To the solar system added another planet

In our solar system, there may be a planet, and it is about four times the size of Jupiter — the most massive of the presently known planets revolving around the sun. Its orbit lies thousands of times further from the Sun than the Earth — so heavenly body has not yet been found.

The planet is named Tyuhe — so called Greek goddess of fortune, which in Roman mythology meets Fortuna. Gas giant (for such planets are also Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune) is located in the Oort cloud — a spherical solar system, which is about one

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The first batch of cameras Sibelektroschit shipped in Krasnoyarsk Electric Networks

The company "NPO" Sibelektroschit "mastered the production of a new product — the camera team-sided maintenance CSR-393 on the three-position switching devices SL12 rated voltage of 10 kV gas-insulated production of" Eltehnika. "

The first batch of cameras manufactured and shipped in Krasnoyarsk electrical network to supply pumping station. KSO-393 with a gas-insulated switches have the following advantages:Three-position design allows you to: — significantly reduce the cost of switching device through the implementation of a single unit of two functions— switch (disconnectors) and earthing switch; — implement a natural system of locks, eliminating the possibility of abuse.


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Our Bulava on their radar

In the middle of September between Bucharest and Washington held talks, during which agreement was reached to place on the terrain of Romania Euro sectors of the American missile defense system. Romanian authorities with animation, as opposed to the government of the Czech Republic, the Yankees took an attempt to arrange from their country's landfills radars and interceptors. In connection with this development Our homeland was concerned, if read language of diplomacy. If you call a spade a spade, decided to reclaim our homeland from the United States, which read as stubbornly to restart oboestoronnih relations, guaranteeing that system

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The first batch of engine JAMZ-530 from Yaroslavl

September 29, a new plant for the production of 530-th family of engines began to build a production engines. In a new assembly line Trans-Volga area "Avtodizelya" collected the first batch of engines. They have been sent for testing. In October, a new automated line is planned to produce 50 JAMZ-530 diesel engines, and then from month to month, to increase their output.


about the project JAMZ-530

The project JAMZ-530



The main objectives of the project Expanding lineup YaMZ through the development and launch production of a new

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Problem: find stealth

  One of the most debated topics in recent years are stealth technology. Despite the fact that the first aircraft with their application appeared more than 30 years ago, so far not subside controversy about their efficacy and practical utility. Each argument is pro and contra own as always happens. With all of this aviation industry advanced countries seem to make their own choices in favor of the introduction of stealth technology. With all of this, unlike the earliest projects, new aircraft are made taking into account the reduction of radar and thermal sight, but less. Now stealth is not

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High-tech tattoo


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12.08.11.Gruppa of U.S. scientists has developed a revolutionary device that allows you to monitor the condition of the heart and brain, according to BBC News.

The researchers hope that their invention could replace a lot of bulky equipment used in modern hospitals. The results of these experiments were published in the journal Science.

It is a chip thinner than a human hair, which looks like a temporary tattoo and can move with the skin or going to fold. The designed device runs on solar power, which can produce energy.

The sensor is mounted on

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Israeli military and seismologists have made a massive explosion


27.01.11.V Wednesday, January 26, Israeli scientists from the Institute of Geophysics has been made the most powerful explosion in the last 17 years. At a military training ground near Eilat were detonated 102 tons of explosives. This explosion caused fluctuations, estimated at 2.7 on the Richter scale. Tremors were felt not only the residents of the Negev, the low-frequency sound waves were recorded and measured in several European countries, at a distance of 2,000 km from Israel.

As the second channel ITV, the experiment was performed to calibrate the seismic instruments. In addition, according to the military, yesterday's explosion

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State the threat of — its Process Safety

One of the problems of an "innovation" of the Russian Federation has its technological security. In the last decade, almost lost the expression "engineering thought." Russia and the Russian finished viewed as a power in the world and civilization, capable of technological breakthroughs that can change the world. The report of the Global Economic Forum in 2010 year Our home was on the 77th place in the rating process developed countries.

And this with open borders, the ability to borrow foreign technology, learn about the latest achievements of world science and engineering. Although the Soviet Union with the "Iron

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Public safety and modernization of the army

To strengthen the security of the Russian Federation to the accelerated rearmament new non-nuclear weapon

Creating Innovative economy instead of raw materials, as mentioned in the Letter to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, is also a prerequisite for the modernization of the military-industrial complex and rearmament new instrument. Russian army is armed with a 90% mentally and physically depreciated tool.

So in service are the main legacy 20 thousand tanks and 1,800 combat aircraft more Russian production. Two-thirds of them are in need of complete renovation. In a languid state of the branch for the production of

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Vskie NATO-Russia air defense aircraft will have to protect themselves from mobile anti-aircraft missile complexes

Experts from the U.S. military completed testing Spanish-Russian system «MANTA». It was taken as a result of successful work of Rosoboronexport and «Indra» and after the trials, which had a NATO-vskie spices, system quite prepared for use on airplanes.

During the exercises «EMBOW XIII», which took place at the test missile center in the French Biscarosse from September 19 to October 14, 2011, «MANTA» was installed on the aircraft "S-212" and could be successfully repel all attacks missiles with infrared homing.

During the period from May to September 2011 system «MANTA» more than 130 has been tested and held

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