The air defense system JERNAS / Rapier FSC, United Kingdom

JERNAS is entitled to export air defense system Rapier FSC (Field Standard C), developed by MBDA (previously Matra BAe Dynamics, UK). JERNAS based on the armament of the British Army and the Air Force and rocket launcher Rapier Mk 2 radar target tracking and surveillance radar Blindfire Dagger. JERNAS provides protection against unmanned aerial vehicles, cruise missiles and aircraft. Rapier can hit supersonic, smallish soaring, highly maneuverable aircraft and can be towed by midsize cars and armored personnel carriers. The system is also aviatransportiruemoy airplanes or helicopters. Development of the system began in 1992 and 57 Rapier FSC systems

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NATO is building a missile defense shield

RF in these plans so far place and is not

Pan European theater missile defense NATO will cost 200 million euros. It was first of May, as some have said the South American media, announced its own kazhdomesyachnoy press conference, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen. "It's not such a big amount for real protection from the real threat," — said the secretary-general, and added that the creation of the new system of theater missile defense operations of the troops of the North Atlantic alliance may be the subject of cooperation with Russia, which can also take part in its

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Mill Myths: where did Nibiru?

We all have heard that in December this year, "breaks" the Mayan calendar, and we will have an end. But on the version put forward his reasons are very, very much. One of them — the collision of Earth with a mysterious planet Nibiru.

Meanwhile, in contrast to NASA conspiracy issued a statement that no Nibiru is not in sight!

The world first learned of the "planet of the Apocalypse" in 1976, the book writer and paleoufologa Zecharia Sitchin "The Twelfth Planet". The author has published a translation made by him personally

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NATO is putting pressure on Turkey to Ankaras refusal from the purchase of Russian air defense / missile defense

Management recommends that NATO assertive Turkey not to buy air defense / missile defense Russian production, reports Turkish newspaper "Hurriert Daily News."

According to representatives of the Alliance, NATO can turn away from the provision of Turkey intelligence on missile threats from potential enemies, if she will accept the decision to buy Chinese or Russian air defense / missile defense.

Contenders to win the tender for the supply of the Turkish Armed Forces air defense / missile distant deeds T-LORAMIDS (Turkish Long Range Air And Missile Defence System) are south american Consortium "Lockheed Martin" / "Raytheon" with a complex made

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Anti-aircraft missile system Red Sky 2

Anti-aircraft missile system Red Sky 2 production SHORAD Israel Military Industries is a modular system that integrates external sensors and portable anti-aircraft missile [left] [/ left] systems (MANPADS). The system provides passive clock monitoring, automatic notification of detected targets and performance impact on designated targets, optimizing decision-making during the shooting. Red Sky expands the capacity of existing systems MANPADS, the currently limited ability of the human operator. So, for example, Strela (SA-7) and needle (SA-16/18) capable of hitting targets within 5 km, but usually they are used only at a distance of 1.5-2 km, where the operator can surely

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Double threat in the form of tropical cyclones for the South East Asia

Close to the northern part of the Philippines and about. Taiwan was formed under the name of the next typhoon Dzhelavat. As the power of the system has increased significantly, a typhoon was granted the status of "supertyphoon."

By the beginning of the week the wind speed in the system reached 130 knots (234 km / h), but in order to get the meteorological supertyphoon status, must hold the typhoon wind speed of 130 knots at the surface of the water at least a minute. Dzhelavat confirmed his status for this indicator. Eye of the Typhoon is 696 km east

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Nemesis is in the solar system? History of the discovery of Spanish astronomers

Information on the new planet, which is periodically found in our solar system, different astronomers continue to emerge. These data are also interesting because many theories about "planet-x" or "Nibiru", associated with space aliens and the end of the world in 2012.

Scientists at places such as NASA and the representatives of famous observatories deflected all questions about the discovery of a new planet in the solar system for many years, because they fear that such information immediately acquire with a pile of conspiracy theories.

But whether we like it or not —

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AARGM (AGM-88E) air defense weapons breakout

AGM-88E AARGM is anti-radiation guided missile medium-range air-based, used for the destruction of enemy air defense (DEAD). Puzzles applets — overcoming the main air defense systems of the former Soviet Union and the Russian Federation. Advanced Anti-Radiation Guided Missile (AARGM) — «The advanced anti-radiation guided missile» System AARGM on programmke ACAT 1C, is an improved version of AGM-88Cs (unit VI) AARGM allows you to use a weapon in the desired range confrontations on the principle of «fire and forgotten» Active homing WGU-48 / B missiles AARGM can work together with receiver ARH, strategies to resist off the radar SAM

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Hunting for ghosts

Sapphire lamps, ruby studs and gold-plated contacts in a unique protection system …PRESIDENT-C

We all know that the helicopter missile defense against releasing flares

Initially, this protection is really very effective. And all combat aircraft in the world equipped shoot off flares. Today, any air show does not pass without fireworks such traps. Unfortunately, combat aircraft, missiles modern way to bright light and heat shield these traps do not react. They have become "smarter", their guidance system to instantly make a selection of new goals and guides the missile after receding heat spot, and

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The prisoners could be fingerprints


22.11.12.FSIN started using the system remote control of prisoners: those applied every two hours of thumb for identifying a special instrument.

As the "MK", the experiment has already been launched in several prisons, including Murmansk settlement colonies number 4. Many prisoners serving sentences here, work on the so-called "lead-objects" — outside the zone. Still had to almost every such prisoner fasten guard, and now it's not necessary. In enterprises employing convicts installed special sensors. Every 2 hours, according to the schedule, the prisoners observed, putting the thumb to the fingerprint sensor fingerprint. At this time, CCTV operator, which is

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