Kharkov SRIRM developing terrestrial positioning system

PJSC "JSC" Scientific Research Institute of Radio Engineering Measurements "(SRIRM, Kharkov) has won the tender of the State Space Agency of Ukraine (GKAU) on the development of a system for timing and navigation system in Ukraine, as well as conducting state testing and certification system.


 This was reported onOnline"Bulletin of public procurement." According to the site, the cost of work on the testing and certification of 1.28 mln. They need to complete by December 25. The tender was held with one participant.

As noted in the justification of the tender, SRIRM

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Kharkiv Tractor Plant upgraded tractor HTZ-170

Kharkiv Tractor Plant has upgraded some manufactured tractors. Told the company web-site. According to the chief designer of the plant Vladimir Buhalova, in particular, on tractors HTZ-150K and HTZ-170 began installing new hydraulic system. On the HTZ-150K replaced by more modern valves, and HTZ-170 installed a new hydraulic system.


According Buhalova, as a result of the modernization of HTZ-170 can work with domestic and imported instruments of the relevant class. The designers combined the hydraulic system for hinged instruments and steering system equipping one oil tank capacity is 90 liters. It provides protection against oil

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CV-22 tiltrotor Osprey USAF

Tiltrotor — this aircraft capable of producing vertical takeoff and landing (as do helicopters) and long horizontal flight speed, suitable for everyday aircraft. Because this type of aircraft are not fully or helicopters or airplanes, it affects their view. As a result, the configuration of these aircraft can take the most sudden appearance. In addition, because the flying apparatus of this type are characterized by Rata with 2 sharply differing modes of flight in their design but have to constantly go on compromises. CONSTRUCTION. VTOL vysokoplan made on a straight-wing, two-keel fins, 2 GTE and 2 tilt-rotor in nacelles

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High-tech Niva with the tablet and GLONASS

In Severodvinsk began testing the new car for employees PPP

High-tech "Niva Bronto"

November 23, officers patrol Severodvinsk got to test the new car — "Field-Bronto." The machine is designed specifically for the police and there is still in one piece. Its equipment is impressive. Beyond the usual radio and SSU — the machine is equipped with a satellite navigation system GLONASS-course as well as two video cameras: inside the cabin and the exchange rate, the data of which are recorded on the hard drive. The car has a sprinkler system, engine compartment, and among the optional equipment —

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FRANCE 16 Order drones REAPER

Office of Military Cooperation (DSCA) US Department of Defense has notified Congress of a possible sale of 16 French UAV MQ-9 Reaper, reports Defense Aerospace. According to management, the French Defense Ministry has requested the supply of equipment to support the troops stationed overseas and regional security. Sum of a possible transaction valued at 1.5 billion dollars. According hosted application, except drones France expects to acquire eight mobile ground management Fri, 48 turbofan engines TPE331-10T (16 installed on Reaper, and 32 spare), on-board communications systems 40 Ku-band radar 40 Lynx synthetic aperture 40 multispectral targeting systems AN/DAS-1, 40 ground terminals

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In pictures: anti-aircraft missile system Antey-2500 at MAKS-2013

Exposure Concern PVO "Almaz-Antey" — one of the most impressive at MAKS-2013. This is — anti-aircraft missile system "Antey-2500", which is keen to get Iran instead of the canceled Dmitry Medvedev (during his tenure as president of the Russian Federation) contract to supply S-300.


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Japan has created a new combat vehicle

Institute of technical research and development (TRDI) Ministry of Defence Land of the Rising Sun introduced the latest layout MCV combat vehicle with 105 mm caliber weapon, reports referring to Jane’s.   Demonstration machine accomplished October 9, 2013 at the Research Centre of terrestrial systems (GSRC) in Sagamihara, Kanagawa Prefecture. Fighting vehicle with the wheel formula 8×8 meets military to the highest mobility, firepower and the ability to deliver a suitable point by air, land or water.   Namely, MCV is placed in the cargo bay of a military transport aircraft Kawasaki C-2. Fighting machine capable of speeds up

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Lights on about. Tatyshev will work thanks to the sun


In Krasnoyarsk, established the first lighting system using solar panels.

On the roof of the new pavilion, which is about. Tatyshev, new equipment — solar panels, they will generate energy for illumination of bicycle paths. Olga Degtjarevo: "Cloudy weather in Krasnoyarsk is not uncommon, but experts assure that the batteries are charged during the daylight hours. One short winter day will ensure smooth operation of the lights for 5 — 6 days "

Battery 2-sided, and can store not only the light flows but indirect light, for example, from the snow. This is especially important

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Belarusian Tribunal acts as a repressive body

Tsigankov: "Ruthless sentences Andrei Kim and Sergei Parsyukevich forced again to draw attention to the state of the judicial system in Belarus. Does it work to the principles that are reflected in the legislation and are there really be independent judiciary branch of government?""Judges are one hundred percent dependent on the executive power"

We can not be judges are independent by virtue of his position, and because of the political situation 

Shepherds"The Constitution and the laws we have registered great principles of justice, but in fact they are not fully produced. And at first it regards the independence of the

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The phenomenon of GLONASS: GPS almost caught up

The breakthrough came in first place in the terrestrial sector of the global satellite navigation system.


The assembly of the spacecraft "Glonass-K". Photo Reuters.

With 2011 Year ends with the federal program for the development of GLONASS. Should be taken a new, dedicated the next stage of building the satellite system. There is reason to evaluate the distance traveled.

Exactly four years ago, I went completely decadent article "In the hope of GLONASS, GPS and customizable" (See "Nezavisimaya Gazeta", 26.12.07). While in orbit were only 18 GLONASS satellites, of which only 13 worked as

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