The Vatican has disappeared system administrator


14.06.12.Neskolko days ago vanished former hacker, who took the Vatican to serve as the chief programmer, writes Marco Ansaldo in an article published in the newspaper La Repubblica.

"It is called the" engineer of the Pope. " In his hand are all the codes to enter the computer system of the Vatican. He is the keeper of many secrets, including those relating to the controversial publication of internal documents of the Holy See. But he disappeared a few days ago, "- says the publication.

"It's about a young hacker, now 36 years old, who created the system Firewall to

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The main German tank Leopard 2A

Since programm «one» tank once again failed miserably, the Ministry of Defence of Germany in 1977, had no choice as to arrange an order for the creation of 1,800 tanks «Leopard 2» only for the Bundeswehr. Installation batch of 30 vehicles produced from October 1979 at the factory Krauss-Maffei’s office in Munich; 1980 began to produce tanks at the company’s MaK (Krupp MaK Maschinenbau) in Kiel. First production tank «Leopard 2» was handed over to the Bundeswehr October 25, 1979 By the end of 1981 the pace of production of tanks reached the 20 cars per month, and the

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Indescribable connectivity

Hardly a secret for anybody that link plays the most important role in the modern world. It has become a part of our lives, without it is unrealistic communication, training, operations. From how high is measured and a computer or telephone, depends almost everything in any case.

On the world market have long is a growth in demand for telecommunications services, especially for mobile link, telecommunications services mail and the Web. Web is growing rapidly and is playing an increasingly important role both in everyday life and in business, as a connecting link between ordinary users, companies and their customers

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Heavenly shield alien homeland (military policy of the superpowers in the days of the Cuban missile crisis)

From the Editor. Cool War history is not written yet. This paradox is dedicated to 10's of books and hundreds of articles, and yet cool war almost everything remains terra incognita, or, more precisely, the territory of legends. Declassified documents, forcing a different way to look at the fine, it would seem, well-known action — example is the hidden "Directive 59", signed by Jimmy Carter in 1980, and for the first time placed in the autumn of 2012. This directive proves that on the decline of the era of "détente" South American military was prepared to deliver a massive nuclear

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Heavenly shield for the CIS

In modern conditions of warfare noncontact air strikes are more effective method of destruction of manpower and equipment of the enemy, that was perfectly demonstrated during military operations conducted by the U.S. and NATO in Afghanistan, Iraq and continuing in Libya. To reflect similar attacks ever need air defenses. But since they are very expensive and in the former Soviet republics of these funds in the most part still Russian production, the obvious dependence on Russia CIS yavna. Russian Federation — the only one in the post-Soviet space, the government, in which the work on the modernization of the

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Dr. Brain




Omsk scientists have developed a diagnostic system of health human impulses coming from his head.

Dr. Marina Wetlands offers to sit down in front of the monitor and put the headphones on. For a small computer connected device. Do not do anything: just sit and stare at

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Boeing drones unite in «swarms»

Copa Boeing aircraft manufacturing concern held tests of the new system, which allows simultaneous operation of several types of unmanned aerial vehicles, reports Popular Science. System tests conducted in Oregon, where experts at Boeing management made with 3 drones: two ScanEagle and one Procerus Unicorn, made by the Institute of Applied Physics Laboratory Hopkins. Applied Physics Laboratory also took part in the development of parallel technology management and control of unmanned aerial vehicles, sold in land mobile Fri control. Within three unmanned test apparatus had to map the specific site location, to generate a map of the flight and

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The first telecommunication 100G-Russian equipment T8 introduced in the IT operator

T8 company that has developed a transponder capable of transmitting data at speeds of 100Gb on a single-span lines at a distance of almost 500 km. completed the installation of the device on the network Inoventica in CFD and PFD.


The customer is the company Inoventica Vitaly slug by experts T8 install a new 100Gb DWDM-system "Volga", which includes a new transponder and, on the lines of the central (CFD) and the Volga District (PFD). The total length of high-speed fiber-optic lines in Vladimir, Nizhny Novgorod regions and republics of Tatarstan, Bashkortostan and Chuvashia

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Employees’ SPETSSETSTROYBANK log in to the ABS fingerprint


19.11.12.Kompaniya BioLink Solutions, a world expert in the field of biometric market, today announced the introduction of the software and hardware of biometric identification in the corporate network commercial bank "SPETSSETSTROYBANK."

"SPETSSETSTROYBANK" has by now become a universal credit institution providing a full range of high-tech banking services. He has actively expanded its branch network of over 130 offices in Moscow, Moscow, Kaluga, Tula and Vladimir regions. For all the variety of services (deposits, transfers, currency exchange, utility payments, cash management services to corporate clients, payroll, etc.), the bank focuses on the quality and efficiency of their work. Under

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Thales TopSight helmet-mounted sights for the Russian MiG-29K

On passing the Farnborough Air Show July 11, 2012 JSC "Russian Aircraft Corporation"MIG"And the group Thales signed a contract for delivery of 24 units of a helmet-mounted target designation system and display Thales TopSight for a complete naval MiG-29K and MiG-29KUB planned to supply aircraft of the Russian Navy.

"This system selected for installation on the carrier-based fighter MiG-29K/KUB created for the Russian Navy, as it was well run-in to the supplied India aircraft of this type, as the MiG-29UPG », — said the representative of the Russian delegation.

The contract for the supply of the Russian Navy in

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