34). We offer our readers RAV analysis of prospects given the inclusion of new IWT in a single information space reconnaissance. Virtually all modern futurologists, including military experts at note that the development of IT technology now temper got the global information revolution that has affected all spheres

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Autonomous towed howitzer ATHOS 2052

Upcoming development 155mm howitzers family company Soltam Systems (now part of Elbit Systems) became a 155-mm towed howitzer autonomous ATHOS 2052 (the last two numbers indicate the length of the barrel 52 in calibers). Howitzer ATHOS 2052 represents a new generation of autonomous, towed artillery. It is designed to support artillery fire indirect fire maneuver forces battalion and divisional levels. ATHOS 2052 is mounted on a towed carriage, ensure its delivery to the battlefield. In the area of ​​deployment howitzer able to maneuver without the aid of others, using its own diesel engine and special hydraulic drive wheels. Hydraulic system

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ACS latest modification «MSTA-S» was first tested in exercises with live firing

In the Krasnodar region on the range during Molkino scale tactical exercises gunners Southern Military Area (JUVO) for the first time used the upgraded 152-mm self-propelled howitzers «MSTA-S», entered service troops neighborhood in May 2013 It is reported by the press Southern Military Service Area on the website For the purposes of applying a massive fire destruction of the enemy forces conditional involved more than 35 modernized self-propelled howitzers. Upgraded artillery system «MSTA-S» has significant structural differences from the previous version. It is equipped with brand new automatic fire control system, increased sighting rate, also has the possibility of

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Another blow to the reputation of «Raptor»

In November 2010, from the planned flight over Alaska has not returned fighter F-22 Raptor, the pilot managed J. Haney. As it was established during the investigation, on-board oxygen regenerator OBOGS out due to what the pilot lost consciousness. Enable backup system EOS Haney did not have time. This tragedy was the first time that the regeneration system problems led to the loss of the aircraft and the death of man. But the results of the investigation conducted by improvements OBOGS yet not conceived tribute to the result. It is reported that the pilots «Raptors» at times begin to

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Three months later, the American GPS will not have any advantage in terms of accuracy in front of the GLONASS


MOSCOW, December 13. / ITAR-TASS /. After three months, the U.S. navigation system "Gee Es Pee" will not have any advantages in accuracy compared to the Russian GLONASS, told reporters at a press conference, the Deputy Head of the Federal Space Agency / Roskosmos / Anatoly Shilov.

According to Shilov, "currently the GLONASS system provides accuracy for civilian users is 4.5 meters." "In a few months, or more precisely a month and a 2 — 3, GLONASS ensure the accuracy of 2.5 — 2.8 meters," — he said. According to him, "talks about the U.S. 'Gee

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Belarusians who leave Minsk Lukashenka?

On these questions seek out the answer of spices in the field of architecture, men of science and culture.Most people who have received higher education in Minsk universities were readers of so-called "Lenin Library." There wrote essays, term papers and theses, dissertations, preparing for exams. Poet Leonid Dranko-Maisyuk recalls that the main library of the country are very fond of Vladimir Karatkevich, and later his younger colleagues want about the monument at the entrance to the Master of the building.

All the buildings that are in the center of Minsk, have their poetic appeal

Generally, stresses Dranko-Maisyuk, "in fact

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