Euro Hawk UAV with SIGINT system successfully performed the first flight

  Northrop Grumman’s very splotchenno now Cassidian, representing the interests of EADS Deutschland GmbH, conducted the first real flight tests reconnaissance UAV Euro Hawk, the equipped system SIGINT (positioning system and control UAVs). SIGINT system developer is the company Cassidian. This system allows the unit without additional air monitoring to assess the situation, determine the placement of detection systems and communication facilities. Reconnaissance drone Euro Hawk created Northrop Grumman and EADS for the Ministry of Defence of Germany. Wingspan new device exceeds the scope of civilian commercial aircraft, while autonomous flight without refueling is 30 hours. Reconnaissance drone Euro Hawk

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Orders and medals of Russia and the USSR

Beginning of the creation of the Order's system of Russia by Peter I. Before him, the only difference is the sign of the municipal medal. Order in Russia created by the form of Western European orders' unions, church organizations have seemed like back in the IX-X centuries, both secular and (unions Knights) — in the thirteenth century. In the latter was a rigid hierarchy, the number of members has been severely restricted. All members on their looks had decals — first fabric, then iron. These signs also received the title of "order." The younger members of the Order alliance called

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GLONASS orbital group enveloped the Earth

One of the hottest so next time — the GLONASS system. Still, this is the second and, therefore, the other positional system. This affects the perspective of the whole system including the military.

The idea of creation of their positional system for the Russian army appeared in the 60s, and the first of its satellite flew in 1982. In the 95th in their own orbits was already 24 satellites and the system was put into operation. But the 90-ies of the last century were not the best time for science in general and the defense part. First, the new

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Experienced T-34-85 standard in 1960 Object 135

History of Creation

The T-34-85 standard in 1960 is an improved model of the T-34-85 standard in 1944. T-34-85 period majestically Russian War, developed by the design bureau of Gorky plant number 112 "Red Sormovo". Managed the development of the chief designer of the plant VV Krylov Then the technical documentation on the car head-approved plant number 183 in Nizhny Tagil (chief designer — Morozov AA). January 23, 1944 GKO decree number 5020 tank adopted the Red Army. The creation of these tanks was carried out at the plants number 112 "Red Sormovo», № 174 (Omsk) and number 183 in

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Experienced medium tank Object 172

Each of the tank, as in other matters at least some of the cult art object or a movie, music, personality — does not matter, has its fans and detractors. It is completely understandable from the standpoint of psychology. But here's the T-64, the drama of fate, and so the most unfortunate of the Union of Russian tank, not lucky.

In virtue of their geographical origin, this machine has been chosen as the object of worship of a handful of militant Internet fans, the obvious-chauvinistic nationalism. They were even in the fifth point count vbey, but it still does

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Northrop Grumman Company continues its efforts to equip the F-16 fighter U.S. Air Force radar SABR (Scalable Agile Beam Radar), which has enhanced display capabilities by adding mode «large synthetic aperture» Big SAR (synthetic aperture radar). The company offers a radar system for applets SABR radar upgrade F-16 fighter U.S. Air Force. The system has already shown some ability to advanced radar for the F-16, including number of demonstrations were held in 2010 at Edwards AFB under feasibility study radar AFAR on the F-16. According to «military parity», Big SAR radar provide SABR inflated level of situational awareness and


In New York, police found a total video surveillance


Freedom is over, begins genocide

29.07.12.Upravlenie NYPD promised to run in the next week the total video surveillance system, through which the authorities will be able to identify criminals and potential terrorists — reports the Associated Press.

It is planned that the automated system will not only recognize faces, but also to determine the time of the crime. This she will immediately notify the officer of the operator and to provide him with solutions to the situation. Among other things, a video will be "card offenses" and optimize the organization of police officers. Note that the New York

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Snezhinsk hospital to make an appointment online


25.04.12.Detskaya clinic Snezhinsk An electronic registry. Get a coveted voucher to the doctor can now, from the comfort of home. Just go to the site and leave a message.

While the system is in test mode. Within two weeks snezhintsam recommended to recheck your email coupon — just call the reception.

Electronic record to the doctor is part of the modernization of the health system. Snezhinsk until it introduced only in the children's clinic in the future will be, and in the "adult" room.

"Next, we plan to improve the system. We have the opportunity to expand, and

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Bank cards 15 million Britons are blocked


6.11.11.Iz due a technical failure in the computer system of Scottish bank NatWest 15 million customers were left without money within 15 hours.

Breakdown in the system of the bank NatWest, which is a branch of the bank Royal Bank of Scotland (RBC), was found early Saturday morning and immediately caused a lot of angry statuses on social networks.

The bank's customers can not check the balance on the account, to transfer money from card to card. The consequence of this was the fact that the British people did not work, and use ATMs to withdraw money from the

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