Unofficial slogan SMF — After us — no one

Writes dervishv: September 8, 2011, in the framework of the Ministry of Defence of the tour, the group of bloggers and journalists headed to the 28th Guards Red missile division in the town of Kozelsk.

Red Banner Rocket division formed in the town of Kozelsk based 198th Engineering missile brigade May 3, 1961. The basis for the formation of 198th missile brigade was 28 Guards Red Banner cannon artillery brigade, which was formed on the basis of 2 artillery regiments in October 1943. On arms division is missile complex with the UR-100N UTTH (SS-19, Stilleto). More than 47 years of

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Petrozavodskmash launched into operation a complex automated welding

At Petrozavodskmash (part of Rosatom Engineering Division — AtomEnergoMash) put into operation a new system for automatic submerged arc welding. On the new equipment produced surfacing on the side steam generator unit.

Welding system was purchased as part of the investment program, which is held at the JSC "Petrozavodskmash" under the direction of the Management Company JSC "AEM technology" in order to increase production and development of production equipment for the nuclear industry in Russia.       Welding system consists of two parts — the portal and the welding of the column. It allows the outer and

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At edge of the solar system there was a huge planet Tyuhe

Tyuhe — either cold gas giant, or cooled down star Scientists insist that there is a massive object. It is two or even four times the size of Jupiter Vladimir Lagowski— 14/02/2011

Even last year, astrophysicists John Mathis (John Matese) Uitmir and Daniel (Daniel Whitmire) from the University of Louisiana (University of Louisiana) asserted: close to the solar system — the so-called Oort cloud — is a very massive object. For example, a large planet that is two or even four times the mass of Jupiter. Perhaps, too, a gas giant. Or cooled down star. I remind the

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Uninhabited Autonomous Underwater Vehicle «GAVIA»

The military department Russian Federation situated on a Web site procurement order for autonomous underwater unmanned vehicles, "Gavia". Planned to buy eight of these devices.

The ability of the AUV «GAVIA»This uninhabited underwater decision belongs to the class of "small" machines. AUV is built with the introduction of modular technology, it is possible to quickly change the configuration to address specific goals.Key Features:— independence of action from the supply vessels;— the highest performance characteristics of the implementation of the search;— pretty much depth;— possibility of high-precision determination of the target;— correct retention own position in the area;— autonomy of decision

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«MSTA-S», 152-mm self-propelled guns

History of creation Self-propelled gun (SPG) 152-mm caliber 2S19 «MSTA-S» was created by the tactical and technical specification (TTZ) Head Missile and Artillery Directorate (Grau), Ministry of Defence. By the time of his extradition has been made 152 mm self-propelled howitzer 2SZ «Acacia», 240-mm self-propelled mortar 2S4 «Flower» and 152-mm self-propelled gun 2S5 «Hyacinth». Newcomer SPG 2S19 «MSTA-S» designed to substitute howitzers 2S3 «Acacia». One of the requirements to the latest ACS was its placement on a unified tanks (T-72, T-80) database and installing universal artillery pieces, which could be used in ACS, and the towed artillery. Major developers

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Voyager flew to the magnetic foam

Interplanetary probes Voyager, going beyond the solar system, flew in a strange area. Giant magnetic bubbles here to repel the attacks of interstellar cosmic rays.

Spacecraft Voyager, launched to the outer Solar System, scientists continue to present new surprises. Communication with the first and second unit still maintained, and the analysis of incoming data allows us to study the properties of the outer limits of the solar system and the interstellar medium.

Like the Earth, the Sun has a north and south magnetic poles. The magnetic field lines penetrate the solar system and stretched by the solar wind.

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Promising propulsion system for small satellites successfully passed the stage of fire tests

On a test basis KBhimmash them. AM Isayev, the first stage firing tests propulsion systems (distribution of pulses rods) for small satellites, developed by the State Research and Production Rocket Space Center "Progress Samara Space Center."

The system of distribution of pulses rods (SWEET) is a promising propulsion system and is designed for orbital maneuvers of the spacecraft, its orientation and stabilization, according to a press release from Space-Rocket Center. SWEET designed and made by experts "TsSKB Progress" block-based tanks and reinforcement of their own making with the use of liquid rocket engines developed by Institute of Engineering and KBhimmash.

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German KAZ

Hand-held anti-tank grenade launchers, anti-tank guided missiles and charges directed blast (especially the devastating improvised explosive device) — all this represents a severe threat to troops involved in current conflicts and post-conflict situations. Rheinmetall and ADS GmbH has recently developed a set of active defense (KAZ) (Active Defence System, ADS), which is a reliable countermeasure, as demonstrated during recent live-fire tests at the test center Rheinmetall Unterluess in northern Germany, carried out in the presence of about 120 professionals from 10 countries.

ADS is the most advanced and effective protection system in the world of modern military equipment from

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German armored WARAN from FFG

The company was Flensburger Fahrzeugbau was based in 1872, is located in the north of Germany, in the area of the former GDR. At the time, its terrain existed tank repair plant People's Army of the GDR. At present, the company has been producing products sverhtehnologichny civilian and military purpose. Among other noteworthy not so long ago developed the BMP dragon (Waran), already purchased by Denmark and Australia.

WARAN is a deeply modernized South American M113. It combines in itself the highest reliability, versatility, along with noticeable efficiency. Owning a complete defense, the machine is capable of carrying various

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NASA believes magnitnyk bubbles at the edge of the solar system

June 7, 2011 — the edge of our solar system is filled with magnetic bubbles, according to new research NASA. Scientists made the discovery by using a new computer model, which is based on data from NASA's "Voyager probes." Unmanned Voyager 1 and Voyager 2, which began in 1977, cruising the outer limits of our solar system, in a region known as the heliosheath. The new discovery suggests that researchers need to reconsider their ideas about the region in the solar system. For more images of this area is the key to our understanding of how fast-moving particles known as

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