The Russian GLONASS solutions in the Brazilian market

"Russian Navigation Technologies" (hereinafter — RNT, ticker on MICEX-RTS: RNAV) to help manage commercial vehicles now in Brazil. The GLONASS / GPS vehicle monitoring "AutoTracker" was installed on the cars of Brazilian representative office MegaPay (developer and global provider of payment services) and local transport company Suporte Logistica e Transportes LTDA (7 years in the freight market.)

Representation "RNT" in Brazil (joint venture Gisline Rastreamento LTDA, where 51% of the shares owned by "RTN") promotes a system where "AutoTracker" branded MoveTracker. There are other companies that install navigation systems for cars, but their functions are basically boil

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Carapace-C1 will cover the metropolitan sky

Anti-aircraft missile and gun system "Armour-C1" in March-April 2011, will be put on combat duty to protect the skies of Moscow. In an interview with TV channel "Vesti-24," said Lt. Gen. Valery Ivanov, commander of the air and space defense. At the moment, cover the sky of Moscow provide air defense systems S-300 and S-400 "Triumph", an introduction to the complex air defense system of close combat "Armour" will make it more effective.

Carapace-C1 to systematize NATO SA-22 Greyhound (Greyhound) — Modern Russian self-propelled ZRPK land-based. The main purpose of a cover military and civilian objects in the melee (including

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Russian military facilities closed down Morpheus


In Russia, a new anti-aircraft missile complex short-range "Morpheus." On this, as reported by ITAR-TASS news agency, said the Russian Air Force Commander Col. Gen. Alexander Zelin said. "The system is designed to shield military sites, has both active and passive means of combat" — said the commander in chief, noting that "'Morpheus' will destroy everything that moves in the air within a radius of five kilometers."

The development of air defense system "Morpheus" is engaged in design office Concern PVO "Almaz-Antey". Work began in 2007. As expected, the new system will go to the

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The Russian military will acquire virtual reality helmets

After a few years, the Russian army should get a helmet with a transparent screen — for its user the image of the real situation will be superimposed visual information from other sources. On this "Marker" said a source in the Ministry of Industry. This project will be part of the state defense order for 2012 and the planning period of 2013-2014. The first prototype will be in 2014, its creation is planned to allocate about 90 million rubles from the budget.

After a few years, the Russian military should get a "video module small-sized display system"

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In the Japanese prefecture of Chiba poisoned tap water


20.05.12.V Japanese city of Noda and surrounding communities Chiba Prefecture on Saturday was off tap water is more than 200 thousand households.

The reason — the detection of formaldehyde in water. It is a carcinogen and has acute effects on the human nervous system, respiratory system, eyes and skin.

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Source: euronews

In the Annunciation School to install video cameras


10.11.12. "At the entrance to the school will install two cameras. A special program will read the face of every student who enters or leaves the building, and send text messages to parents about it, "- the words of the consultant of the organization and personnel of the Ministry of Education of Basil Elk seem quote from a fantastic story. But it's true.

Set of equipment for secondary school № 28 of Blagoveshchensk has formed, it is now being tested in Khabarovsk. Until the end of the month will install equipment at the school. And next week, the disciples

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The stores in France pay fingers. Video


25.10.12.Rasschitatsya for a product in this French supermarket you can without taking out of his pocket money or a bank card, but just a finger to a special scanner.

In this case, the fingerprint reader and the customer's credit card for yourself to share this information. The only condition — the distance between them should be less than two meters.

Biometric payment system organized by a supermarket chain in Villeneuve d'Ascq, while being tested. The trials have agreed to participate in 1500 buyers.

Many have already appreciated the convenience of the new system.

[Jean Gekere, the buyer of

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Charging system of Ecoxgea

Charging system of Ecoxgea guide presents

Guide to choosing eco-gifts 2012-2013 ' 4 '  

This gift of love cyclists who never leave the house without their lanterns, navigators, players, smart phones, etc., sometimes requiring a recharge. Charging system Ecoxpower Ecoxgea can be recharged from any of them until the spinning bicycle wheel. Special design keeps them on the wheel, and protects against damage. If you have such a device, your front and rear lights are off while you are driving. Can be purchased at a price: $ 100

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Bulgaria. On the block № 6 NPP Kozloduy worked emergency protection


7.07.12.Kak reports "Telegraph" in 04.19 7 July 2012 on the sixth block of NPP "Kozloduy" safety system worked turbine generator, which led to the disconnection of the electricity power system.

The radiation background is normal. To stop the sixth unit notified the Nuclear Regulatory Agency and the central dispatching control of power system.

Source: Bulgaria news on-line

The Russian system of dynamic positioning icebreaker project 22600

Company "Navis" signed a contract to supply a redundant (DP2) dynamic positioning systems on laid at the end of last year to the "Baltic Plant 'newest icebreaker project 22600. For the operation of dynamic positioning systems and its constituent elements in extreme ice conditions will be implemented by a number of design decisions. In particular, due to the fact that the vessel will have a double hull has a special solution for the output condition of underwater sonar antenna positioning system: ckvoz both housings is routed shaft with double overlap, respectively at the first and second body. In

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