Refreshed Mi-26 was published

About his helicopter plant they say, "an exhibit piece." After all, not only that of the Rostov field, and the world has not yet beheld. Outside, it is almost like your own brother Mi-26T. But this is just the outside.

"Going into the cab support, you can see that the inside is painted a dark color. It is made specifically for the order to the crew using night vision goggles did not prevent glare", — explained the chief engineer for the flight test aircraft holding "Helicopters of the Russian Federation"Yuri Skoromnik.

The most fascinating inside. Unlike its predecessor, this

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There is a simple solution to build an engine for a plate of …




The facts: — Science affects the life of the society and its members. — Foundation of science — the fundamental laws of nature.

Conventional wisdom: Conservation laws — direct logical consequence of Newton's laws, and also objective as the last.

The facts: — In the derivation of the

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Obama calls for the role of in the missile defense system

President Barack Obama called on Saturday for the role RF created in Europe in the American missile defense system.

This system should be a place of cooperation between the U.S. and Russia, so the external threat to their general, he said at a meeting in Warsaw with Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski.

Polish officer, with his own hand, praised the U.S. plans to deploy elements of a missile defense system in its own Europe and also stated that it opens up additional opportunities for cooperation with Russia, Radio Liberty correspondent reports.

Both presidents also discussed the issues

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Audit of the public notification of the emergency situation in the regions


In Krasnodar, will again test the function of alarm sirens

22.11.11. Tomorrow, November 23, from 10.00 to 11.00 in Krasnodar will be another test of centralized automated system for public notification.

To do this, the city will include elektrosireny. The sound that they make is a warning sign of civil defense of the danger, which means "Attention all".

At this signal to turn on the TV channels on the television, "Russia-1. Kuban "or" Channel Nine "or radio frequency to radio stations" Radio Russia "(71.81 MHz) or" first radio "(102.7 MHz).

City residents can also listen to a special message

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We continue to build beautiful bridges. 25th km of Adler

Builders of the cable-stayed bridge, located at the 25th kilometer of combined railway and road Adler — skiing resort "Alpika Service", completed the installation of the guys — the main carrier of the central bridge span length of 312 meters. Collected and secured 28 pairs of guys total length of almost 5900 meters.

— Selection of the manufacturer of the cabling system was made very carefully. Taken into account when choosing a performance, installation and cost characteristics. The result was selected cable system with parallel strands. In this case, set at the beginning of

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Spektr-R began monitoring the solar plasma


A computer model of the observatory "Spektr-R". Image Lavochkin

* 15/08/11 * The unit "Spektr-R" began regular monitoring of the solar plasma. This was reported on the official site.

Observations are carried out through a complex "Plasma-F", which records the parameters of the solar wind, the Earth's magnetic field and solar radiation. The report stresses that the equipment is functioning normally.

Besides continuing input systems "Spectrum" in operation. To date, the system has been successfully tested telemetry system, computer system, as well as board radio and control system. Also in the present space telescope refocused in the optimal

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On the Armata against secrecy

What will be the next Russian tank

August 8 RIA Announces said: "First Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Sukhorukov said that the first samples of military equipment based on the heavy track platform" Armata "can go for tests almost a year before the announced deadline."

Let me remind you, according to the Russian Defense Ministry plans these testing should begin in 2014. In turn, management Uralvagonzavod, which is being developed "Almaty was," argues that the batch creation of new Russian tanks made based on it, will unfold in 2015 and 2020 in the Russian Armed Forces will receive 2.3 thousand of

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Salary Big Brother


24.10.11.V early December in Russia will be the official censorship: Roskomnadzor starts clock monitoring online media with a special hardware and software. For compliance with Russian laws will be tested not only text, but also pictures, audio and video — both editorial and laid out by users. Level of technology is such that the total surveillance is no longer a fantasy. The only question is who and why information about each of us.

Tip of the iceberg

The tender for the development of "hardware and software control (PAC) information and communication on the Internet," summed up another 21 this

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Grebennikova platform — a new look. Continued Part 2

7. If such devices, is at the leading world powers, as they are, all who were able to understand the principles of movement in these mechanisms, that is, the device has a fantastic, from our point of view, the performance characteristics (optical invisibility, radar invisibility, a huge , comic speed, lack of inertia at the start and maneuver, quiet, unlimited range, the possibility of spacewalks, and even without any energy input), then the question arises, why then squadrons of such devices are not in service of our Air Force, and why we are flying on old American Boeing and

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The system alerts the public about emergencies appeared in Adygea


20.08.11.Novaya satellite system alerting the public in emergencies launched in Adygea. At the administrative building of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia for the Republic of Adygea has a large satellite "dish".

This is only the visible part of the modern universal terminal receiving data (UTPI), the complex hardware alerts networks broadcasting (KTSO-TEV) ", the official website for the emergency department Adygea.

From August 19, transferred from the federal MOE alerts directly from Moscow in real time will be taken in Adygea, automatically processed and transmitted through all available channels in the country of public notification, informs RIA

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