Main Battle Tanks (Part 11) Al-Khalid (Pakistan)

In the first day in October 1988 between the PRC, which was represented by NORINCO and Pakistan, with the consulate of Heavy Industries Taxila have signed an agreement to design and develop a joint production of a new battle tank MBT-2000, according to technical documentation — "Type 90-II» . The program of work was approved by the Committee of the Chinese Defense January 16, 1990, and in May of the same in 1990 has already been concluded main agreement. In addition to conducting trials in China tank IMT-2000 passed these tests and Pakistan. Creation of combat vehicles has been

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Sabra Main Battle Tank

Israel has a long military ties with the United States and over the decades has gained huge amounts of tanks M48 and M60 Patton. Based on a wealth of combat experience, the IDF has modified these tanks, the best way that they correspond to the introduction of the doctrine of the Israeli armored forces. One of the programs of modernization was to create a series of main battle tanks sorcerer (Magach), representing refreshed and significantly improved versions of existing tanks M48 and M60. As a result, Magach acquired simply known form. Over time, Israel offered to upgrade the M60A3

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In 2010, the German company Rheinmetall has developed the latest concept for the modernization main battle tanks — MBT Revolution. In 2011 the exhibition IDEX — 2011 was presented Leopard-2 tank, upgraded on this standard. Demonstrated at the Paris Salon MBT Revolution was a deeply upgraded Leopard 2A4. Rheinmetall under the name MBT Revolution now offers a full service pack for the main battle tanks — the modular concept will allow the package to fulfill both current operational requirements in different countries, and the potential for the future growth. By revolutionary concept Rheinmetall nuances are, namely, the package of


Missilemen Tagil connection began retraining for new missile system Yars

About 200 officers and warrant officers of the first missile regiment Tagil missile compound began retraining for new missile system "Yars" in the 183-m training center in the Arkhangelsk region.

According to Itar-Tass RVSN spokesman Igor Egorov, missile used for training new complex techniques. "Soldiers are trained in the new techniques which require timely detection of any errors made accommodation payments start. Programs were created in accordance with the actual work of the equipment and systems of units," — said, in turn, the deputy chief of the combat training SRF Gennady Krasko.


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Missile system S-500 is ready for serial production

Serial production of the new Russian anti-aircraft missile system S-500 will begin in 2014. As the commander of the Operational-Strategic Command Aerospace Defense Lieutenant General Valery Ivanov, the new complex will perform the task and space defense at altitudes of 40-50 kilometers. Project C-500 while classified, so technical information on potential complex is not yet available. According to preliminary data, the new complex will be smaller, more maneuverable and more energy efficient C-400, and at the same time surpass the ability of "Triumph" reflect an air attack.

At the end of January 2011 it was reported that troops

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Missile system Bal-E stood up for the Russian coast of the Caspian Sea

Modern coastal missile system "Bal-E" entered service this year formed coastal missile division of the Caspian Flotilla.


According to ITAR-TASS official representative of the Southern Military District, Colonel Igor Gorbul, "now experts Kaluga factory" Typhoon "carry out the setting of radar equipment and mixing in a single network management system throughout the complex." "In 2011, the division of the officers has been trained in special courses at the factory," — he said.

Mobile coastal missile system / DBK / "Bal-E" with anti-ship missile of the type X-35 developed by order of the Russian Navy in

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Booster Boom into orbit remote sensing satellite Kondor-E

Today, from the Baikonur Cosmodrome, a pad 175/59 at 20:53 MSK started by conversion booster "Boom" satellite remote sensing of the earth "Condor-E."

SC separation from the carrier occurred in 21:18:35 MSK.

The satellite was put into a circular orbit at 504.7 km and an inclination of 74.75 degrees.


Small Spacecraft (ICA) "Condor-E" with a synthetic aperture radar (SAR) is designed to receive, store, and transmit to ground stations for receiving and processing of high resolution of remote sensing (RS) in the microwave range of the electromagnetic spectrum.

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In Baku, the buses install turnstiles


16.11.12.S 2013 fare on buses in Baku will be implemented with the card. According to ANS Press spokesman for the Ministry of Transport Namik Hasanov, the process will gradually develop. To start the payment will be made either by card or cash. To this end, three thousand buses will be installed turnstiles.

After the transition to the card payment system, drivers will receive a salary, which will not pay the Ministry of Transport, and the owners of bus lines. "Regarding the salary was a lot of suggestions. In fact, after the transition to a rationing system, payroll system will

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In Adygea clinics will run until December 1, a system of electronic records to doctors


Maikop. November 23. Interfax-South — The project on the introduction of a unified national health information system is completed in Adygea, "Interfax-South" in the regional Health Ministry on Friday.

"This system includes, among other things, a system of electronic patient records to the doctor. In 2011-2012, the introduction of this system has been planned allocation of 42.8 million rubles. It will run until December 1 this year, "- said the source.

As the representative of the national Ministry of Health, as at present more than 90% of the planned volume of contracts to equip ambulances GLONASS system, which should

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Winning is not rocket taking off

In 1969, the Soviet Strategic Rocket Forces was adopted for the missile system with a P-36 "orb" (the first successful launch was proimzveden in 1965). It was a great breakthrough in the form of arms, questioning formed at that time the U.S. missile defense system. P-36 "orb" had unlimited range, allowing hit targets inaccessible to conventional intercontinental ballistic missiles, and could hit;

— possibility of damage to the same target with two mutually opposite directions, say it is not possible? But no. The head part of the rocket was orbital, that is going into orbit and there

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