Terrestrial impacts take control


20.12.12.Rossii need to strengthen seismic and earthquake forecast concluded members of the government commission on the prevention and elimination of emergencies. The main attention is focused on the Altai-Sayan highlands and the coast of Sochi. Emergencies Minister gave instructions to improve the seysmonablyudeny.

On Wednesday, the government commission for the prevention and elimination of emergency situations and fire safety, headed by Minister of Emergency Situations Vladimir Puchkov, reviewed the status of a federal system of seismic and earthquake forecast. Experts have confirmed that the country has done much for the early prediction of underground beats and tsunami, but we

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Russian unmanned aerial vehicles. Part I

Do not have time to appear first aircraft, as had the idea to use them for military purposes. Thus to use not only the "as is", and in an unmanned configuration. First draft of combat drones, for example, Charles Kettering design Yankees (1910-12 gg.) Showed fundamentally the possibility of their combat deployment, but in a series did not. In much the same was the case with the various "air torpedoes" during the First World War, called to fight the enemy airships.

In our country, the first work on the drones began in 1916, when Captain Jablonski began to construct "helicopter-torpedo."

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Russian battalion guns 1915-1930 gg.

In Russia, anti-tank guns appeared in the autumn of 1914. No, this statement is not a typo or creator zeal to prove that our homeland is the "home of elephants." Just PTP had at this time a different purpose struggle with the enemy machine guns and armor penetration is not no tank and machine-gun guard. And it is worth noting that the armor of old times 47-millimeter cannon was such as Russian and 45-millimeter guns or German 37-millimeter RAK.36 in 1941.

To explain the situation to make an excursion into history. In the past 80 years there has been controversy

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From satellite navigation to a peaceful future

December 27 commercial service was introduced Chinese regional system Positioning BeiDou-2 (literally "Northern bucket" — Big Dipper). While this navigation system has its own staff of only 16 satellites and covers only a small part of the planet. But in the future the Chinese gallakticheskaya branch is going to complete the construction of BeiDou-2 konkurentnst and start with the American system GPS, Russian GLONASS and European Galileo. Start of competition with foreign systems currently being planned for 2020, will go into orbit when all three of the 10-ka operational satellites and a few spare.

Now because of incomplete structure of

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666 in the barcode: no definitive answer?




At the turn of the century there have been disturbances caused by the introduction of the bar code EAN-13/UPC for labeling. They are associated with the assumption of a hidden presence in it of the number 6661. Many Christians saw in the modernized system of computer records

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From patrol boats to aircraft carriers

Our home offers a full range of naval equipment and armaments

The questions weekly "MIC" said Managing delegation of "Rosoboronexport", the first deputy general director Ivan Maksimovic Goncharenko.

"MIC" Ivan Maksimovic is too early to sum up the work of "Rosoboronexport" for the year, but there are some crotch results?

— Yes, of course, and they cheer. Namely, for the first six months of military products export destination only strip our society of 6.5 billion dollars. This is higher than the results for the same period last year. So we can say that on this day Rosoboronexport continues to do

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Agrarian Civilization or continuation of the ancient …

Quote: — Galaxy "Milky Way" exists — fourteen billion years of the solar system — nine billion years, the man himself camonazval "Homo Sapience" — "Homo sapiens" — no more … of the fantastic ecce: — Agrarian "Civilization", as the history of the death "Planets — farm …" Unabi

Lest encourage inquisitive minds on the exploits of positive thinking and develop a thirst for knowledge and discovery may be, I have been having seen some of the differences and disputes in a purely scientific facts set out in the accepted science of the well-known World Stories …

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In the U.S. system will be SMS-emergency reporting


11.05.11.V U.S. soon will be a system of SMS-emergency reporting, announced on Tuesday, May 10, the head of the Federal Agency for Mass Communications (Federal Communications Commission) Dzhinachovski Julius (Julius Genachowski), reported Agence France-Presse.

It is planned that the SMS-service, known as PLAN (Personal Localized Alerting Network), before the end of 2011 will work in New York, and by April 2012 in the rest of the United States.

With the help of SMS-messages, said Julius Dzhinachovski, mobile subscribers in the U.S. will warn about the threat of terrorist attacks, natural disasters, as well as other emergencies.

Service PLAN, said

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Shoigu has a system of notification of the radiation hazard


Shoigu has a system of notification of the radiation hazard Photos: wordpress.com

26.05.11.Po opinion Emergency Situations Minister, President of the Russian Geographical Society Sergei Shoigu, the system alerts the radiation hazard has to work the same technology for early warning tsunamibyla successfully completed and works effectively.

Order to establish an early warning system for tsunamis particularly dangerous in this regard to President Dmitry Medvedev ordered the tsunami in Southeast Asia.

"We have received timely notice of the system, — a system of communication and public notification, all kept in a single set. The same may be in part

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The ISS is down oxygen system


5.03.11.Na International Space Station has failed Russian oxygen generation system, there is no threat to life astronauts, said on Saturday the U.S. National Aerospace Agency. According to the agency, the "electronic", set in the module "Zvezda", shut down unexpectedly on Friday, when the ISS crew had already gone to bed.

NASA points out, outside Moscow Mission Control Center (MCC), along with the astronauts try to solve the problem. Considered the option of replacing the liquid with a spare unit, which is available on board.

At MCC confirmed problems in the system of "Electron-VM". In turn, a source in the

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